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February 2012
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Acupuncture St Helens and Period Pain

February 27, 2012   

Period pain is oftentimes a distressing condition that goes with the menstrual cycle. The pain sometimes starts even before menstruation begins but usually, it is felt during the menstrual process itself.  The pain varies in severity per female and it can be as mild as slight cramps or so severe that it forces the sufferer to seek hospital care.

Not all women experience menstrual pain and according to oriental medicine particularly, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is due to imbalances in the body.  Normally, women should not experience pain during their menstrual period.

Women menstruate to remove their old uterine wall.  Each month a new uterine wall is created and the old one naturally is removed from the body through natural physiological processes.  The uterine wall or lining as it is sometimes called is created to house the fertilized egg.  When the egg is fertilized it starts to need nourishing and will avail of nutrients on the uterine wall until it develops into a baby.  If no egg fertilization is achieved, the uterus will shed off the wall, which is a process we all know as menstruation.  No painful sensations or conditions should be felt during this event.

Pain occurs according to TCM when life energy called chi stagnates in the liver meridian.  There is also a preponderance of yin energy or cold in the meridians and as chi stagnates, so too does blood and all these factors contribute to pain.  In short, if chi and blood does not flow normally around the uterus, the woman will experience menstrual pain.

The liver plays a major role in reproduction and a normal functioning liver ensures a healthy uterus and its surrounding soft tissues.  One of the liver’s function is to normally circulate chi and blood all over the body. It also is responsible for preparing a good environment on where the baby will grow.  When liver energy is weak (imbalanced), the chi and blood flow likewise weakens causing menstrual pain.  Liver chi deficiency is usually due to stress.  Stress can cause the liver to heat up and aggravated by extreme negative emotions causing liver chi to stagnate.  When chi stagnates, blood flow also stagnates causing sharp stabbing pains.  Acupuncture St Helens is a good treatment for liver chi stagnation. Herbs are also used to boost the effect of the acupuncture treatment.

According to TCM’s way of thinking, the menstrual pain can be compared to pain caused by coldness.  When cold overtakes your body during winter, it can often feel like severe cramping in the affected area.  This is what the uterus experience when liver chi and blood stagnates.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbals are good remedies for menstrual pain.  Chinese herbal medicine has so many formulas that can effectively treat this condition.

Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale: Knowing What Depression Is

February 19, 2012   

Depression should be treated at its onset as much as possible.  This is to help avoid the seriousness of the situation which may even lead to very serious harm to the mind and body.  Patients who are clinically diagnosed with depression may first resist psychological intervention.  Depression can manifest differently per patient but oftentimes abrupt mood changes, unwillingness and negative thinking are certain indications of a depressive disorder.

Depression can cause lack of concentration on the patient.  Their ability to make decisions is also impaired which can make them angry, often upset and lose confidence in themselves.  The result can be a short tempered nature, guilt complex and low spirit among other.  If the depression is quite extreme, the patient can commit suicide or harm himself/herself in extreme ways.

Sadness is always an emotion a depressed person feels, oftentimes without reason. Depressed people always feel malaise, apathetic, lonely and tired.  They often are lonely but tend to withdraw from crowds.  They become quite introverted and lose their desire for food and even sex. They often are melancholic and always reminisce about sentimental thoughts and nostalgic experiences.  In short, they are overly emotional people and weep whenever they reminisce of the past.

They do not care about their personal appearance and they hardly do anything that entails good hygiene.  They become very lazy adding more to their absence of good grooming and proper hygiene.  Well, obviously because of these, their social status, work performance and household responsibilities are all in disarray.

This type of mental/emotional problem can cause physical problems as well like headaches, restlessness, lack of sleep, tiresome feeling and weakness among others.  These physical manifestations can last for a while, sometimes days or even sometimes years.  Psychologists agree that depression symptoms can be natural for a few days; however, after a week and you still feel these conditions, then you may have a depression conditions.

There are many instances where depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.  Fortunately, there are several medications for this type of depression. Some conditions though can be hereditary.  A review of the patient’s medical history particularly, the family history may determine if the condition is genetically associated.  .

Loss of a beloved relationship troubles emotional trauma too much work and extreme stress are some of the common causes of depression.  One’s work educational and social environment is essential to create a stable and balanced psychological state in a person. Meditation, self reflection, stress management and decision making ability can assist you in preventing the rise of too much stress in your life.

If you want a treatment that is natural and 100% to remove stress from your mind and body, acupuncture Fort Lauderdale may just be the answer you are looking for.

