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June 2014
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Acupuncture for Tonsillitis

June 21, 2014   

Besides the obvious painful discomfort of your throat when you gulp or swallow, sore throat brings with it a lot of other symptoms. The cause of the discomfort determines what kind of symptoms may appear. Symptoms may include tonsil inflammation, feelings of scratchiness and dryness, hoarseness of voice, swallowing difficulty and pain. Symptoms that may develop due to an infection which can involve feelings of nausea, body aches, headaches, fever and cough. The persistence or frequent recurrence of the symptoms for a week or more should be reasons enough for you to consult with your doctor.

Tonsillitis simply means the Inflammation of the tonsils. It can be either the result of a viral or bacterial infection. Viruses that can cause tonsillitis include herpes simplex or influenza. Bacterial infection is mainly due to streptococcus bacteria. If you suffer from tonsillitis you may exhibit signs and symptoms such as coating on the tonsils, fever, headache, ear ache, throat blisters, swollen lymph nodes and glands. The main treatment course for bacteria-caused tonsillitis is antibiotic therapy. For viral infections, antibiotics are useless.

Tonsils are tissues that are part of the immune system that produces antibodies to battle infection. They are responsible in protecting the body by preventing toxins from entering the respiratory system. For severe types of tonsillitis, surgery to remove the tonsil (tonsillectomy) may be needed. Tonsillectomy used to be the treatment of choice for treating tonsillitis but these days it is recommended only when the problem produces serious symptoms or is experienced frequently.

Acupuncture treatment is a viable treatment for tonsillitis as declared by the WHO (the World Health Organization) in 1979. A 1987 study involving 220 subjects saw that tonsillitis symptoms were relieved by acupuncture. The study also found that sore throat and fever abatement was attained more in the test group than in the control group.

In 2009, a study done by the University of Heidelberg ‘s Department of Otorhinolaryngology showed that the duration of post-surgical removal of tonsil pain relief was substantially prolonged with acupuncture therapy. Patients who were using NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) had extended relief of post-tonsillectomy swallowing pain by an average of three hours. The researchers concluded that the acupuncture protocol applied on these patients may also be appropriate for other patients who cannot tolerate NSAIDs.

Based on the principles followed by traditional Chinese medicine for treating tonsillitis, the acupuncturist addresses a pattern involving toxin and excess heat that causes tonsil swelling. The swelling causes blockages in the lung meridians which results in the stagnation of blood and qi. The stagnation of blood and qi then leads to the swelling of the lymph nodes. Some individuals suffer from other sore throat conditions that may entail a distinct diagnosis of yin deficiency or wind heat pathogenic attack.


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Acupuncture for Tinnitus

June 21, 2014   

Acupuncture for tinnitus treatment is depended on and utilized by many individuals around the world to better deal with their tinnitus. Doctors consider tinnitus as an incurable condition since this ear problem is viewed as an indication of lifestyle and other underlying health issues. Medical professionals see that tinnitus can be permanently cured only with the passage of time instead of medications or alternative forms of treatments.

These days more and more people suffering from tinnitus are opting for natural alternative modalities to address their problem. A number of homeopathic and alternative remedies have shown to provide substantial relief to various types of sicknesses and diseases. Because of this, a large number of people are beginning to explore these remedies in treating other maladies. Acupuncture for tinnitus is one very successful member of these remedies.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is actually a Latin word that means ringing. The person with tinnitus perceives sound in his ear that in actuality has no matching external sound. Tinnitus typically is not a disease but rather a symptom that can be caused by several factors such as build-up of wax due to nose allergies, ear infections, or foreign item accumulating in the ear.

Sometimes natural defects in hearing can also cause tinnitus (especially in aging); however, it can also be due to side effects of some types of medicines. Genetically caused loss of hearing can have side effects such as tinnitus. Mostly, though, the number one cause for the development of tinnitus is loss of hearing due to frequent or constant exposure to noise.

