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What Is Chinese Bonesetting Therapy?

February 11, 2018

Bonesetting is a Chinese treatment that relies on the philosophy of acupuncture in Bellmore to locate and repair injury to any part of the body: the nervous system, veins, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Treatment is performed based on the cause of your condition instead of the symptoms manifested. Address the cause and symptoms will eventually be cured.

On the patient’s initial visit, the therapist/practitioner will search and locate the cause of pain and where the pain radiates, as is can travel and change direction. This can cause confusion and be quite distressing as to its cause. Hence, it is important for the practitioner to dispel the patient’s fears. The practitioner may ask how long the patient has had the injury, the patient’s state of health and age and other factors that can help determine the outcome of treatment.

Everyone, including children, is urged to take responsibility for their health by reporting their problems to a reputable practitioner who can offer treatment that can help the patient make an informed decision on the type of health care he needs.

In bonesetting therapy, any injury that has bruising is treated with great care. Practitioners refer to this bruising injury as ‘dead blood’ and they take this problem very seriously. In Chinese medicine, when your body has been hurt that area of your body becomes bruised.

The buildup of dead cells can lead to more a severe condition as it can go down deep in the body where it has accumulated. The consequence of the buildup and penetration may lead to newer problems even years later. If this problem is left untreated, it may eventually lead to issues related to walking and sitting, and if you are past 50 years of age, the pain can become chronic.

How can this bruising be treated? It may depend on how deep the body has been hurt.

For instance, you may hurt your spine, elbow, bone, or muscles after a fall. The practitioner needs to find out where exactly the problem is and sort it out by palpating the injured body part with his fingers. It may take a while to locate the injured body part because the pain is usually not at the exact point of the problem.

Bonesetting involves the clearing out of the dead blood, water, and substances that cause inflammation, swelling and pain, and then setting the nervous system, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscle back into their respective positions. This is usually a slow process more so when the injury is an old injury. The slow approach ensures a safer way to set things properly little by little as an incorrect position may lead to permanent pain. In certain instances, it may even be a good idea to leave things as they are and just focus on taking out the pain and the inflaming substances. This decision may depend on the patient’s health and age and on the age of his injury. Each case is different and the treatment approach will be based on the injury and the other aspects of the patient.

Chinese Medicine Treatments To Boost The Natural Beauty Of Your Face

February 11, 2018

Thousands of years ago, practitioners of Chinese medicine were giving female members of the Chinese royal family natural beauty treatments to maintain and enhance their looks. In Chinese medicine, beauty care is based on various methods and theories and practitioners realize that real beauty emanates from the inside out.

Your Body’s Condition is Mirrored in Your Skin

The color of your skin reflects your body’s current state of health. For example, people who have acne may indicate an underlying problem in one or more of their organ energetic systems.

Each part of your body has a different form of imbalance within:

Chin: Any skin issue in the chin may indicate a problem with the reproductive organs. This usually happens to individuals who suffer from endocrine disorders or are under severe stress or pressure.

Area around the lips: Skin problem in this area may mean a disorder in your digestive system and large intestine. Usually happens to people that have constipation issues or suffer from diarrhea quickly.

Right cheek: May suggest an underlying lung disorder. Usually happens if you have problems with your respiratory system or if you are hypersensitive.

Left cheek: May indicate an imbalance in the liver; can also occur on people who have liver detoxification problems or people who from mood swings.

Area around the nose: May suggest heated lungs or stomach, usually seen in people who have a weak digestive function.

Forehead: May suggest a heated heart; often seen in people who stay up too late/all night or who suffer from lack of sleep.

Rather than availing of strong medications and antibiotics, allow a Chinese medicine practitioner to examine your facial skin. He can ascertain the body organs that aren’t functioning well.

How Does Cleveland Chinese Medicine Work in Enhancing your Facial Skin?

You practitioner will first examine your body constitution and see what symptoms are already there. He then performs an exhaustive examination and then may suggest a plan of treatment uniquely designed to address your symptoms and underlying problem. Treatments are designed to remove body imperfections and regulate the meridians, organs, and the flow of blood and vital energy called qi to foster the beauty of your face, hair, and skin. Treatments used may include medicated bath, herbal masks, diet therapy, gua sha, cupping, and acupuncture.

