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November 2011
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Acupuncture Orlando in the Treatment of Depression

November 28, 2011   

Depression can lead to real worse physical ailments if left unaddressed.  For the Chinese, depression stems from the absence of any emotional flow.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes life is one continual flow of energy, blood and emotions.  When flow is blocked for one reason or another, illnesses with their corresponding symptoms arise.  Flow blockage or stagnation causes different parts of the body to be deprived with energy, blood and good emotions.  For TCM, depression is caused by extreme emotions left unchecked.  Some of these extreme emotions are anxiety, frustration, despondency, too much worrying, grief or anger.  However, some types of depression can also be caused by drugs, traumatic/tragic experiences and chemical imbalances.  Many people feel life had not turned out the way they wanted and they sink into despair feeling that life has no purpose at all.  Their extreme emotions can result in lost appetite, fatigue, body aches and pains, insomnia, poor digestion and a lump in the throat.

The stagnation or blockage of emotional energy can manifest in symptoms such as chest pain, constipation, a bitter taste in the mouth, thirst, a dry mouth, impatience, irritability, pain under the ribs, constant sighing and despondency.  The feeling of a lump in the throat can be a physical reality of a saying “too difficult to accept or swallow.”

As depression lingers on, it slowly burns out the life energy of the body.  Some who have suffered from depression say that this state can literally take life years away from the person.

Acupuncture Orlando, Chinese herbal medicine and massage therapy are one of the best and most effective TCM approaches to treating depression.  Acupuncture can be so relaxing and calming that it can soothe the spirit and remove blockages of emotional energy in the mind and body.  Emotional stagnation is removed and the energy that gives good positive balanced emotions can then neutralize the extreme negative emotion of depression.  Once this is addressed, symptoms begin to disappear and the body embarks on the path to healing.  Chinese herbs are quite effective for fighting depression and many formulas are available to treat a patient’s particular condition.  Massage relaxes the stiff muscles caused by the tension in the nerves of a depressed person.  This helps the individual to relax and the body to feel a bit reenergized; a good thing because of how depression can truly suck out energy and the liveliness of a person.  Acupuncture gives the mind some peace and calm and helps the body to revitalize.  These benefits do uplift a person’s spirit and give the person an easy way out of his/her depressive state.  The symptoms are easily addressed because of acupuncture’s ability to improve blood and energy circulation supplying vital energy and biochemical nourishment to the affected parts of the body.

Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture St Helens

November 20, 2011   

Oftentimes the health of our internal organ systems can be mirrored in the condition of one’s skin.  The skin looks unhealthy when one experiences emotional strife, stress, digestive problems, inadequate sleep or hormonal irregularities.  The skin may suffer from wrinkles, breakouts, uneven skin color, fine lines, sagging or puffiness if one has energy imbalances in the body.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), particularly acupuncture St Helens approaches skin health in a holistic way to effectively treat not only the symptomatic skin problems but its underlying cause as well.

Acupuncture is now widely used for facial rejuvenation.  Acupuncture for the face or facial acupuncture deals with skin problems in the face and the internal factors that govern skin health in the face.  Herbal medicine and massage are included in the treatment to enhance the results.  Acupuncture needles are inserted superficially in the face to help stimulate the production and release of collagen.  The needles send biochemical signals to repair areas in the face by means of collagen to fill in the fine lines in the face.  Also the stiff facial muscles are subjected to the needles to relax the muscles to allow correction to any skin sagging in the face.

Acupuncture is meant to regulate bodily functions such as sleep, hormones and digestion among others.  It helps the body attain normal balance through the free and normal flow of energy (chi) and increased blood flow that nourishes the body including the skin.  These cause the skin particularly the facial skin to be vibrant, healthy and glow.  Lymph accumulation which carries toxins and causes skin breakouts and puffiness are likewise drained out efficiently with acupuncture. Breakouts and dryness or redness caused by hormone imbalances are regulated to maintain a constant and unblemished skin tone in the face.  Eye bags and puffiness in the eyes and the fine lines in the face due to inadequate sleep are resolved due to acupuncture’s ability to rest the body and mind that helps the person to get a good night’s sleep and enable the skin to look rejuvenated.  Extreme emotions which can cause fine lines and wrinkles in the face are addressed by the relaxed and tranquil state that acupuncture gives to a person.