Acupuncture Treatment for the Relief of Tinnitus

Several studies have shown that acupuncture really provides major benefits for the relief of the discomfort tinnitus brings. Of course, it is obviously essential that a sufferer of this condition avail himself of temporal relief if no treatment exists to address the root of the problem. It is also important that a tinnitus patient undergoes a comprehensive medical exam in order for his/her doctor to formulate a treatment that can give enduring relief.

Acupuncture is a Chinese healing art that entails the use of very thin, non-hollow acupuncture needles inserted and manipulated into the skin in certain points on the body, for the end-result of achieving a therapeutic relief of pain.

If you are considering getting acupuncture treatment for your tinnitus one thing you need to remember first is that you need to visit a facility that offers alternative forms of treatment that includes acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine. Finding a facility that offers acupuncture may be essential if you see that other alternative treatments and homeopathic modalities may not be as effective as you might want them to be. You also ought to know a treatment of acupuncture is typically a process, and so there may be several sessions of treatment that the person needs to attend to experience significant relief.

Practitioners of acupuncture will have an easier and faster time to treat tinnitus when the condition is caused by an “excess”; however, for an energy deficiency or imbalance causing the ear condition, treatment may take a little longer.

Acupuncture is often combined with other modalities to accelerate the healing process. For tinnitus, acupuncture is often accompanied by physiotherapy (massage therapy). You may likewise need to have your mind prepare well for the insertion of the needles at certain areas in your ears in the course of the sessions.

Lastly, you need to be aware that acupuncture therapies do not give permanent relief to your tinnitus. The degree of your relief will be based on the patient and the level of his/her distress.


Kine Fischler is a licensed acupuncture physician and the clinical director of Willow Tree Wellness Clinic in Portland, OR.

Acupuncture for Sore Throat

June 15, 2014   

The most common time for individuals to get sick is during the second week of January. This is the time when parents start the new year’s work schedule and children return to school after the holiday season. Our bodies and minds are in harmony. Usually, when the mind is overwhelmed, the body is the one that takes the beating. Body aches, stuffy noses, sore throats, and even the flu are all typical symptoms of a mid-winter slump.

Individuals are usually highly likely to eat heavier foods during the winter. One of the reasons for this is that hearty and hot meals can be more appealing during cold weather. When the nights are long and the days short, people are less inclined to do more exercises and have more time invested for dining in and snacking. They tend to eat more meat during winter which is often served hot. These factors can result in the accumulation of more “heat” in the body.

Heat, according to the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experts, can denote different things. However, basically defined, “heat” problem in TCM is an imbalance within the body related to inflammation, skin disorders or rashes, hyperactive stress and dryness. One ideal way to remove heat in the body is through exercise. However, during winter, people usually do not exercise regularly and are consuming more “heat laden” foods causing them to have too much heat in the body. This can lead to heat disorders such as sore throats. Sore throats are the result of pathogenic heat that has accumulated in the body.

Certain types of foods are recommended to help offset these winter eating tendencies. One such food is radish considered as a “cold” food” according to Chinese herbal medicine. Radishes can help decrease coughing, quench thirst, expel phlegm and enhance digestion. A white radish growing in certain parts of China has been termed “little ginseng” due to its healing abilities. Radishes are very nutritious foods, and are rich in calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A. They can help strengthen the immune system as well as soften the blood vessels, and improve nutrient absorption. They can likewise be used to stimulate appetite and cool blood.

To maximize the nutritional benefits of radish, eat it fresh and tossed with honey. Natural raw honey contains curative qualities and can help boost the immune system, improve stamina and replenish energy. It also has antibacterial properties. If you suffer from a sore throat, you can cut up raw ginger, boil it in water and add honey into the mixture to help relieve your throat condition.

