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November 2012
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Combined Benefits Of Acupuncture and Conventional Medicine

November 23, 2012   

Oriental medicine, particularly traditional Chinese medicine, is a holistic approach which treats the whole bodily system and improves physical health from affective disorders and imparts a feeling of enhanced mental clarity.

Many clinical trials proved the efficacy of acupunctureAcupuncturist performing acupuncture treatment., especially when administered alongside with traditional medicine practices.

Acupuncture and Modern Medicine

With acupuncture showing positive results from patients with chronic conditions, this form of traditional medicine has gained the respect in modern medicine. And with that, more and more illnesses and health conditions are endorsed for this acupuncture treatment.

Though acupuncture treatment is usually used on its own to treat particular conditions, it’s commonly used as combination treatment medical practitioners in North America and Western Europe. Acupuncture is more popular in treating various of body aches and nausea, after a patient gets through their surgery. Even the US Air Force used this traditional Chinese medicine in early 2009, particularly in their missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and called it “Battlefield Acupuncture.” They use the acupuncture treatment before and during surgeries to reduce pain level and minimize the use of potent painkillers needed by patients after their surgery procedures.

Post-surgical effects like nausea and vomiting can also be addressed by acupuncture. Many patients find acupuncture very helpful in improving their energy and sense of vitality on a daily basis, after taking at least a week or two of regular acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture and Veterinary Medicine

Acupuncture is also gaining popularity in the world of veterinary medicine. Some vets use acupuncture therapy along with traditional veterinary therapy and medication to better treat their animal patients, especially in physical injuries and post-surgical treatment.

Acupuncture as Immune System Booster

Acupuncture treatment is also used to strengthen the functions of the immune system, allowing people to be better able to withstand minor infections, colds, and flu, which is crucial for specific seasons of the year.

Acupuncture for Mental and Emotional Health

Many patients with emotional and psychological disorders are also endorsed by their doctors to needle treatments for relaxation and stress-reduction treatments. People with problems in addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, obsessive behavior, can all benefit from this type of holistic treatment.

Acupuncture as A Preventative Medicine

Many traditional medicine and holistic-approach treatment are commonly used as preventative medicine, strengthening people’s immune system and keeping it in perfect balance and harmony to ward off illnesses and in good condition. This is the reason why people who receive regular acupuncture treatment don’t have any particular ailment of a malady to treat for.

Photo credit: Wonderlane