Based on your personal preferences and body type, your practitioner can offer treatments for one to three months and may prescribe herbs to assist with your skin problem. Common forms of underlying skin conditions include:

  • Phlegm resistance body form
  • Stagnant qi body form
  • Deficient body yin form
  • Stagnant fire qi body form

The most popular Chinese medicine therapy for treating skin conditions is acupuncture. It has been proven to improve skin texture and skin color, lift sagging skin, remove fine lines, and reduce wrinkles. Acupuncture can also help stimulate regeneration by strengthening the flow of blood resulting in an increased distribution of nutrients and oxygen in your body. At the same time, it also supports your immune system and decreases the level of inflammation in your body. A beauty treatment may be done on the face or on the entire body. Some magazines have claimed that a lot of celebrities prefer a weekly 20 minute acupuncture treatment over more expensive beauty enhancing techniques.

To add to your internal beauty, your practitioner may also prescribe specific Chinese herbal teas. They may help slow down or reverse the aging process and provide you with an amazing glow. The tea’s effect can improve the self-healing abilities of your body, and so can be another proactive and preventive approach to increasing physical beauty. After an exhausting and long day, these teas can be served to help your body relax and rebalance itself.

Soothing herbal tea to treat stagnant fire

Ingredients: 3 pieces red dates, 3 grams Moutan, 6 grams Rose, three grams Prunella, and 5 grams Chrysanthemum.

Mix together the ingredients into a teapot then add boiling water. Allow the ingredients to simmer for 10 minutes and enjoy drinking the tea while hot.

Relaxing and Nourishing herbal beauty tea

Ingredients: 5 pieces of Chinese licorice, 5 slices tangerine peel, 10 goji berries, and 10 Rose buds.

Mix together the ingredients into a teapot then add boiling water. Allow the ingredients to simmer for 10 minutes and enjoy drinking the nourishing and relaxing beauty tea while hot.

Detoxifying herbal tea for stomach body and heated lung type

Ingredients: 5 grams raw licorice, 6 grams honeysuckle, and 6 grams dandelion
Mix the ingredients together into a teapot and add hot boiling water. Let the ingredients blend in for 10 minutes and enjoy your nourishing and relaxing beauty tea. This herbal tea has a detoxifying effect on the body.

Healthy Tips to Improve Your Facial Skin

1. Exercise and movement can increase the flow of Qi and Blood as well as clear dampness from your body. In Chinese medicine, dampness can result in obesity and other health issues. You can do qi gong or yoga instead if you don’t want to do heavy exercising.

2. Cook your own meals with quality ingredients. Also do more exercising and less smacking. If you want a snack, eat fresh fruits and nuts.

3. Avoid skipping breakfast. If you skip your breakfast, your digestive system may be affected and may be unable to covert food into Blood and Qi well. With a clear, clean, and good Blood and Qi, your skin and hair will become more radiant and your eyes will shine brighter.

4. Give yourself a break from stress and get 8 hours of sleep each night. Inadequate sleep and rest may result in awful eye bags. Be getting adequate quality sleep you will be able to manage stress well and will be more alert.

Chinese medicine can promote hair growth and weight loss. It also can correct dull complexions, pigmentation and acne and help reverse the aging process of the skin.

The Benefits of Chinese Medicine Include:

  • A lower cost compared to other treatments
  • No side effects and mild treatments
  • Treatment of the root cause of a health problem with results that last for several months
  • Natural tailored therapies uniquely designed to address your specific problem

The Benefits Of Tibetan Acupressure Mat Facial Massage

February 4, 2018

For some people, the only Facial Acupressure self-treatment that works best is the Tibetan Acupressure Mat! The sharpness, distribution, and density quality of the spines can be maximized to produce the best regenerating facial massage ever. And the best thing about all these is that the person does not need any kind of complicated massage techniques.

The Tibetan Acupressure Mat facial massage – Its Benefits:

  • Skin rejuvenation and regeneration
  • A reduction of skin marks and imperfections (like scars, veins, aging marks, spots, etc.)
  • Face lifting
  • Better skin elasticity and plumpness
  • Toned and youthful look
  • Radiant looking skin

More and more becoming a popular form of cosmetic treatment, facial acupressure is being offered by a growing number of aesthetic centers and spas. It provides one with all the benefits of skin tissue manipulation for the neck face and neck without the need for and without the use of needles or incisions.

Facial acupressure works by stimulating key muscle fibers and nerves located deep within the layers of the skin to improve the production of collagen, enhance the appearance of the skin, clear out the accumulation of toxins, and boost circulation. The overall function of your face will be improved giving give your face a toned and youthful appearance, and the outcomes may even look a lot better than plastic surgery after a number of treatments.