Ginger has also antibacterial properties and can help fortify the abdomen, soothe a cough, and lessen inflammation in the body. The reason why ginger ale is recommended for a stomach ache is that ginger can help alleviate the inflammation and pain in the stomach. For a flu or sore throat symptoms, ginger can give you quick relief in a natural way and can heal swollen glands.

You may feel some warmth after consuming ginger. Ginger makes the blood vessels dilate and this speeds up blood circulation. The Chinese believe that after being soaked wet in a pouring rain, one should drink a large bowl of hot ginger tea to help him sweat and prevent him from catching a cold. If you manifest early signs and symptoms of a cold, such as cough or sore throat, drinking hot, ginger tea can help prevent its development.

Room temperature or warm water, rose hips, pears, apples, scallions, mint, or dandelions are some of the other cooling foods that can offset the heat that can cause sore throat. Pears can be quite effective in combating dryness in the body and are good for lessening congestion and for lung health. Consuming thin slices of sweet lemons along with the rind and with a pinch of salt as well as drinking pear juice are also great ways to balance heat in the body. Of course the best thing to remember is that prevention is the best medicine. Qi gong, tai chi and moderate exercise can help prevent the common cold. These activities strengthen the immune system and lower stress which can lead to physical imbalance.


Linda Lesperance is a licensed acupuncturist and the founder of The Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine in Boca Raton, FL.

Acupuncture for Uterine Fibroids

June 12, 2014   

Uterine fibroids are less known by their medical term uterine leiomyomata. They are abnormal growths developing in the uterus, specifically in its muscular tissue. Uterine fibroids may vary in size and they may develop singly or in clusters.

Uterine fibroids are the most typical types of non-cancerous tumors. They usually develop in women of childbearing age. In terms of ratio of occurrence, these conditions develop in 3 out of 4 women in the United States. The risk of uterine fibroids decreases significantly after women enter their menopausal phase. They are also not considered an indication or a risk for uterine cancer.

What Causes Uterine Fibroids?

Medical researchers still have no answer as to what causes uterine fibroids although they believe that certain hormonal and genetic factors may be responsible for their occurrence. The progesterone and estrogen hormones, for example, can activate the development of uterine fibroids. Some of these factors can increase the risk of uterine fibroids:

-Not having ever birthed a child
-Family history of uterine fibroids

The occurrence of uterine fibroids is higher in African American women than in any ethnic group with them having a three to five times greater likelihood compared to white women of developing this condition.

Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids

A lot of women suffering from uterine fibroids may manifest no symptoms of this disorder while other women may suffer from the following symptoms:

Reproductive issues – early labor, multiple miscarriages and infertility
Lower back pain
Pain during sex
Frequent urgency to urinate
Pelvic pain or pressure
Fullness sensation in the lower stomach
Bleeding between menses
Painful or heavy periods

Pregnancy and Uterine Fibroids

Having uterine fibroids does not mean that women with this condition cannot attain pregnancy naturally; however, there are sufferers who may find it very difficult to conceive. Moreover, certain pregnant women who have uterine fibroids may have a slightly enhanced likelihood for experiencing issues such as abnormal fetal position, premature labor and birth and miscarriage. More often than not, however, uterine fibroids do not contribute to pregnancy complications.

Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

Certain complications can arise due to uterine fibroids (like anemia due to heave bleeding); therefore, the need to consult with your doctor is important especially if you begin to show symptoms of this problem. Conventional therapies for uterine fibroids usually entail the use of drugs that allay symptoms and retard the progress of fibroids. Other modalities may include surgery (myomectomy), which excises the fibroids but does not touch the parts of the uterus that are healthy.
Alternative Therapies for Uterine Fibroids

Acupuncture – a study published in 2010 showed that those who have conducted randomized controlled trials that compared acupuncture with other forms of therapies, like medication for the proper control uterine fibroids found those studies not sufficiently well-designed to merit acupuncture’s effectiveness. So they concluded that acupuncture’s efficacy for the control of uterine fibroids still has not been sufficiently proven enough.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – an initial study published in 2002 revealed that some of the women subjects suffering from uterine fibroids were given treatments like guided imagery, bodywork (body therapy) and traditional Chinese medicine for 6 months. The results of the study showed that the fibroids shrank and some have stopped growing altogether in 22 of the subjects while the only three in the control group showed significant improvement in their condition.

