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September 2012
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Chiropractic Help in Fort Lauderdale for Spinal Injury

September 20, 2012   

Motor vehicle accidents are the usual causes of spinal injury.  Each year, around 160,000 individuals are involved in motor accidents and a majority of them report suffering from spinal injuries due to the accident.  Most of these cases can be treated for spinal restoration with the help of a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, restoring their normal spinal function with proper chiropractic care.  However, about half of these cases will only opt for chiropractic therapy while the rest will merely suffer until the pain goes away or if the pain becomes insufferable, end up going to surgery.

Chiropractic care for spinal restoration is one of the best options to spinal problems. Chiropractors have various techniques and approaches for spinal injury and for various spine and spinal cord problems; however, the most popular method that chiropractors opt for is spinal adjustment.  Spinal adjustment involves a proscribed amount of force applied to a joint to align it to its proper place.  This technique is about manipulating the joint to free it and bring it back to its proper place.  The sole aim of spinal adjustment is to aid the spine to function properly and to assist the nervous system to work normally.  This treatment is popular among chiropractors because it effectively alleviates the pain from the neck and back, relaxes stiff joints and relieves the other pains in the body caused by spine injury.

One of the more effective chiropractic technique used also for spinal injury is massage therapy.  This therapy helps to relax stiff and tense muscles and joints thereby alleviating the pain caused by such stiffness.  Massage therapy is the use of a specific amount of pressure to the soft tissues in the body. It stimulates and enhances blood flow and makes the muscles more relaxed and loose.  Massage therapy helps the muscles and fascia gain more elasticity.  There are many forms or techniques used in massage therapy and they are all used to give the neck and back relief from pain and other areas with generalized pain caused by the spinal injury.

Some modalities used by chiropractors that aid recovery are ice and heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation (TENS) and flex ion among others.  Clinical nutrition is an indispensable part of chiropractic treatment and is more of a recommendation rather than a requirement to the patient to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and for a speedier recovery. .

Other services the chiropractor may offer are acute, chronic and maintenance care, rehab, workman’s compensation cases, core stabilization and spinal decompression.  These services all help toward restoring normal spinal function. Chiropractic doctors are usually the persons sought by many Americans for spinal treatment and care because they help patient recover faster after suffering from a motor vehicle accident.

Acupuncture St Helens and the Five Elements

September 17, 2012   

The whole idea about acupuncture St Helens  is quite easy to understand since there are not a lot of factors to be understood.  Acupuncture has essentially two basic factors that make it work:  the five elements and yin and yang.

The five elements are composed of metal, earth, fire, wood and water.  The five elements are utilized in classifying parts of our body, animals, the seasons and just about anything else.  They can likewise signify the parts or stages of transformation.  Metal signifies contraction, earth maturity or ripeness, fire signifies full development, wood means growth and water signifies stillness and adaptation.  These five elements can also act as some sort of a classification system. Traditional Chinese medicine categorizes different areas in accordance to these five elements.  Some examples of this include the lungs that are associated to the element of metal, the earth element to the stomach, the heart to fire, the wood element to the liver and the kidneys associated to the water element.   They also work cyclically.

The way the five elements are used in two ways, one used as a phase or stage and the other to categorize things.  They both are utilized alongside each other.  Chi or energy flows to all parts of the human body and since like blood chi travels throughout the body in a circulatory manner, the body follows a certain energy cycle as well.  The energy of kidney manifested for example as libido makes us grasp opportunity or initiative which is energy associated with wood.  This leads to activity associated with fire energy and can result in learning and reflection (earth energy).  The stage then ends with experience which is connected to metal energy. This is in essence shows the cycle of growth and nourishment.

One can also find another cycle where the same five elements are synchronistically set up.  This includes the cycle of control. The cycle of control are sorted in the following way:  water, fire, metal, wood and earth.  This cycle can show that water can control fire, fire on the other hand can saw off wood, wood contains earth and earth bears water.  Stillness which is water energy regulates our activity and prevents it from turning manic which is fire energy.  The activity itself is fire energy which prevents firmness from turning too hard (metal energy).  Our hardness which is metal energy prevents us from being overcome by too many initiatives (wood energy).  The initiating element on the other hand prevents us from stagnating in too much reflection which is earth energy.  However, reflection can properly guide and monitor our libido which again is water energy.

The above explanation is merely a small glimpse into the broad aspect of the philosophy of acupuncture. The elements contain a huge volume of material about the elements and their applications to virtually all spheres of life.