How does Tibetan Acupressure Mat facial massage work?

Through the Tibetan Acupressure Mat, facial acupressure therapy can help balance and manipulate the facial skin and body simultaneously enhancing the circulation facial lymph system and cleansing toxins from the body.

You don’t need to understand nor undergo complex difficult massaging techniques; the Tibetan Acupressure Mat can do practically everything for you! What you need is to basically apply strong pressure to the Mat placed on your facial skin (remembering to protect the eyes) and hold it tightly in place for at least 40 seconds.

You may feel you a very warm sensation on your skin as the blood begins to rush to the surface of your skin. Remove the Acupressure Mat after 40 seconds and rearrange it on a different area of your face (the main areas of the face to work on are the under chin, ears, chin, mouth lines, nose, middle cheeks, temples, upper cheeks, and forehead).

This facial therapy can ease any stress and tension during the process which can last for 30 minutes. Afterwards, the face should then be cleansed with a warm towel and to close up the pores, toner should be applied.

Skin elasticity can be significantly improved with a round of facial acupressure treatments using the Tibetan Acupressure Mat. The facial skin will also be rejuvenated which is an essential factor in attaining a healthy looking and youthful skin. After a session, you can expect your skin to glow immediately and look more radiant since blood flow increases to the surface of the skin. The other benefits of facial acupressure include:

1. Elimination of stress – The whole experience can be energizing and relaxing, and can be a reliable way to reduce stress

2. Boost the production of collagen – Regular treatments of facial acupressure can make the skin toned and more flexible, and stimulating vital acupoints can also lead to a boost in the production of collagen in the face

3. Clearing of skin imperfections – the gentle movements of facial acupressure can help increase blood and lymph flow. This is a great way to naturally cleanse toxins out of the pores.

For those who want to eliminate sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines, in their faces, wrinkles or sagging which makes them look older than they would like, facial acupressure through the use of Tibetan Acupressure Mat is perhaps the most effective way to tone and firm up your skin in order to attain a more youthful face.


Dr. Marco Dibonaventura – Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist in King of Prussia, PA

Acupressure Shiatsu Massage Is A Preventative And Healing Therapy To Treat Psychological And Physical Health Conditions

February 4, 2018

Most psychological and physical ailments are better addressed by being treated by a qualified doctor; however, alternative treatments and medicines may be a viable option for the healing of these problems. In truth, alternative therapies like acupressure massage in the form of shiatsu massage are becoming a reliable and well-trusted choice by a lot of people in the West. Even Hollywood personalities and celebrities visit alternative practitioners, therapists, and doctors to boost their general health and well being.

Acupressure shiatsu massage is one among many applications that individuals actually depend on to help uplift their spiritual condition and overall health. So, if you have certain psychological and physical issues, acupressure shiatsu massage therapy can be an excellent way to better your condition.

This type of massage does not wholly resolve but relieve various body disorders like headaches, cramps, pulled muscles, nausea, stiffness, stress, depression, and anxiety. It has been seen to be helpful by applying pressure on certain acupuncture points on the problematic areas of the body.

A type of Chinese healing practice acupressure, shiatsu massage balances the energy in your body. The word shiatsu is actually made up of two Japanese words “shi” (which means finger) and “atsu” (which means pressure). Sometimes, it is referred to as Zen shiatsu and aims to unite the spiritual, medical, and philosophical levels of the body.

Zen Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Western societies have fully embraced this ancient type of massage therapy. Actually, several massage techniques have evolved from this therapy, which combines the philosophy of chi or life energy that circulates throughout the body along energy pathways called meridians. If this chi flows freely along the meridians, it transports strong energy in the body and takes out wasted energy and toxins out of the body.

However, the flow of chi oftentimes becomes blocked or diverted which throws off the natural balance of energy: the Yin and Yang. This causes the body to become psychologically and physically ill. To treat this negative state of health, the meridians that are blocked needs to be cleared and the chi flow return to its smooth normal movement. This is achieved with acupressure shiatsu massage.

According to Oriental Medicine, problems such as indigestion, swollen joints, sleeplessness, depression, and headaches are not seen as the reason for the discomfort; it sees these problems as signs or symptoms of an underlying hyperactive or underproductive chi, both of which are deemed negative conditions. It considers acupressure shiatsu massage therapy as an effective way to cure these conditions.

