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March 2014
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Acupuncture for Headaches

March 28, 2014   

Is there any connection to the inserting of hair thin needles into your body and the treatment of migraine headaches?  Acupuncture is one of the most ancient forms of healing art in the world having been practiced in China for over 2500 years.  And if you think of it as some form of pseudo medicine, you should know that is a therapy approved by the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Authority for the treatment of dozens of conditions and ailments especially for the treatment of chronic pain and for the management of pain. It is particularly potent in the treatment of migraine headaches.

Acupuncture is one form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modality that entails the use of very fine hair like needles to release vital energy called chi from some of the over 800 energy points scattered throughout the body. Meridian lines run through these energy points that extend from head to toe.

Vital energy or chi brings about good health when it flows unobstructed through the meridians providing much needed energy and blood throughout the body. The basic principle of acupuncture and TCM is that when chi develops blockages it leads to pain and illness in the body. These blockages may develop due to outside factors, the weather or to poor diet. Acupuncturists develop a unique plan of treatment per patient based on the patient’s unique symptoms and constitution. They develop a therapy to remove the blockages in the meridians and treat the underlying cause of the illness. Along with acupuncture, acupuncturists may also recommend changes to diet and lifestyle to their patient to help manage their headaches much better.

If you are considering getting acupuncture to address your migraines, your acupuncturist may require you to point to him where the pain exactly is. A huge number of acupuncture points exist in the neck, face and head and pressure needs to be applied where the pain is at its most severe.

For long-time chronic migraine sufferers, acupuncture may provide them with long-term and substantial relief and even permanent cure. They need to consult with a licensed acupuncturist preferably with experience or specializes in treating migraine headaches. The evaluation of the patient is a part of the treatment process done by the acupuncturist leading to the resolution of the migraine headaches. This evaluation is needed to help the acupuncturist create a plan of treatment for the long-term resolution of the patient’s migraine headache. A lot of sufferers who have chosen acupuncture therapy find relief from their headaches lasting for several years or even permanent cure for this condition.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

Acupuncture for Anxiety

March 28, 2014   

The modern world may have given us the newest technologies and medications to help us deal with illnesses and disorders; they are by no means, the best ways in resolving them. Acupuncture has a long time ago, proven to be one of the best modalities in the world for treating physical and emotional conditions such as panic attacks, depression and anxiety.  This treatment for anxiety can remove all the negativity in a person’s body.

Acupuncture to Unwind

As with all Eastern forms of therapy, acupuncture suggests that an indivisible connection exists between the body and mind.  Health conditions are basically caused by an imbalance between, internal and external factors affecting a person’s health. These internal factors may include worry, fear, sadness and anger while external factors may include cold, heat and wind.

Acupuncture has for centuries now, instructed people in the west how to relax.  It can generate relaxation and calmness in the body and mind as well as help the body heal and be able to rest substantially.

Acupuncture for Anxiety Attacks

There are many forms and degrees of anxiety. Most of them are normal responses to new situations and tension like feeling scared and tense before delivering a public speech.  However, there are also anxieties that are quite disproportionate and random beyond the normal response to anxious moments.  Fortunately, anxiety acupuncture can help restore balance to the mental and physical aspects of a person.

Certain people can be so worried about a fearful situation a lot of times when they are in the midst of an anxiety attack. A person suffering from an anxiety attack may manifest physical symptoms like headaches, vomiting, chest pains, shallow breaths and increased heart rate. In order to diagnose anxiety, the acupuncturist will observe the patient’s tongue and pulse. This will help the acupuncturist determine what type of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is best to treat the pattern of anxiety of the patient.

A lot of anxiety cases are related to the kidney and heart. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) regards the kidney as an organ associated with water (yin) that neutralizes (balances off) the fire (yang) of the heart in the event an abundance of emotions in the mind. The heart is a yang organ that provides for the energy of the whole body.

The acupuncturist identifies the underlying roots of the disharmony in the human body, and then helps restore balance to it. Acupuncture is especially effective in addressing a number of illnesses like anxiety symptoms and its root causes.

A typical acupuncture therapy for anxiety may require a single or a couple of sessions. There are times however, that treatment may be needed for a number of months. The length of the treatment course depends on the degree of the patterns of imbalance. Vitamins and herbs are great supplements to acupuncture in nourishing and balancing the body.

Treating episodes of anxiety with acupuncture is ideal for individuals who opt for a safe and natural form of therapy.  Talk with a licensed acupuncturist so you may know what plan of treatment is suited for your needs.