Green Tea – in 2010, a study involving animal subjects was published. The study showed that a treatment using green tea extract for a period of eight weeks indicated a substantial decrease in the weight and volume of uterine fibroids in a group of mice.


Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

Acupuncture for Tinnitus

June 12, 2014   

If you are one of the millions in the United States who have the misfortune of being a sufferer of tinnitus, you certainly will know the agony caused by the persistent ringing in the ears (or other noises). The good news is that there are several ways to effectively treat tinnitus.

A lot of people with tinnitus have tried a number of options to attempt to resolve the problematic recurring ringing/noise in their ears. Most of them would stop short of opting for surgery which is not really a good option at all for most cases of tinnitus.

Some of the tinnitus treatments include:

Drugs/ medications – This option is usually recommended by doctors for severe types of tinnitus. The problem with drugs is that they have bad side effects and only work to relieve the symptoms.

Vitamin Supplements – Supplements work best when the cause of tinnitus is stress. Vitamins such as niacin and zinc have been proven effective for tinnitus sufferers

Diet – Some medical experts think that inadequate or even too much consumption of certain food groups can be an underlying cause for tinnitus.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture therapy works best if the root cause of one’s tinnitus is not structural damage to the ears. When the cause is stress, acupuncture can be a great way to resolve tinnitus

Meditation – As mentioned before, one major cause of tinnitus is stress. To help beat it, meditation can be a good option as it assists people in easing their stress and thus helps them overcome their tinnitus problem.

Yoga – This is a passive form of exercise which doubles as meditation. Yoga like meditation helps relieve stress that then helps treat tinnitus.

Choose the one treatment that works best for you. Remember to talk to your doctor first before attempting acupuncture therapy. Do not attempt to medicate yourself. Drugs should only be prescribed to you by your doctor. Oftentimes, a combination of therapies (example, acupuncture and meditation or acupuncture and medication) is the best and most effective approach for the treatment of tinnitus.


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Acupuncture for Hand Tremors

June 6, 2014   

Almost all people now and then experience hand tremors and it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. Medical science has two classifications of hand tremors: action tremors and rest tremors.

Hand Tremors Causes and Treatments

Action tremors happen when the hand is performing a voluntary action like writing on a paper or typing on a keyboard. They also may happen when the hand is holding or grasping onto something. There are three kinds of action tremors: kinetic, postural and isometric. Action tremors are usually associated with certain types of disorders and diseases, including multiple sclerosis, stroke and Parkinsonism.

Rest Tremors, on the other hand, can be seen as some type of hand twitching that usually comes about while the body is at rest. One example of rest tremor is that while your hands are resting on a table, they begin to shake involuntarily. This type of tremor is usually related to mental stress you may be undergoing at that time.

The likelihood for experiencing hand tremors increases when you drink a lot of coffee or when you don’t get enough sleep. You may experience a mild vibration or shaking on your hands and may also find it hard to strongly hold on to something. Normally, hand tremors are transitory if their causes are due to fear, fatigue or stress,

You can likewise have hand tremors when you are in a withdrawal state from chemical addictions like nicotine and drugs. The state of withdrawal of an individual going through detoxification often entails his/her experiencing hand tremors as well as body tremors. However, it is important to remember that these withdrawal side effects are just temporary.

You need to consult with your doctor if your hand tremors seem to be prolonged and do not go away. These persistent and enduring tremors may be symptoms of a far worse underlying health problem. The condition may have got to do with problems in your nervous system or brain that causes the hand to shake. One neurological issue called dystonia often causes symptoms of hand tremors. Other peripheral neurological issues can also produce hand tremors symptoms. There are many possible causes that may lead to the development of hand tremors.