Bellevue Acupuncture and the Chinese

September 10, 2012   

The inventors of acupuncture are the ancient Chinese.  Acupuncture is not beholden to the established system and the empirical ways of the Western scientific method and that is why it can not be proven by Western science or respected by many self-styled medical experts.  Some scientists studying acupuncture conclude that no histological and anatomical basis exists to prove that acupuncture truly works in it claim to treat illnesses and pain.  They believe that not being able to prove the existence of concepts like the meridians or Bellevue acupuncture points means that acupuncture is cannot really treat a sick person.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that the body has around 2000 acupuncture points or simply acupoints and 14 major meridians crisscrossing these points.  Twelve of the 14 meridians are connected to the major organs of the body.  The meridians are pathways of an energy force the Chinese call chi and it travels all over the body using these meridians.  Chinese medicine believes that the normal and free flow of brings a person to good health.  Whenever chi flow is blocked or stagnates for whatever reason, this causes an imbalance in energy the affected body parts.  The result will be sickness and/or pain.  By means of needles and other tools, acupuncture treatment strives to reestablish normal chi and blood flow and balance the energy in the body helping the body to recover and be relieved of pain.  Acupuncture is quite potent for the relief of pain.  It can be used for pain injury, post-surgical pain, rheumatic and arthritic pain, menstrual pain as well as backache. Some techniques also components of TCM can be used along with acupuncture for treatment of disorders.  These can include laser treatment, moxibustion, herbs, massage and others.  Herbal medicine is often the choice treatment used by acupuncturists to complement acupuncture.  The chi consider chi as equal to life itself.  They view the kidneys and lungs and the energy derived from nutrients create the essence of chi.  Acupuncture the normal flow of chi ensuring that it’s neither fast nor slow since both paces result will result in sickness.  Acupuncture is a proven safe and effective procedure with no side effects at all.

The needles used in acupuncture often cause fear and concern in people.  Acupuncture is not only safe but is surprisingly quite painless.  The patient may feel some slight tingling sensation when the needles are inserted into the skin.  The sensations often vanish immediately once the effect of the treatment takes affect.  The needles are very thin and non hollow and are not like the ones used by hospitals.  Acupuncture was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s.  It is now a quite popular form of alternative treatment in the country.

Fighting Infertility with Acupuncture New York

September 10, 2012   

The importance of acupuncture is contrasted with the unimpressive results of in vitro fertilization (IVF) seen in studies like the one doe by Dr. Nargund of St. George’s Hospital in Tooting in the UK in February, 2009.  The studies show that IVF did not increase the incidence of conception and can even lead to serious to both the mother and unborn child.  This treatment increased the cases of cerebral palsy and premature birth.  Some babies conceived with this procedure die after only the first week.  Furthermore, the health of the child is not quite good even after the first week and the quality of life and longevity of some of the children who survive the first week may not be so good as well.  This disturbing conclusion makes the treatment of acupuncture for infertility look much more attractive especially when people know it is a natural and safe alternative for the treatment of their fertility problems.  Acupuncture has no side effects or drawbacks and is a proven procedure used with great success for the treatment of maladies for over 5000 years.  It is highly popular as a treatment for pain, illnesses and ailments, now it is being recognized as an effective treatment for fertility disorders.

The efficacy of acupuncture for fertility problems overshadows the potential disastrous outcomes of IVF procedures.  These realities reflect the notion that instant treatments may not be always the best solution for some problems, in this case infertility.  Instant treatments like IVF also do not address the underlying problem of a patient that caused his/her infertility.  One underlying cause can be the lifestyle of the person.  The problem with today’s fast paced life is that it is filled with physical, mental and emotional stress and these stresses can be and often are major factors in the cause of infertility for both young and older couples.

Stress causes the body’s immune system to weaken making the person prone to sickness and disease.  It also weakens the flow of blood in the body caused partly by the tense muscles that constrict blood flow.  Bad hygiene practices as well as an unhealthy environment are also contributors to male and female infertility.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, tension and stress develop blockages to the energy vessels where vital force or chi in Chinese travels.  These blockages stagnate the flow of chi and when these occur some parts of the body become energy deficient leading to sickness and pain.  Acupuncture uses filiform needles to remove these energy blockages and allow chi and blood to nourish those energy and blood depleted body parts once more relieving pain and treating pain and health conditions like infertility as a result.  Acupuncture to treat infertility helps nourishes the reproductive organs with blood and blood resulting in the normalization of the endocrine and reproductive function.  This leads to an increased chance of conception.

