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January 2016
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Why You Should Consider Acupuncture Treatment for Removal of Your Scars

January 11, 2016   

Whenever we look at our scars, we are reminded of past accidents or even operations that are painful. If you are unfortunate enough to have a scar in your face or at some other conspicuous part of your body, you may want to undergo invasive treatments that are time consuming, expensive and often need a long amount of time for you to recover. If you want some other and even more effective ways to remove your scar, then you need to look into acupuncture treatment. This modality not only effectively treats a wide range of conditions, symptoms, and illnesses, it also has been shown to work remarkably in the treatment of painful scars and scars that cause other types of problems in the body.

What are Scars?

Whenever your skin is damaged (cut, tear or a rupture on the inner, middle or outer layer of the epidermis), the skin needs to go through the process of regeneration in order to patch up the injured body part. In a lot of instances, the regeneration process does not turn out perfectly well and scars may arise.

There are several factors why scarring occurs and the magnitude and type of the scar depend on certain factors including the orientation of the scar, the capacity of the person to heal, the manner the wound was inflicted, and the size of the wound.

How Does Acupuncture Work

Acupuncture is a 4,000-year-old Chinese healing tradition that involves the insertion of thin needles at pressure points on the skin to treat illness and pain at various parts of the body. It is a treatment that is predicated on the existence of vital energy (qi) that flow throughout the body through energy channels known as meridians. For scar treatment, the needle insertion stimulates therapeutic processes that lead to the removal of scars.

When to Seek Treatment

Most scars are really annoying because of cosmetic reasons. But scars that are usually painful or cause pain can be causes of the problems in the body as well and therefore needs to be treated (removed). If a scar in your body is painful to the touch, it may be a sign of disrupted qi or blood flow on that area and so should be properly addressed. If you have scar on the stomach, back, scalp, neck, or face, it is important to have it treated because they may be affecting the important energy channels in those areas.


The acupuncture needles are stuck at points near or along the scar region. The needles stimulate a physiological response that causes more blood to flow in that area. The blood helps with the breakdown of scar tissue and dead skin. It also activates the lymphatic system enabling it to rid of the dead skin cells from the body. Acupuncture for scar removal is a slow and gradual process. But the results are amazing ending with either the total removal of the scar or the scar becoming less noticeable over time.


To prevent infections, scars that are at least a month old are treated by acupuncturists. People suffering from neurological disorders, cancer patients, diabetics, and the elderly need special acupuncture treatment in Bellingham that needs to be approved first by their doctors or their primary healthcare providers before treatment is implemented.

Why Use Drugs When Acupuncture Offers A Much Better Solution for Your Back Pain

January 11, 2016   

No one is immune to bodily pain. Whether it is caused by a serious health condition, a sports injury, a motor accident or by tripping while walking, the next plan of action for people is to relieve the pain as fast as possible and to quicken the process of recovery.

When it comes to back pain, an overwhelming majority of people (83%) have, are experiencing or will experience this condition at some point in their lives. People who need serious treatment for back pain, acupuncture may be the best solution they can try.

A lot of individuals suffering from chronic back pain either use over-the-counter drugs like paracetamol or ibuprofen to mask their pain or just deal with the pain each and every day of their lives. At times, these drugs provide some kind of relief but over time, their potency wane forcing them to take larger doses to generate the same quality of relief. These drugs also have really bad side effects and their long term use can lead to addiction.

Almost all back pain sufferers who have tried acupuncture considered the treatment only after all conventional modes of treatment have been exhausted. Some of the conventional modalities for back pain they have tried including cortisone injections, physical therapy, MRI, and even surgery have not worked.

The first thing to consider when you go for treatment is to realize you don’t need to live with constant pain.

The second thing to do is to talk to a health professional who can address your condition. This means your local acupuncturist in Portland. These holistic medicine professionals can do exams, see if MRIs are necessary, and resolve the underlying cause of the problem instead merely masking the pain with medications.

Your acupuncturist will then examine you thoroughly using unique Chinese medicine diagnostic tools, gather his findings and suggest dietary modifications that can help you live life without pain. Many are unaware that a high intake of sugar lowers the capacity of your immune system and exacerbates the inflammatory response in your body. This means more inflammation in the body and thus more pain.

Moreover, stress is created when you experience pain in your body. But stress also generates pain creating a vicious cycle of pain and stress. Acupuncture can treat inflammation, remove stress and help you sleep well because it is able to banish pain. So if you are tired of your back pain problems, then talk to your acupuncturist today.