How Is Acupressure Shiatsu Performed?

Before your therapist administers acupressure massage therapy on you, he or she will first need to make a diagnosis of your problem, in this instance, to locate and evaluate where the chi or energy may be siphoned or blocked or where it circulates healthily. Your therapist may ask you what type of ailment you are suffering from. After that, he/she will begin performing light massage to determine where the stiff or tender acupoints are. After establishing a diagnosis, your therapist will apply firm pressure on the acupoints running along the fourteen meridians of your body using his/her fingers, palms, thumbs, palms, knees, knuckles, feet, and elbows.

Since acupressure shiatsu massage is usually administered with the patient’s clothes fully on, it is recommended that your wear clothing that is thin, comfortable, and loose, like cloth or linen. During an acupressure procedure, expect manipulating, rotation, and stretching of your acupoints, and to perform some deep breathing as well. You probably may feel a slightly uncomfortable feeling after the therapy, which is normal.

When you combine acupressure shiatsu massage therapy with a healthy lifestyle and diet, and a good physical workout it can lead to an enhanced state of well being. If you receive the therapy on a regular basis, it can be a preventative measure to specific psychological and health conditions.

Eastern Healing Solutions, LLC
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Acupressure On The Ht 7 And Pc 6 Points For Treating Insomnia In Dementia Patients

January 20, 2018

Many of us have real difficulty sleeping at night. There are different reasons for this: stress, drugs, hormones, worries, and many others. Not getting enough sleep can be a potentially serious problem as it can inflict damage on our health. It can cause us to gain weight, weaken our immune system, negatively impact our ability to adapt to the everyday challenges of life, and sullen our mood.

For people with dementia disorders such as Alzheimer’s, insomnia is a very common problem. These people tend to experience what is termed as “sundowners,” which means that they become increasingly confused later in the day or evening as their dementia symptoms exacerbates.

For caregivers of people with dementia, acupressure can be a drugless and safe way to help their patients sleep better. Acupressure works on the same principles as Jacksonville acupuncture therapy but is a much preferred therapy than acupuncture because it is a manual procedure that does not use needles. To massage gently specific pressure points on the patient’s forearm, the caregiver only needs to use their fingertips.

To relieve nervousness, agitation, and anxiety, and to treat insomnia, the caregiver needs to apply pressure to the Heart 7 (Ht 7) and Pericardium 6 (Pc 6) acupoints. These two are the least invasive and easiest to use acupoints. In Chinese medicine, they are respectively known as “Inner Gate” and “Spirit Gate” points. (The spirit refers to the patient’s mood instead of the Western concept of the spirit).

The Ht 7 and Pc 6 acupoints are best used when the patient is getting ready to go to sleep and already lying in bed. After getting the permission of your patient to touch him/her, pull a chair and sit down next to him/her. While using your dominant hand to massage the acupoints, take his/her forearm into your non-dominant hand.

The Ht 7 point can be found on the wrists’ underside, on the first crease where the wrist meets the hand. At the pinky part of that crease, you can find a bony protuberance with the acupoint located just towards the middle or medial to that bony protuberance. Your finger will feel what seems to be a hole or divot if you start at the inner wrist’s pinky side (outside of the wrist), and palpate with your finger over that bony protuberance (toward wrist’s thumb side). That hole or divot is where the Ht 7 is located.

The Pc 6 acupoint is also found on the wrist’s underside. If you search for the inner wrist’s center point, on the first crease where the wrist meets the hand, move towards the inner elbow crease about three finger widths. That is where you’ll find the Pc 6 point. This point has small tendons and it’s located just between the two tendons that can be felt and seen. Due to the position of these two points, using your thumb to the massage them while using the other fingers on the wrist’s opposite side is easy and more comfortable.

After locating the Ht 7 and the Pc 6 points, gently massage one point at a time by using a circling massaging movement whilst staying on the point or applying steady pressure on the point. It doesn’t matter which point you massage first

When performing this technique, you should avoid pain on the patient as much as possible, but the patient will oftentimes report a feeling that can be described as a strong pressure or a “good and gentle hurt” sensation. You should be extra careful on how much pressure you use on a dementia patient. They may not be able to tell you whether the technique has too much pressure or whether it hurts “good,” or they may not be totally in touch with what you are doing. Proceed slowly and little by little increase the intensity of the pressure as tolerated.