Massage can amplify the power of acupuncture in giving the face a beautiful and healthy skin glow.  Massage relaxes the facial muscles and also drains out the toxins and harmful substances in the lymphatic system. Herbal that can be ingested (tablets or tea) or applied on the skin are used in combination with acupuncture and massage to also detoxify the body, nourish dry or oily skin and soothe swollen skin.  All these modalities are meant to treat the root problem of skin disorders and help enhance the general health of the person.  For a natural and more quality result in facial rejuvenation, acupuncture with massage and herbs are far better than cosmetic surgery.

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale, Herbal Medicine and Endometriosis

November 12, 2011   

Endometriosis can cause a host of disorders.  It is a painful disorder that afflicts women.  Fortunately the trend these days is seeking alternative modes of treatment, particularly, acupuncture Fort Lauderdale and herbal medicine, rather than opting for conventional treatment methods.   The treatment approaches will depend on the magnitude of the condition and whether the woman wants to have children in the future.

Endometriosis typically strikes some women in the age group of 25 to 35 but it can affect women of all age group as well.  Once every four weeks, the ovaries secrete hormones that stimulate and increase the uterine lining in preparation for possible conception. The cells that thicken the uterine lining are called endometrial cells. They are supposed to grow only in the uterus but sometimes some anomaly happens causing these cells to grow outside the uterus.  This condition then is called endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a painful health issue that can cause scars around the area near the pelvis, tubes and ovaries as well as lead to infertility and chronic pelvic pain.  The conventional medical treatments for endometriosis are surgery (such as hysterectomy) or drugs.  Women who desire having children would rather not undergo an invasive and risky procedure such as hysterectomy nor wish to take drugs that give them harmful side effects.  They would rather opt for more natural alternatives such as herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Acupuncture and herbal medicines are holistic types of treatment and they treat emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical conditions.  Acupuncture is a 5000 year old Chinese medicinal art that was introduced in the United States in the 1970s and was used primarily then for pain therapy.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of hair thin sterile needles into certain points of the body called acupuncture points.  The acupuncture points selected for the treatment of endometriosis are located in the abdomen, wrists, ears, feet, legs and back.  Once the needles are inserted they are left in the body for about 20 to 50 minutes.  No conclusive studies exist that shows how acupuncture treats endometriosis but medical acupuncturists believe that acupuncture removes pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, improves blood circulation to the uterus and regulates the production of hormones.

Herbal medicine offers concoctions that are effective in the treatment of endometriosis.  Some of the useful herbs for endometriosis are dandelion, motherwort, wild yam, burdock, cramp bark and horsetail.  They have the ability to boost the immune system and regulate the hormones; effective ways to combat endometriosis.

Because they are natural healing treatments, acupuncture in combination with herbs may take a while before the patient sees results. The patient should select an experienced and licensed acupuncturist who specializes in this kind of condition and a licensed herbalist.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine are definitely good alternative options for the natural treatment of endometriosis.

Acupuncture New York for Chronic Back Pain

November 12, 2011   

Chronic back pain affects tens of millions of Americans everyday.  Even relatively healthy Americans are not immune to this condition.  Causes of chronic back pain is unique per individual but most of the time, the culprit can be traced to either the inability of the individual to cope up with stress or to poor posture.  Poor posture causes the back muscles to comply with the unnatural posture habits of the person and as a result causes tension, stiffness, spasm and strain to the back muscles.  Prevention of these causes may oftentimes be impossible since they are the unavoidable daily experiences of the person.  One very effective and natural method of treating chronic back pain is acupuncture.  Back pain should be treated as soon as possible since if left untreated can degenerate into a debilitating condition as time progresses.

