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April 2013
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Anxiety – Coping and Support

April 11, 2013   

Some proactive tips are effective for better coping with your anxiety disorder. These tips include:

Get to know more about anxiety – Read materials about anxiety disorder especially about the one you are suffering from.  Knowing about your problem empowers you to take positive steps to help you overcome your anxiety problem perhaps even treating it permanently.

Do not abandon your plan of treatment – If you are prescribed medications by your doctor then it is wise to faithfully take them. This helps stabilize your symptoms and help prevent your problem from becoming worse.

Get over it – Oftentimes, the more sudden or the more serious the kind of crisis you faced, the longer it is to get over it.  Give yourself time to heal – the saying “time heals all wounds” is very true though some wounds may end up as scars since the healing process was not really a good process to begin with.  But the saying, “what does not kill you makes you stronger” is also true so it is up to you to end up a better and stronger person or end up otherwise.

Challenge negative thoughts – Try to think of things that would better your life and avoid the thoughts that prevent you from doing so. Thinking about counterproductive thoughts will only make your anxiety disorder worse or trap you into a never-ending cycle of worrying. Your friends can help.

Relax – Relaxing is basically the opposite of anxiety. Learn how to do breathing exercises like diaphragmatic breathing to calm your mind and body. Doing meditation and yoga is good for the person who suffers from anxiety disorder. Exercising is also a good way to calm the mind and body.

Avoid situations that may add to your problems – Try not to enter in a relationship with a person who may be too demanding or has problems which you eventually will be forced to face.

Be cooperative with your therapy – Help your mental health provider find good ways to address your anxiety disorder.  If your anxiety problem stems from financial trouble, then try to adjust your lifestyle that will help you save money.

Group, friend and family support – Ask your friend or family to help you overcome your anxiety. A loving family and a real friend make a great difference in helping you overcome your problem. I recently read a story of a Florida woman who was going through a difficult grieving process and a friend recommended she see a Miami acupuncturist who helped her become herself again. A support group gives you a venue to express your concerns as well as find sympathy and solidarity with your problems. You can get valuable information for your problem when you join a support group and even find friends whom you can help and help you likewise to overcome each other’s anxiety disorder.

Interact socially – Be with members of your family or friends. Go out and interact with loving and understanding people who can allay your worries and fears.

Act positively – When anxiety strikes, try to divert your attention on a hobby or by going out and walking.