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August 2011
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The Treatment Called Acupuncture NYC

August 28, 2011   

Acupuncture NYC is a painless ancient Chinese treatment that has treated many kinds of illnesses and disorders for many centuries.  When done appropriately acupuncture has treated health issues such as pain, fatigue and migraines.  

Qi (chi) – Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes some type of energy flows through the body in energy pathways called meridians.  TCM calls this energy Qi or chi.  Chi and meridians are both invisible to the human eye and thus difficult for Western science to study.

Meridians – As explained above, meridians are the pathways where chi travels.  They are situated almost on the surface of the skin at different parts of the body.  Inside the body, they form a vast network of invisible vessels and are accessible in certain sites with needles.  They are connected to sites called acupuncture points where the needles are inserted.  

Blockage – TCM believes that blockages in the meridians cause the stagnation of chi flow, which in turn results in pain and other health conditions.  

Acupuncture – A TCM treatment several thousands of years old involving non-hollow, hair thin and sterile needles inserted at certain sites in the body.  The needles are thought to remove the blockages in the meridians, restore the normal flow of chi and thus remove pain, heal the condition and restore the body to good health.  

This concept of TCM is entirely different in concept from the paradigm of Western science medicine who believes in the empirical proof of existence and the Western scientific method.  Western science still is unable to explain how acupuncture exactly works.  One theory explains that the needles stimulate neurochemicals in the brain and regulate neural activity.

Some concepts not fully understood in their own time such as how penicillin and aspirin worked signify that in due time, acupuncture will be fully understood and will be applied in a wider range of use than it is used today.  The important thing is that it has worked for several millennia and still works today.  

It is hard to think of a treatment that does not have any side effects.  Surgery can cause complications or infection while drugs can cause side effects or allergies.  Acupuncture entails minimal risk of light bleeding, bruising, dizziness and very rare occasions of infection.  To avoid these, it is best to consult with an acupuncturist who is licensed and highly experienced.  

Before the treatment process itself, the acupuncturist will pore over the patient’s medical history and physically examine him/her.  Acupuncture points on the patient’s body will be selected and treated by needles.  Typically, patients receive around 10 to 20 treatments lasting from 30 to 90 minutes each.  The reaction to the treatment varies from patient to patient.  Some may feel sleepy during and after treatment while some need to do something for the added energy they feel during and after treatment.

Selecting an Orlando Acupuncturist

August 21, 2011   

Acupuncture Orlando has been healing all types of ailments in the United States ever since it was introduced there in the 1970’s.  While there are some that will endlessly debate the effectiveness of this treatment, there are many who are adherents to this type of treatment.

Acupuncture was developed more than 3000 years as an alternative to surgery.  The ancient Chinese used this treatment to try to make it an all-encompassing solution for their sicknesses.  Records of thousand years of research and study formed the basis on how it is practiced in the modern era.  Acupuncture is about using very thin and non-hollow needles to treat the patient of whatever ails him/her.  The needles just barely pierce the skin and are placed in a way that causes changes in the energy balance of the body.

Initially visiting an acupuncturist, the patient will be physically examined in a way dissimilar to a mainstream physician.  The acupuncturist will examine the head area and will fashion a unique treatment program based on the patient’s unique constitution.  After examination, the patient is laid on a medical table and the treatment will start.  The needles used are sterile stainless steel needles and are inserted in specific points in the skin called acupuncture points or acupoints.  After around 30 to 40 minutes, the needles are removed out of the skin and the treatment session ends.  The acupuncturist will observe the reaction of the patient to see the treatment’s effectiveness.  Most treatments are multiple session ones and the length of the treatment itself will depend on the severity of the ailment.

It is best that one finds a highly recommended acupuncturist if he/she desires to try acupuncture.  If one is near a particular Chinese community, chances are that there are expert acupuncturists staying there.  If there are no nearby Chinese communities, learning centers are good places to look for acupuncturists.  It is also good to look for them in the same areas where mainstream physicians hold office.

When choosing an acupuncturist, safety is the most important criteria.  Good acupuncturists usually will have the appropriate certification and have a registered office for their practice.  All needles should be properly sterilized and the patient needs to ask the acupuncturist if this is so.  After all, the needles will be inserted in the patient’s body.
All the time, the acupuncturist expects this question to be asked by the patient.  Also, the patient should ask what side effects are to be expected from the treatment.

Whether one is looking for an alternative approach to conventional treatment or merely looking for a non-invasive type of procedure, acupuncture can give adequate relief.  Select the best acupuncturist you can find and get the best benefits of a treatment that has been around for thousands of years.