For three to five minutes, hold or massage with gentle pressure each point. Urge the patient to take few deep and slow breaths, tell them to relax, and close their eyes.

For dementia and elderly patients, sleeping pills can have serious side effects. They make the patient drowsy at an inappropriate time and can increase their risk of falling. They can also make it difficult for the patient to perform their activities of daily living and self-care.

Acupressure on the Ht 7 and Pc 6 for treating insomnia is a very effective and easy treatment that can help dementia patients fall asleep and stay asleep for a long period of time.

Acupressure Mix Eye Exercise Method To Relieve The Issue Of Eye Strain

January 20, 2018

In the age of modern technology, most of us are looking for easy, practical, and natural solutions to relieve the issue of eye strain. Eyesight can be improved with eye exercises. These exercises also include a type of eye exercises that are designed to free up tension and stress in the visual system. Acupressure is this type of eye exercises. These eye relaxation exercises are ancient and are believed to have been practiced by the Chinese for 5,000 years. It is based on the concept of energy points or meridians in the body that are affiliated with certain organs and when a specific massage therapy is applied on these areas, circulation increases to the affiliated organs. In turn, this leads to the betterment of physical health in that area.

Acupressure eye exercises are also used to strengthen the natural health of the eyes. One sample of this eye exercise technique is known as the Acupressure mix eye exercise method which can help alleviate tension and stress in the eyes. For those looking for a way to eliminate or lessen their eye strain problem, the following is an explanation of how to use this method properly plus added information on the benefits it can provide in alleviating eye strain and enhancing eyesight:

The acupressure mix eye exercise method is done by perform a light massage to the following meridians or pressure points: The area surrounding the bridge of your nose, the bony socket region just below your lower eyelids, the area above your eye brows, and the hollow region at the sides of your temples.

When applying these eye exercises, it is important to perform a light massage using your two hands to these pressure points. For each pressure point, you can perform an eye exercise method two to three times of eight repetitions in an upward and downward motion. Listed below are some of the benefits you can procure from these methods for the improvement of your eye health:

1. Washes Toxins Away From The Body – This method promotes the washing out of toxins in the visual system to be carried out via the bloodstream resulting in better eye health.

2. Boosts Circulation: This method can be extremely helpful in the transport of blood to the blood vessels of the eyes leading to better eyesight.

3. Relaxes Tired Eye Muscles. The Chinese call the energy flowing in the body qi. A smooth flow of this qi leads to the relief of stress on the eye muscles.

When it comes to improving eyesight naturally, eye exercises can provide you several benefits including the strengthening of your eye muscles and the health of your eyes. The washing out of toxins from the visual system is one extra benefit these relaxation techniques can offer you. The acupressure mix eye exercise method is a powerful solution to the issue of eye strain especially for computer users who are searching for a way to relieve their strained and tensed eyes.


Scott Paglia is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in Bellingham, WA and provides master level pulse diagnosis, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Whatcom County, WA.

Acupressure Mats As Safe Alternatives To Painkilling Drugs For The Relief Of Pain And Other Conditions

January 20, 2018

Pain is the body’s natural warning system that tells us something is wrong. It’s essential that you take measures to find relief whether you’re suffering from sleep problems, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and stress-related illnesses or feel pain due to a physical injury. In Western societies, we turn to what we know all too often. For a quick fix, we turn to drugs. The problem is this quick fix almost always never addresses the underlying cause of the problem and we end up buying a ton of pain medications and run a small fortune on medical bills due to the constant return of the pain. All these hassles can be avoided by simply laying on an Acupressure Mat.

The Chinese have a saying that somewhat goes like this: “Where there is no circulation, there is pain. Where there is no pain, there is circulation.”

Acupressure is a proven healing therapy that uses touch unlike acupuncture which uses needles. Acupressure relies on pressure to help boost the flow of blood in the body. It is one the most natural, invasive, and safest way to alleviate discomfort and pain and to jumpstart the self-healing processes of the body. This therapy is quite inexpensive and convenient and is usually performed in a clinical setting by a qualified therapist.

Using an acupressure mat is the most practical and simplest way to receive acupressure therapy. The mats are very easy to use and can be easily integrated into your everyday routine. You can use them anywhere and anytime you feel like using them. You can place the Acupressure Mat on any flat surface such as the floor, and you can use them also on a sofa or chair.

These mats can relax your body and your mind and relieve fatigue and tiredness.