Stress and Infertility in NYC

February 19, 2012   

Infertility strikes around 7 million women in the United States on the 15-44 age bracket.  For many of these women who are infertile and their mates, this is sad and stressful news.  Some do aspire and dream of becoming parents while some just want to give their parents grandchildren that they can spend quality time with.  Whatever the case, they try to find answers to this problem.

There are assertions that infertility causes stress and vice versa.  For the stress causes infertility argument, there are clear signs that stress does indeed affect fertility both for women and men.  For men, stress can cause impotency, low sperm count and poor sperm motility and quality.  Women who are constantly bombarded with stressful situations, they can suffer from irregular menstruation or develop poor quality eggs.

Interestingly, the same part of the brain regulates both sex hormones and stress.  This fact can make a lot of sense as to why high stress levels in the mind and body can severely affect menstruation and ovulation and in the end, fertility.  Stress can also lead to unhealthy living.  A lot of people with high stress levels take to substances like drugs, alcohol or tobacco to compensate for their internal tension; some may use food to find “comfort” from their situation.  We all can agree that an unhealthy lifestyle does affect fertility in both male and female in a huge way.

Science is aware of the destructive power of stress and has devised ways to combat it with various forms of methods like drugs, counseling and others.  For a sensible person, the best way to avoid stress is to change one’s lifestyle and diet into something more simple and healthy.  The more you take on responsibility the higher the likelihood of stress you may experience.  Try to also be more attentive to your partner’s needs.  If your partner is happy with you, then you can be happy too. Male infertility might be a sign, albeit often false, for the woman that her partner is not satisfied with her or is not attracted to her anymore.  Try to eat healthy, highly nutritious foods that make you satiated with just a few food intakes.  Try to be proactive and seek better ways to treat your infertility.  Try to read and research even a little about acupuncture treatment for infertility online as it can show you an alternative that may perfectly address your fertility problem.  Acupuncture New York even as a treatment for stress itself, is probably the best treatment for stress and non-structural types of infertility.  Yes stress and infertility go hand in hand.  With a little initiative both of these problems can be addressed in a safe and natural way with acupuncture.

Losing Weight Effectively with Bellevue Acupuncture

February 13, 2012   

Bellevue Acupuncture is truly effective for weight loss.  However, many people think that it is some kind of a miracle treatment where potentially several kilos of weight can be lost with just a few treatment sessions.  This is not how acupuncture works.  Acupuncture helps you lose weight in many ways.  One of the primary reasons for weight gain is eating more food than you can burn.  Oftentimes, when you are offered or see a delicious meal, you crave for it.  Acupuncture helps you control cravings.  In fact, acupuncture is powerful enough to help control chemical and behavioral addiction and food craving can also be called food addiction.  Acupuncture can help control our desire for foods such as ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, cheesecake, French fries, doughnuts and basically all kinds of foods.

Another way in which acupuncture can be your best support for weight loss is it decreases stress.  Stress induces depression and anxiety and when people are stressed out they seek relief and comfort from foods such as chocolate, ice cream, etc.  When one feels relaxed and comfortable, states which acupuncture provides a person, the mind and body would not feel the urge to find comfort from foods and anything else.

The last way acupuncture aids you to lose weight is its power to improve your digestive function.  A better digestive function means better and more efficient absorption of nutrients.  Food is better digested and nutrients are absorbed much better.  This satisfies the body with less food intake and therefore fewer calories to burn. Acupuncture belongs to a collection of modalities called Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and TCM sees excess fat as damp tissue.  This means that the body is not efficient enough to metabolize moisture and food very well.  The damp tissue also metaphorically means that it dampens your desire to exercise.

To address dampness, acupuncture first improves your digestion.  Oftentimes the acupuncturist combines Chinese herbs and dietary advice along with acupuncture to improve the digestive process.  With the improvement of digestion comes also the lessening of the tissue dampness.

Here are some tips to improve your digestion:

-Foods that are cooked are easier to digest than raw ones.  Therefore eat foods that are cooked because they can be easily digested and their nutrients absorbed faster.  It is good to eat lots of stir fried dishes, stews and soups.

-As much as possible try not to eat frozen or cold foods or drink ice cold liquids.  Try to also limit your drinking when you eat your meals.

-Choose lighter foods such as complex carbohydrates, a little protein, fruits and vegetables.

-Do not eat foods or drink fluids that promote dampening.  Examples of these foods and drinks are alcohol, artificial sweeteners, sugar, saturated fats concentrated juices and very greasy foods.

