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January 2011
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Discussing The Wonders of Acupuncture in Davis, CA.

January 23, 2011   

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Davis, CA.Acupuncture has been a blessing to the world especially for the Western world when one considers the alternative:  pharmaceutical products that more or less wreak harm to the human body than the illness they profess to cure.  In most cases, drugs manufactured by pharmaceutical corporations merely treat the symptom rather than the disease itself.

What western medicine essentially lacks is the acknowledgment that the human body essentially has dimensions, invisible but integral parts of the human body that western medicine discards because they demonstrate no empirical evidence of their existence.

Those in traditional Chinese medicine dimensions are Chi or life force and yin-yang.  Chi acts like blood in the body.  Blood nourishes the tissues, organs and all other parts of the body.  Chi, acts in a similar manner but in Chinese medicine it, does more to the human body than blood does.  An imbalance of chi, results not only in physiological illnesses but in psychological and emotional ailments, as well.

Chi is channeled through the body by networks called meridians.  Meridian systems are invisible networks that are spread throughout the body to enable Chi to reach and energize each part of the body.  Chi flow affects the whole aspect of the human being and if it is unimpeded, the person experiences good health.  Due to environmental, physical and emotional causes, chi flow sometimes gets blocked or stagnates and diseases set in.

Yin-yang are the two principles of water and fire inherent in most organs in the human body.  The ancient Chinese believed that activities of the body are the result of the yin and yang interaction.  The relative balance of these two opposing principles constitutes well-being and harmony in the body.  Yin carries the water or fluid principle and yang the fire principle.  Organs with an open cavity are yang organs (gall bladder, intestines, stomach and bladder) and organs possessing no cavity are the yin organs (liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidneys).  In a sense, the organs with little or no acid are the yin organs.

Western medicine, with a philosophy anchored on existential empiricism will always assume a skeptical stand regarding these beliefs.  One thing they cannot explain, though, is the success traditional Chinese medicine has in healing ailments successfully, like infertility, obesity and addiction.

Acupuncture in Davis has been the main method of treatment for these three illnesses and it has millions of adherents testifying to its potency.  Millions of Americans are suffering from either of these three illnesses and with a sickness like drug or alcohol addiction, the way back to recovery equals having a meaningful and complete life from the destruction wrought by these diseases.

Acupuncture is probably the surest route to their destination of getting their lives back from the abyss.