Acupuncture St Helens Benefits

August 14, 2011   

For over 4000 years, the Chinese have relied on their unique kind of treatment.  They hold the body in high regard and believe that the body is attuned to the natural world.  It is nature that gave the body the energy balance it needs to remain healthy and grow.  Hence, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a natural type of medicine was developed to address the imbalances that arose whenever the body suffers from energy deficiency or excess.

The energy referred to is called Qi or chi, which means vital force or life energy flows throughout the body like blood.  This energy uses pathways called meridians to allow chi to flow all over the body.  TCM believes that hundreds of pressure points just below the surface of the skin connect to the meridians that in turn connect to major body parts or organs.  These pressure points also known as acupuncture points or just acupoints are where acupuncture needles are applied to heal a certain disorder.

Acupuncture St Helens is such a versatile treatment that it is used to treat disorders of all the body systems (circulatory, endocrine, reproductive, respiratory, neuromusculoskeletal, excretory, etc.).  A qualified and experienced acupuncturist would know the acupoints that correspond to the organs and parts of these body systems and this knowledge can only be gained from years of applied healing experience.

For those who are not familiar with this type of treatment, the theory behind acupuncture is that the needles rectify energy imbalances in the body allowing the body to naturally heal itself.  The treatment addresses the underlying cause of the symptoms and not merely addresses the symptoms.  This fact makes acupuncture superior to medications.  Also, acupuncture can be a supplementary modality to other treatment modalities already applied on the patient.  Chemotherapy, for example, acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting caused by the so-called therapy.

Acupuncture works as well as deep tissue massage in the removal of tension and stress and its effects lasts longer than deep-tissue massage.  One of the most important benefits of acupuncture is that it does not cause any untoward side effects something again medications do.  One thing one notices with drug commercials is the first part of the ad introduces the drug to what it does and how it solves one’s health problems; the other half then lists the untoward side effects these drugs can cause a person after using them for awhile.

The reason the body becomes weak and sick is due to the stresses of life, diseases and other negative factors that causes the body to suffer from energy deficiency.  Acupuncture is a good remedy for this and it can effectively relieve all kinds of pains and ailments in the body.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Acupuncture St Helens

August 7, 2011   

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is also called chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome is a condition entailing more than one body system dysfunction. CFS is a disorder that involves the muscular systems, immune system and neurological system of the body. This disorder does not have a cause that is known, no type of test to diagnose it properly nor a medical treatment for it. There are about a million people suffering from CFS in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states and about ten million others manifest symptoms that correspond to chronic fatigue syndrome but are not quite in its full criteria. CFS affects women more; however, anyone can be potentially diagnosed with it. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture St Helens provides relief for CFS symptoms and can help as well restore the patient to a balanced and normal life.

CFS patients should manifest these types of symptoms:

1) Chronic and acute fatigue lasting for six months and have no proper diagnosis of the fatigue.

2) Manifest at the minimum four of the following conditions:

a) short-term memory problems

b) problems in concentration

c) sore throat

d) mild or slight fever

e) malaise that worsens with exertion

f) inadequate sleep

g) headaches

h) pain in multiple joints with no redness or inflammation

i) muscle pain

j) tender and sore lymph nodes

Some other conditions that come together with CFS symptoms, which mimic the latter symptoms, may manifest making it hard to properly diagnose CFS:

  1. Neurasthenia
  2. Fibromyalgia syndrome
  3. Various chemical sensitivities
  4. Post-viral weakness
  5. Chronic mononucleosis
  6. Myalgia encephalomyelitis

In TCM perspective, CFS can be seen as an imbalance in the energy of the liver-spleen. The energy stagnation in the liver can be the result of yang deficiency or under nourishment of blood in the liver, anger or stress. The energy imbalance of the spleen may be caused by the imbalance of liver chi, lack of exercise, anxiety, overexertion or a poor diet.

Acupuncture points for the treatment of CFS symptoms are located in the legs arms and body. These points remove blockage in the liver meridian and as the liver is nourished with blood and energy, spleen chi improves as well. Herbal remedies can be effective with some of the symptoms and nutritional modifications recommendations are needed to avoid fatigue and treat the root causes of the condition. Acupuncture and TCM can also dispel the emotional conditions that go with CFS like anxiety, insomnia and depression. Acupuncture and TCM can be used in conjunction with other conventional modalities. These treatments give the patient added energy, uplift their emotional state and, with the added energy can compel the patient to exercise or do activities and restore their normal daily life.