Unfortunately hand tremors can be also a symptom of a really bad disease such as brain tumor. Hand tremors that seem to persist are usually ominous warnings of serious neurological conditions. If such is the case, your hand tremors may also come with involuntary twitches in the legs, face or hands. A combination of intermittent or prolonged hand tremors and involuntary muscle twitches at some regions of your body should be solid reasons to have yourself checked right away. For a complaint of intermittent or prolonged hand tremors and involuntary muscle twitches, a brain scan is usually recommended by doctors to see if tumors have developed in the patient’s brain. As mentioned, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis are common neurological problems that cause hand tremors. If the doctor suspects you of having any of these problems, he will request a brain scan for you in order to correctly diagnose your condition. If you have hand tremors that seem to be transitory, you can have yourself checked by your doctor if you just want to be on the safe side. Mild or the slightest strokes can also lead to the development of hand tremors since a blood clot may have developed in your brain. It is very important to have your doctor extract the clot as soon as possible, possibly within four hours of your stroke; if not, you may potentially develop serious health problems that can permanently and seriously impair your mobility.

Hand tremors are usually experienced by seniors although their tremors may not necessarily involve any brain problems. Aging has caused their muscle mass to decrease resulting in loss of control over their hands and their dexterity. These problems can be prevented by eating foods rich in antioxidants and foods that are highly nutritious. Antioxidants help in preventing the cells from aging.

Treatment for Hand Tremors

In treating hand tremors, your doctor needs to diagnose their cause first. Hand tremors that come about not due to medical conditions can be treated effectively with natural types of treatment. One type of tremor called essential tremor is usually found in artists, musicians and individuals whose job entails the frequent use of their fingers and hands. PC encoders and typists who encode and type for 8 hours a day are also likely to develop hand tremors. One of the best natural treatments for hand tremors is acupuncture.

For thousands of years, the ancient Chinese have used acupuncture to remove the blockages of vital energy the Chinese call Chi in the body to enable it to flow freely all over the body. According to traditional Chinese medicine, problems like hand tremors occur when Chi in the hand is blocked due to over use. Although this type of medical theory is not yet proven by western medicine, numerous individuals have improved their condition using acupuncture. People who have been treated with acupuncture of their hand tremors have had substantial reduction of their tremors or even have been completely cured of it.

Sometimes, massaging your hands can also reduce your hand tremors, particularly if you are fatigued or stressed out. The blood flow in your hands improves by massaging them and can help also in the improvement of the dexterity and control of your hand. Furthermore, massaging has been scientifically proven to relax the body as well as the mind. Massage can effectively relieve your fatigue and stress and can calm the nerves that help lessen your hand tremors.


Nelya de Brun is a licensed acupuncturist in Boynton Beach, FL., practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Western medical pathology. She is also the founder of Classical Oriental Medicine, LLC.

Acupuncture for GERD

June 6, 2014   

Heartburn and acid reflux are considered aspects of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). GERD develops when the sour gastric acid flows back to the esophagus oftentimes even up to the mouth. Heartburn means the burning sensation caused by acid reflux that wells upward to the throat.

Symptoms of GERD can include vague hunger, nausea, abdominal distention and stomach pain. In chronic GERD, the acid escaping the stomach can injure the esophagus leading to problem in regurgitation and/or swallowing as well as hoarseness and sore throat; if the acid escapes to the lungs, it can cause asthma or bronchitis or even worse cancer or Barrett’s Esophagus.

What causes GERD?

Lifestyle – Causes can include stress, overeating or eating on the go or at odd hours. Stress can slow down Qi flow and invade the Stomach causing it to “rebel upwards.” When Qi stagnates, it causes constipation that back up the intestines causing Qi to “rebel more.” Other factors that can cause Qi to stagnate are unresolved, unexpressed emotions that can accumulate in the gut.