Acupuncture Louisville Treatment for Hypertension and Constipation

February 13, 2012   

Acupuncture Louisville is a globally known natural treatment for pain. Its origin dates back over 2,500 years ago in China.  Practitioners of acupuncture believe that the body has several acupuncture points scattered all around it and these points are where the acupuncture needles are inserted to address certain kinds of illnesses.  These practitioners also believe that vital energy and blood flows in the body to give energy and nutrition to the whole body.  If a blockage of energy occurs, this creates an imbalance and energy deficiency in the affected areas which leads to certain types of diseases.  Acupuncture is then applied to correct the imbalance and/or blockage in energy flow by inserting needles into acupuncture points that stimulate biochemical reactions which correct the problems and treat the disease.

The needles’ main task is to stimulate the points.  Sometimes to optimize and facilitate the treatment, electromagnetic energy, friction or heat is used along with the needles.  Acupuncture was introduced in the United States during the 1970’s as a type of pain reliever but since then people have discovered its beneficial power in treating many kinds of disorders.  One particular and common disease that acupuncture can treat is high blood pressure or hypertension.  Some acupuncture studies using hypertensive rats as test subjects showed that with electroacupuncture given on acupuncture points on the legs of the rats, the rats’ high blood pressure significantly lowered to a normal rate.  More studies revealed that acupuncture truly lowers the blood pressure of patients who suffer from hypertension and this is good news for people with cardiovascular problems.

Other health problems which acupuncture has proven to be effective are gastrointestinal problems particularly constipation.  People who have normal bowel movement twice or three times a day have normal bowel habits, anything less than that means they suffer from constipation.  With acupuncture the normal rate of bowel movement is restored.  Acupuncture also helps in the improvement of blood circulation.  If blood flow to the digestive system is deficient, the system can dysfunction and can cause problems like constipation.  So improving the blood flow to the digestive system is one way where acupuncture can treat constipation.

Traditional Chinese medicine, which acupuncture is a part of believes that constipation is caused by the intestine being too dry and energy shortage in the stomach and spleen.  Acupuncture for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems enables gastric motility, releases stress in the digestive organs and improves blood and energy flow to the stomach, spleen, colon, etc.  Acupuncture can also treat stomachache and backache, aches that usually come with constipation.

If you want to be treated of your high blood or constipation problems, be sure to see a licensed acupuncturist to be guaranteed a safe and effective treatment.  Know more about acupuncture by doing some research online to see how this ancient treatment can be of service to you.

Acupuncture Davis a Viable Remedy for Pain

February 5, 2012   

Acupuncture Davis is a very good remedy for painful conditions.  This can include arthritis, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain and many other types of ailments. In East Asia, acupuncture is considered a part of mainstream medicine; in the Western world, it is classified as a type of alternative medicine.

Even if it is slowly being accepted in Western medicine as a treatment form for painful conditions, the procedures of acupuncture are quite unique and exotic. Whatever view the Wets have of acupuncture, it is still the most tested and safest type of medicine in existence.  Acupuncture does not encourage the use of prescription drugs in its treatment, it in fact, assists and relies on the body’s own defense mechanisms and healing power to cure and prevent health problems.  In reality, acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese modalities are quite practical, safer, less invasive and more effective than the ones Western conventional medicine offers.

Acupuncture is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, which is a collection of various modalities working on the basic principles of energy balance and flow to the body.  Acupuncture is about inserting filiform needles at certain parts in the body to enable energy (chi) balance and smooth chi flow throughout the body. This modality is 5,000 years old and is based on the belief that illness, pain and disease is due to interference in the flow of blood and energy in the body or that there is not enough chi and blood maintain proper energy balance and flow .

The insertion and manipulation of needles serves to restore blood and chi flow to relieve many kinds of ailments.  Because it stimulates the body to heal itself from disease and pain, acupuncture is powerful enough to help the body overcome many kinds of sickness and ailments.

The use of needles in treating many kinds of conditions is a very unique trait of acupuncture which Western conventional medicine finds very hard to verify. Chi and chi blockage is very difficult to prove by Western science since it deals with matters that it can see and detect, which chi and chi disruptions seem not to be.  Whatever dilemma, Western science faces regarding acupuncture, the World Health Organization (WHO) itself, nevertheless, has given its imprimatur to acupuncture, listing over 40 health conditions that acupuncture can treat.

A study at the University of Maryland has verified acupuncture’s ability to treat lower back pain when 33 subjects suffering from chronic back discomfort experienced substantial short-term relief after given acupuncture therapy.  These results along with numerous others done all over the world  has given proof of acupuncture’s health advantages and it should only be befitting that acupuncture should have its rightful place in modern medicine.