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December 2011
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Fertility Bellevue Acupuncture

December 25, 2011   

Fertility Bellevue acupuncture is the use of acupuncture therapy as a way to achieve conception.  Infertility is a problem for both some men and women although the latter seems to suffer more fertility problems and that is why more women seek fertility acupuncture than men.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which acupuncture is an important part of believes that chi or vital energy is flowing within the body.  This chi is the life force of all living things and this is what causes the body to live, grow, thrive and reproduce.  Chi travels along 12 invisible energy channels all over the body called the meridians. If a meridian channel is blocked, the normal flow of chi is disrupted and this is the start of disease which can also manifest as infertility.

TCM gives importance to the major body organs since energy deficiency in these organs is the reason for the rise of many diseases in the body.  For conception problems, the kidney organ is the one given extra attention.  Any kidney meridian blockages removed can greatly enhance the chances of conception because extreme emotional or psychological conditions are removed.

Acupuncture cannot address all types of infertility cases. Some types of infertility are structural in nature and thus may need the help of surgery or artificial reproductive techniques (ART).  These types of structural problems are adhesions in the fallopian tube, pelvic inflammatory and endometriosis among others.  The good news is apart from these all other types of fertility problems can be treated with fertility acupuncture.

Sometimes, acupuncture may not be strong enough to successfully treat a fertility problem.  So, to make it more potent, it often is combined with other TCM modalities particularly Chinese medicinal herbs. Also, moxibustion combined with acupuncture can vastly better the success rate of conception.

Another very important benefit of acupuncture in combating infertility is its ability to greatly up the success rate of ART procedures such as in vitro fertilization, donor egg transfer or artificial insemination.  Without acupuncture, these procedures have a success rate of less than 50%; with acupuncture their success rate goes up 70% or more.  Most ART clinics now require their patients undergo 3 to 4 months of acupuncture therapy before they start on the ART procedure itself.

It is important to note that the needles are never applied on the abdomen or within the pelvic area after undergoing IVF, insemination or transfer procedures.  These are dangerous spots if the patient is already pregnant and acupuncture treatment in these areas can lead to a miscarriage or other pregnancy problems.  The “danger spots” for acupuncture treatment during pregnancy are the stomach, large intestine, abdomen, spleen and liver.

Getting fertility acupuncture from a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in fertility acupuncture is highly recommended to prevent pregnancy complications and miscarriages.

Acupuncture Louisville for the Relief of Pain

December 25, 2011   

Sadly even in the modern world a lot of people live in physical pain.  Pain sensations can vary from dull ones to very sharp and from mild to entirely severe.  Pain can throb, be intermittent or be constantly felt.  Whatever type of pain a person has, it is a very unpleasant and distressful feeling and getting rid of it as soon as possible is often a person’s number one priority.

For millennia, people in the Far East have been using acupuncture to help relieve pain and other painful conditions.  Acupuncture Louisville
became popular in the United States because of its great ability to lessen the symptoms or pain that go with many types of disorders or diseases.

Acupuncture for the treatment of pain is quite advantageous for people in a number of ways.  One advantage is its non-invasive procedure.  People who have undergone more than one surgery would greatly appreciate this benefit.  Yes, needles are involved in acupuncture treatment but the needles do not really cause pain at all.  They are extremely thin and do not easily penetrate the skin.  Under the hands of a licensed and skilled acupuncturist, needle insertion is often not felt by the patient; however if it is felt, it generates just a mere slight sensation, not pain.

With a less skilled and unlicensed acupuncturist, besides the needle pain, mild bleeding and bruises in the body may happen.  Therefore, it is highly advised that one always seek help from licensed acupuncturists.  They can always modify their medical procedures to make the patient relax.  Unlike surgery where a long recuperation period is often needed, after an acupuncture session, the patient can still do his/her daily activities and especially after the pain is removed with acupuncture.  As long as the patient has no pain, he/she can enjoy the day doing his/her normal activities.

Acupuncture also works well with other forms of treatment.  One can take pain medications while undergoing acupuncture without any negative effects.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is also a great medical combination that can get quick results in pain relief.  Acupuncture by itself does not have any side effects.  For back pain sufferers, especially low back pain, even physicians now recommend acupuncture for treatment especially when Western conventional treatments have failed to satisfactorily address their patient’s problem.  Arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis and knee joint pain can best be conservatively managed with acupuncture, greatly helping the patient get through the day with as little pain as possible.

Acupuncture can enable a person in pain get some quality sleep.  It promotes improved circulation of the blood throughout the body and enables the body to produce and release endorphins to help neutralize pain and make the person feel tranquil, relaxed and stress free.

Losing Weight with Acupuncture Davis

December 17, 2011   

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to accomplish.  In the United States, almost all (95%) who want to lose weight fail to do so.  With acupuncture, the rate of success for weight loss is 60%.

Acupuncture Davis makes the person easily change lifestyles that cause weight gain.  A majority of people are overweight because of mental and emotional factors that cause them to become inactive, crave more food or both.  Most diet programs fail because rarely do they address these emotional and mental problems.  Acupuncture is not only a great and powerful remedy for physical ailments, it is also a very good treatment for emotional and mental problems.  Acupuncture is a part of the ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which believes that the body has bioelectrical energy that keeps the body in good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  Sometimes this energy is disrupted due to factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, medications, poor diet and most importantly, stress.  The purpose of acupuncture is to make sure this bioelectrical energy which the Chinese call chi remains free to sustain, the health, growth and life of the whole body.

Acupuncture is very helpful in relaxing and calming both the body and mind; very important states to control food cravings, which is triggered by anxiety, frustration and stress.  If stress is the underlying cause of the patient’s obesity, then acupuncture is an excellent recourse for losing weight.