The Importance of the Acupuncture Palm Harbor Points

September 3, 2012   

The point in the body where an Palm Harbor acupuncture needles is inserted is called an acupuncture point or acupoint for short.  An acupoint is like a portal that connects to the energy pathways in the body.  The energy pathways called meridians or ley lines are to energy or chi what arteries, veins and capillaries are to blood.  A needle inserted into an acupoint often stimulates tendons, nerves or muscles which in turn stimulates the nervous system.  The Chinese name the acupoint “tsiue” which means cavity since an acupoint is like a hole that leads to a meridian.  Because of the difference in the bodies of each person a style of measure was created to measure each person for the specific reason of locating each person’s acupoints.  The unit of measure is based on the distance of the second phalanx to the third phalanx of the thumb of the patient.  It is important that the acupuncturist precisely locate an acupoint since a mistake of inserting the needles even just a few millimeters off the correct location can lead to problems during treatment.

The perseverance of the ancient Chinese in perfecting the art of acupuncture led to the making of extant bronze life size statues which they used as aids in mapping the exact location of the meridians and other acupoints.  These statues served as training models for students.  They would coat the statues with wax and place water pouches in them to imitate the acupoints over the meridians.  When a student inserts a needle into the statue and water squirts out, this means that he accurately inserted a needle into an acupoint.  The needles inserted in an acupoint innervate the meridian affecting the yin and yang forces, the five elements and the organs of the body.  Without knowing what acupoints can do it would be difficult to find recourse into aiding the body to attain balance of energy.

An acupuncturist diagnosing an illness such as bronchitis during winter for example would observe the symptoms.  His observations might lead him to believe (diagnose) that the body has excess yin energy that causes cold in the lungs.  The course of treatment would be acupuncture and herbal medicine to improve yang or heat energy to neutralize the preponderance of yin in the body and tone the body to strengthen the immune system.

There are thousands of acupoints scattered all over the body.  Each point is always associated to a meridian which in turn is associated a major body organ.  Apart from herbal medicine acupuncture can also be combined with moxibustion treatment.  All of these treatments including acupuncture are considered components of traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture has the distinction of being an effective remedy for dozens of health conditions.

Acupuncture Louisville and Infertility

September 3, 2012   

Louisville Acupuncture treatment can help relax your body and mind which is quite important if you have been under stress too long.  When your body and mind relaxes it helps the body reinvigorate and enables it to achieve a natural state of balance and harmony once again.

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient healing practices that is still widely used around the world particularly in Asia and is probably the world’s most popular form of alternative treatment.  It is one of the most important components of a codex of healing modalities in traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.  The basis of TCM lies in the belief of chi or vital energy that flows through all living things including humans on pathways of called meridians all existing inside the body.  The goal of acupuncture is the restoration of the free and normal flow of chi in the body.

Ironically, modern medical technology has not been able to properly detect chi or even the meridians which the ancient TCM practitioners believe exist.  What modern medical technology observed, however, was that acupuncture stimulates hormone creation and secretion and betters the flow of blood in the body.  These help the body heal itself and bolster its immune functions.  There are many causes of infertility and acupuncture is able to heal many of them.  it assists the body to achieve a normal and functioning reproductive system helping improve the likelihood of conception.  Acupuncture helps to establish balance and harmony in the body’s energy system as well for better health and overall well-being.

Stress is one of the major contributors of infertility.  Physical and emotional stress can mar the body’s natural rhythm causing dysfunctions in the body systems particularly the endocrine system.  The normal hormonal rhythm can be affected by stress and this can cause problems in the reproductive system.  The relief of stress enables the body to correct itself as well as normalize body functions once more. When the endocrine system works well once again this creates a better environment for conception.  Physical or mental stress needs to be treated promptly since longstanding stress in the body can lead fertility problems that are much more difficult to treat

Many qualified and experienced acupuncturists can treat various kinds of infertility but it is best to go to one that specializes in treating this disorder.  One good source to provide you with referral for a good acupuncturist can be from an OB/gyn doctor, or even from family or friends.  Physicians may know an acupuncturist who especially handles infertility cases and you can ask your physician if he knows one for your problem.  For the treatment of infertility acupuncture is often combined with herbal medicine.  The first thing an acupuncturist treats in treating infertility is the stress in the body.