Diet – “hot” foods like chocolate, alcohol, spices and chili as well as overly acidic foods like garlic, onions, radishes, uncooked peppers, tomatoes and citrus fruits and a very restrictive type of dieting, antibiotics, and raw or cold foods can all impair the function of the digestive system.
TCM Patterns That Can Cause GERD

Liver and Stomach Yin Deficiency – chronic abundant heat (due to overly heating foods and stress among others) in the abdomen can damage the Yin. Symptoms include heartburn that gets worse with stress, acidity, constipation, dry stools, and dry throat and mouth. When GERD is the result of irregular eating or overeating combined with a sedentary lifestyle, the symptoms that manifest may include diarrhea or constipation that soothes the pain, bad breath, burping out undigested foods and vomiting after a large meal that relieves the pain

Stomach- Spleen Yang/Qi Deficiency – this is caused by chronic digestive weakness that impairs the normal movement of food in the GI tract. Symptoms may include intolerance to cold, loose stools, fatigue, poor appetite, sour belching, drooling, post-meal bloating, stomach pain soothed by pressure and warmth, heartburn during sleep, bending or increased stomach pressure. This condition can be exacerbated with the consumption of raw or hard to digest foods.

Food Stagnation – This may come about due to irregular eating and frequent over-eating particularly when combined with a sedentary lifestyle. Symptoms include diarrhea or constipation that lessens the pain, bad breath, and pain after a large meal that is relieved by burping up or vomiting undigested foods.

Damp-Phlegm Accumulation – this can be caused by chronic deficiency in Spleen Qi causing Dampness that affects blood flow and more production of Phlegm. This leads to the slowing down of Stomach Qi and disrupts its downward direction. The symptoms include pain and discomfort may be experienced at night (1 AM to 2 AM) with burping and sour reflux, a musty body odor, headaches and dizziness, mucus, excess weight, poor concentration, heavy limbs, fatigue, loose stools and a lowered sensation of taste.

Liver and Stomach Heat – this can be caused by Liver Qi Stagnation and can be worsened by too much intake of heating foods where GERD symptoms are most noticeable just after a meal. Pain and discomfort may be experienced at night (1 AM to 2 AM) with burping and sour reflux.

Liver Qi Stagnation Invading the Abdomen – this can be caused by stress and emotions. Symptoms include neck and shoulder tension, cold extremities, PMS, tension headaches, anxiety, depression, irritability, frequent burping or sighing, appetite loss, alternating diarrhea and constipation, bloating, and epigastric tenderness and hypochondriac.

What can I do about it?

Foods that do not cause or exacerbate GERD or can help alleviate symptoms can include raw potato juice or aloe vera juice mixed with water thrice a day, apple cider vinegar (1 Tbsp) in water with food. Lying on your left side to maintain the abdomen below the esophagus, no eating three before sleep, and taking HCL acid-free digestive enzymes just before meals are also helpful. Prescription medications for GERD include Tagamet, Pepcid, Protonix, Prevacid, Nexium, and Zantac and over-the counter drugs include Advil and Aspirin. Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) can also be used to treat GERD.

Liver and Stomach Yin Deficiency – remedies include flaxseed oil, rich colored veggies, beans and seeds that can moisten, stews and soups and nourishing root. Avoid stimulants like caffeine, coffee and overly spiced foods.

Stomach- Spleen Qi/Yang Deficiency – foods you can eat can include broths, stews and soups, and lightly cooked veggies. Eat more frequent meals and smaller portions, eat simpler combination of foods, thoroughly chew your food and avoid raw foods; for Yang Deficiency, same as Qi Deficiency with more consumption of warming foods. Avoid raw cold foods. Garlic, cloves, ginger and cinnamon are good for Yang Deficiency.

Damp-Phlegm Accumulation – Avoid or limit consumption of raw foods, oils and fats, sweets and sugars and carbs (apart from millet and rice barley). Recommended foods include pepper, horseradish, mustard, garlic and ginger and other warming acrid spices.