Allergies and Acupuncture NYC

August 7, 2011   

Spring is such a beautiful part of the year after enduring a gloomy, cold and long winter.  However, for many people, this season may not be all rosy and sunny since a third of the US population suffers from allergies during this time.

The release of pollens and spores some of which are allergens for a lot of people from the early part of spring up to the onset of summer have made spring a preparatory phase for the neutralization of factors that contribute to their allergies.  Pollens and spores are not the only triggers for allergy; animal dander, dust mites, foods and dust, which is sometimes the result of spring-cleaning, can likewise cause severe allergic reactions for some people.

Allergies are reactions that the body produce to neutralize factors the body sees as foreign and harmful.  Usually, severe allergies are signs of a weak immune system and an imbalance in the body’s health.  The allergies can manifest in reactions such as inflammation of certain body parts, skin problems like hives or eczema, runny nose and sneezing and itchy eyes to mention a few of the common symptoms.  There are extreme cases of allergies like constriction of the air passageway or too much mucosal secretion in the lungs and air passageway that can literally smother a person to death.  Sad to say, these cases are not uncommon.

The reflexive instinct of most people for their allergies is to purchase over-the-counter drugs such as decongestants or antihistamines to mitigate the symptoms.  Those medications may effectively reduce the symptoms of the allergy; however, they may also result in over dependence to the drugs, a further weakening of the immune system and drowsiness.

Acquiring new set of problems while trying to relieve an old one is not really appealing to most people and that is why many allergic sufferers nowadays opt for effective natural modalities for their problem.  Acupuncture  NYC is a natural and very safe way not only to neutralize allergic symptoms but also to bolster the immune system’s strength and function.  This is why acupuncture is superior to Western conventional modalities such as pharmaceutical medications; it ably treats the symptoms whilst rectifying the imbalance, which is the origin of the allergies.  Addressing the root problem is the trademark of acupuncture therapy.

To better prepare for the allergy season, it is recommended that the patient undergo regular acupuncture care before the onset of spring.  This would strengthen the immune system and neutralize the factors (stress, poor nutrition, etc.) that weaken it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which acupuncture is an integral part of provides other supplements like herbal medicine that can be used in conjunction with acupuncture to facilitate the treatment of symptoms and optimize the care and treatment process.  Most of the time acupuncture and herbal medicine are combined for better and prompt resolution of the allergies.

Migraine Resolution with Acupuncture Louisville

August 1, 2011   

The National Headache Foundation estimates that more than 27 million people in the United States suffer from migraine headaches and that more women suffer this condition than men.  Migraine is more severe in pain than an ordinary headache.  It feels like a pounding or throbbing type of head pain, which can be felt on one or both sides of the head and can last from several hours to three days.  Migraine can be accompanied by conditions such as sensitivity to particular smells or sounds, photophobia and nausea.

People can be genetically predisposed to migraines.  Triggers for migraines attacks are varied.  They can be the result of changes in the weather, lack of exercise, bright lights, insomnia, menstruation, eating certain types of foods, bad nutrition and stress.

Acupuncture Louisville can be a conservative treatment for migraines as well as a symptomatic relief from the pain caused by migraine.  Doctors have verified that the severity and duration of migraine attacks diminished considerably as well as the regularity and frequency of the attacks with the treatment of acupuncture.  The National Institutes of Health endorses acupuncture as a viable treatment for migraine and non-migraine headaches.  More observations recorded that show migraine headaches treated by regular acupuncture, which also saw the curtailing of the intake of migraine medications.  . This observation was validated by an Italian study where patients who underwent acupuncture showed a remarkable decrease in migraine attacks enabling them to go to work earlier than expected and suffering no side effects in the treatment process compared to the patients who were given pharmaceutical medication therapy.

Acupuncture as a treatment relief for migraine has a potency that lasts a long time.  The World Health Organization (WHO) lists migraine as one of the more than 30 health conditions ably treated by acupuncture. One specialized acupuncture procedure called the Balance Method is particularly effective in migraine resolution.  This procedure has acupuncture points in the arms and legs that are treated with needles. Still, acupuncture point choice is different for each person and the diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine procedure will determine which acupuncture points should be used.  Diagnosis is reached through the study of the patient’s medical history and the use of Chinese pulse diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, acupuncture points are selected and herbal remedies or other types of natural modalities may or may not be added to the treatment.

One does not need to suffer from migraines as acupuncture can effectively take away the pain and other symptoms of this condition.  Acupuncture for migraine is a long-term cure for migraine and with regular acupuncture; the migraine problem may be resolved permanently.  There have been numerous cases where regular acupuncture have successfully eradicated the migraine problem completely and permanently.