Acupuncture New York treatments work quite differently than conventional medical treatments. The Chinese saw that the life energy that gives a person life flows freely in the body enabling the person to stay healthy, grow and reproduce.  This energy flow is maintained and enabled with the proper placement of acupuncture needles at different points in the body.  This belief is alien to the Western way of thinking but no one can deny that acupuncture treatment for back pain works. There is more to the universe than what Western civilization knows about and oftentimes truth is often revealed in ways that defy the scientific method and logic.  Having an open mind is one way to accept this 5000 year old healing art that has treated countless numbers of people of numerous kinds of disorders throughout millennia and is available to you as an answer to your back problems.

Opting for acupuncture treatment for back pain is a very good idea.  The patient, however, might see it strange why acupuncture points where the needles are inserted are not located in the back but in other parts of the body.  Certain nerve centers and muscles that affect the back have stimulation points that are situated in other parts of the body.  Experienced and licensed acupuncturists know exactly what part of the body to treat for specific conditions.

The acupuncturist understands that stress affects the nervous system in a large way.  A tense nervous system can cause the muscles to stiffen and contract and many times this stiffness and contraction is felt in the back, head or neck.  Acupuncture causes an effect the enables the mind to relax and as the mind relaxes so too do the muscles.  The pressures and tensions of the day can manifest in muscle tightness and muscle spasms.  With acupuncture, one can remove all these pressures and tensions enabling the person to thus better cope with the challenges of life that lead to disease and illness.

Eliminating Body Pain with Acupuncture Louisville

November 5, 2011   

Acupuncture Louisville is most effective for the relief of pain and there it is the best known treatment.  It is also very good for the treatment of mind and body conditions such as depression, menopausal symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome PMS, chronic fatigue, hypertension, insomnia and anxiety.  Since it is an all-natural treatment no one expects serious and debilitating side effects with acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) postulates that there are over 2,000 acupuncture points or simply called acupoints on the body and they connect with 20 energy vessels called meridians.  Some of the modalities that are part of TCM are meditative physical exercise, massage, diet, herbs and acupuncture and they all are aimed at regulating the flow of the vital force called chi in the body.  Because drugs and other Western medicinal treatments do not satisfactorily treat ailments they are designed to treat, many people are choosing alternative treatments such as acupuncture and those offered by TCM to correct their disorders.
Acupuncture uses needles for the treatment of disease and uses acupoints that are determined by diagnosis.  Acupuncturists believe energy vessels called meridians conduct energy (chi) throughout the body.  Treatment may entail several sessions depending on factors such as the severity of the patient’s illness, the constitution of the patient, the type of illness suffered and others.  Physical examination and the acupuncturists’ query on the patient regarding the symptoms of the latter are performed before an accurate diagnosis can be made. The acupuncturist believes that factors such as stress and injuries can block the meridians and stagnate the flow of chi.  The needles are used to remove the blockage or reroute the flow of chi to enable it to flow unimpeded all over the body again.
Pain is felt when the muscles contract due to the pain and the body does not heal because of poor blood flow to the injured area.  What acupuncture does besides enabling chi flow to run smoothly is it improves blood circulation and enables the release of chemicals that relaxes the body. When the patient is relaxed the muscles likewise relax and allow more blood to circulate in the injured or affected area.  When blood flows to the injured area, the healing begins and pain is relieved.  Acupuncture has been verified by countless Western studies to be effective in treating nausea, migraines and even post-operative pain among others.  Western medical acupuncture explains how acupuncture works by releasing the body’s own natural painkillers called endorphins to control pain, relax the body and clam the mind.
Acupuncture has been a very big blessing for countless numbers of people throughout the millennia.  This treatment helps regulate body functions such as stabilizing blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, regulating endocrine function, improve circulation and regulate body temperature.