Liver and Stomach Heat- recommended foods include raw foods like veggies and fruits, and pungent, cool and bitter foods. Limit or avoid consumption of alcohol and coffee, greasy or fried foods, complicated meals and overly spiced or spicy foods.

Food Stagnation/ Liver Qi Stagnation – consume complex carbs, veggies, eat dinner earlier, exercise, pre-meal digestive enzymes, ginger tea, and smaller portions. Cope with stress and limit heavier proteins and fats.

Chinese Herbal formulas and Acupuncture – there are times when changing your diet are not enough to resolve GERD symptoms. Acupuncturists can customize a plan of treatment to address your specific needs. This may entail using a combination of modalities like lifestyle and nutritional counseling, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Over-the-counter antacids can provide relief from GERD symptoms but their long-term use can result in long-term problems. These drugs do not really target the underlying cause of the problem and also their side effects can include nausea, gas, belching, diarrhea and constipation. Aluminum-based and calcium drugs, for example, can cause constipation, calcium carbonate lead to rebound effect (stomach acid reflux), sodium bicarbonate produces bloating and gas while magnesium may serve as a laxative. Antacids are ineffective for bloating and gas, impair proper digestion and nutrient absorption and can lead to electrolyte imbalance.


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Acupuncture for Low Blood Pressure

June 1, 2014   

Low blood pressure also known as hypotension is not as prevalent as high blood pressure although the damage it can do to the body can be as serious as that caused by high blood pressure. Suffering from blood loss or being dehydrated can result in drop in blood pressure as can prone or sitting position to standing or sudden movement. There are also certain health issues that can lead to persistent episodes of hypotension. You need to go for medical treatment for hypotension but you can also complement this treatment with an effective non-invasive alternative treatment like electronic acupuncture.

What is Hypotension?

Hypotension occurs when a person’s blood’s pressure heart rate is lower than normal. Typically when you have low blood pressure, your heart is not pumping with enough force to circulate blood all over the body to supply oxygen to all the body organs. This results in the telling signs of nausea, dizziness and in severe cases, shock. Blood pressure reading ranging from 90/60 to 120/80 is considered normal but when your pressure drops less than 90/60, you then are considered to have low blood pressure.

Medicines such as surgical anesthesia, anti-anxiety drugs, alcohol, narcotic painkillers and anti-depressants can cause low blood pressure. Medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke and coronary disease contribute also to this disorder. If you continuously experience hypotension that compels you to avail of medical treatment, then electronic acupuncture is one great treatment that can help.

Blood Pressure and Electronic Acupuncture

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is divided into several microscopic vessels that spread throughout the body known as meridians where life energy the Chinese call Qi or Chi travels through. Sometimes some of these meridians develop blockages which lead to health issues like low blood pressure, illness and pain. Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment that has been used for thousands of years to aid the body in removing meridian blockages to allow Chi to flow unimpeded once more.

Traditional acupuncture often entails multiple sessions for treatment of a condition and this can be quite expensive. Also, a lot of people are scared at the thought of needles being inserted in their body. These factors can be a deterrent for them to consider this wonderful alternative therapy for their low blood pressure. The great news is that they have another way to gain the benefits of this wonderful natural safe treatment and this way is through electronic acupuncture.

An electronic acupuncture device generates the same healing benefits that acupuncture needles give. Electromagnetic energy pulses are elicited into the body using the small wand of the device. These pulses of energy are transmitted into strategic acupuncture points located on the palm and hand that are related to certain body functions. This type of treatment is a very convenient, painless and easy way to receive the benefits of acupuncture in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. You need just a few sessions of electronic acupuncture to regain the normal flow of Chi and thus treat your low blood pressure. The important thing to note though is to remember to talk to your doctor first prior to embarking on electronic acupuncture treatment for your low blood pressure.


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