For those suffering from obesity that is not caused by stress, TCM through the five-element theory can properly determine the root cause of obesity which is usually energy deficiency in the spleen and liver organs.  The spleen governs the digestive function of the body and processes the food one eats into chi.  Symptoms of spleen energy deficiency are a poor metabolic rate, fluid retention (edema) and fatigue.  The liver governs the smooth flow of chi and any dysfunction here leads to compulsive eating and intense food cravings.  External factors can cause dysfunctions in the spleen and liver systems:  nervousness, fear, worry, anxiety, inactivity, junk foods and chronic stress to mention a few and they all cause the digestive system to run inefficiently leading to a slower metabolism.

When one decides to go for acupuncture to lose weight, the acupuncturist will query the patient regarding latter’s desire to lose weight, food cravings, stress and eating habits.  The patient’s family history will also be discussed to determine if any genetic angle is to blame for the patient’s weight problem.  All these factors helps the acupuncturist to know the root problem of the patient and what area(s) in the body to focus on for treatment.

Acupuncture treatment for weight loss may involve inserting needles in the spleen, liver or thyroid meridians to rectify the energy deficiency in these organs and to stimulate the release of endorphins to help the patient control his/her food cravings.

The Value of Acupuncture Miami Treatment in Health

December 11, 2011   

From time immemorial, acupuncture Miami, a vital component of traditional Chinese medicine has been a most popular option among East Asian countries in treating pain disorders. Countries such as Tibet, Vietnam, China, Japan, India and Korea have and still use acupuncture for treating a great number of physical conditions and diseases.  It is considered in the United States as a form of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and also is known as a treatment for painful physical conditions such as back and neck pain, severe arthritis, muscle aches and spasms, etc.

Acupuncture is a 5000 year old modality and before steel was invented, modified stones, bones and metal were used as acupuncture needles which even with those materials have effectively treated diseases and illnesses.  As technology progressed, so to has acupuncture.  Now instead of bones or stones, stainless steel, sterile and disposable needles are used for greater treatment efficacy and less risk of infection.

The overall goal of acupuncture treatment is to enhance health and remove pain.  The acupuncturist looks at health in a perspective much different from a mainstream doctor.  For the acupuncturist the balance of energy in the body, particularly the normal, unimpeded flow of vital energy the Chinese call chi is what the acupuncturist wants to see in his/her patient.  Any energy imbalance will cause sickness and illness and it is the responsibility of the acupuncturist to remove any blockages of chi in the body and restore its uninterrupted and normal flow.  This is done with hair thin, non-hollow acupuncture needles inserted at important points in the body to restore the body’s energy balance.  During treatment the needles may be inserted at the shoulders, arms legs, ears or even the big toe or at any part of the body which would help treat the ailment.  Sometimes, some short discomfort may be felt when the needles are inserted but the sensation is quickly replaced by a relaxed and sleepy feeling which lasts throughout the whole process.

The duration, number and frequency of the treatment and the type of treatment itself depend on the ailment, its degree of severity and on the person’s constitution.

Acupuncture has been validated as a legitimate form of treatment for over 30 kinds of illnesses by the World Health Organization.  It can relieve the symptoms of menopause, helps in treating depression and anxiety and cures many kinds of addictions and the physical and mental pains that go with the addiction.  Other disorders that acupuncture can treat are insomnia, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, male and female infertility, post surgical pain, athletic injury, headache, arthritis, physical and mental stress and fibromyalgia pain among others.

Acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments in the world today and it is a much safer option than medications or surgery.

Healing Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Acupuncture New York

December 4, 2011   

Instead of methadone treatment to control drug addiction, drugs addiction centers and some hospitals have found out that acupuncture NYC can be an effective tool in the treatment of drug as well as alcohol addiction.  Acupuncture efficiently detoxifies the body of substances that make the body crave for these substances and helps in the management of withdrawal pains.  It has been known that alcohol and illegal drugs depletes the body’s natural painkillers known as endorphins which are the chemicals that help relieve stress and pain in the body.

Ear or auricular acupuncture enables the production and secretion of endorphins to help combat the effects of addiction.  The needles are inserted on the outer ear, which has nerves that connect to the central nervous system.  Besides needles, ear acupuncture treatment also uses cauterizing and massage therapy to enhance endorphin production.  Ear acupuncture removes or at least greatly minimizes stress and pain that is due to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.  Known also as auriculotherapy, ear acupuncture is an ancient healing practice used in China for millennia.  Ear acupuncture only involves using the ear for treatment of disorders.  It is widely known that the ear auricle has virtually acupuncture points of the whole body and inserting the needles as strategic points on the outer ear produces a healing effect on a particular disorder involving specific body parts or emotional or mental disorders.  This type of acupuncture is the standard treatment used to heal illnesses in the body brought about by the addiction.  It is really amazing that a small part of the human body, the auricle or outer ear can hold all the stimulating points of the entire anatomy of a person and thus ear acupuncture can actually heal any type of painful disorder.

For cocaine addiction, addiction centers use five acupuncture needles to relieve pain felt in some vital organs in the body.  Ear acupuncture removes the cocaine cravings and repairs the physiological damage in the body wrought by long-term cocaine abuse.

Key acupuncture points or simply called acupoints in the ear are the lung point, liver point, kidney point, shenmen point and sympathetic point. The sympathetic point is the point where signals are sent to produce and secrete endorphins to help relax the internal body organs.  The shenmen point helps treat insomnia and enables the body to get adequate sleep.  This point is for the relief of stress.  The kidney point helps heal damages to the kidney brought about by the addiction and improves digestion of nutritious food.  The liver point helps maintain good functioning of the liver and keeps the liver healthy.  The lung point is responsible in the detoxification of the body.  It helps in proper circulation of oxygen inside the body and imparts proper breathing.