In acupressure, the therapist presses an acupoint stimulating the point that increases blood flow in a certain area and releases tension and stress as well as toxins that have accumulated in the body. The therapy also helps the body take in more nutrients and oxygen and transports them to every cell in our body. It provides a variety of benefits such as alleviating muscle tension and pain, reenergizing the body, increasing the strength of the immune system, and speeding up the self healing processes of the body. Anyone can also use it to simply relax and wind down.

When you lie on an acupressure mat and relax, you can naturally reenergize yourself and help activate the production and release of oxytocin and endorphins, the pain relieving hormones of the body. You can release these hormones through exercises and once released they can bring in a general sense of mental and physical well being, help alleviate stress, provide comfort to tired and aching muscles, give you a natural high, and relieve pain.

You can use these acupressure mats to boost digestion and metabolism; treat asthma, flu, and colds; activate the immune system; alleviate headaches and migraines; increase your energy levels; and help you get a deeper more restorative sleep.

If you still are in doubt of experiencing the benefits of lying on an acupressure mat, here are a few facts to consider:

? Effectiveness – Almost all people who’ve used it (97 percent) are satisfied of the product
? Private – It’s usually used at home, with no assistance
? Safe – No risk, no chemicals, no needles
? Convenient – It can be used anywhere and anytime you want
? Easy to use – All you have to do is just to lie down on the mat and relax
? Cost effective – It’s significantly less expensive than acupuncture

One specific acupressure mat called the Acuswedemat, is made up of over 14,000 acupoints; compared to its nearest competitor which only has 8,000 points. Acuswedemat is widely used by the Swedish National Dressage Squad’s Elite Riders for both “winding down”, and training.

This mat has actually gone through a series of clinical studies in Russia, the US, and Sweden. It has been scientifically proven to measurably and significantly reduce the severity of pain on patients without causing any adverse side effects.

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Stop the Pain or Ailments That Keep You From Doing the Things You Love Most…

Acupressure Massage Technique That Can Help Treat Eye Conditions

January 20, 2018

It is believed that the ancient Chinese system of healing of acupressure is more than 5,000 years old and is much older than acupuncture. The many benefits of acupressure include the enhancement of energy and blood circulation to all the organs in the body for maximum overall health and relief of stress and pain. This form of bodywork therapy ancient involves the use of massage techniques over selected pressure points in the body. Each of these points is connected to a specific organ. For example, some pressure points on the hands are related to the kidneys while other points are related to the heart. Hence, by applying these massage procedures to the affected pressure points, circulation can be increased to the organ in question boosting overall well being and health. The good news is you can perform these techniques to alleviate eye strain related to close up work and to improve the health of the eyes.

The following is an example of an eye exercise that anyone can perform based on these principles. This exercise is called acupressure massage technique to improve vision. This technique is done by massaging four vital acupressure points around the eyes.

We begin by using your middle fingers to apply pressure on the upper area of your nose for five seconds. With your two middle fingers press the upper area of your nose for five seconds and then let go. Then, using the same middle fingers, apply pressure to the point found at the arch of your two eye brows in the bone hollow. For five seconds, maintain pressure on this point and then let go. Next, apply firm pressure to the outer edges of the eye sockets (both areas) retaining it for about five seconds then release. Finally, finish the procedure by putting pressure on the middle of the two areas around the bony sockets below the two eyelids for five seconds and then release.

The practice of these acupressure procedures can produce a number of benefits. It can really help lessen tension, eye strain, and stress in the eye muscles. If you spend several hours in front of the computer every day performing a lot of close up activity, this becomes useful especially if you keep on suffering from eye strain from this exposure. Based on this perspective, acupressure massage technique to improve vision comes in handy by the fact that it provides eye strain relief related to extensive computer usage. Moreover, it helps boost blood flow to the vessels of the eyes. This is quite important for people with eye conditions associated with weak blood flow in the visual system. This is a technique designed to rectify eye problems and to improve eyesight.

Acupressure massage technique to improve vision is part of the ancient system of Chinese medicine that addresses various types of physical health conditions. It involves the application of massage procedures to pressure points that are connected to specific organs to treat health problems and conditions in the areas targeted for treatment. This specific eye exercise can help release tension and stress in the visual system and ultimately improves vision by increasing blood flow in the vessels of the eyes.

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Some Of The Benefits You Can Expect To Gain From Acupressure

January 13, 2018

You may be wondering if acupressure really works the same way as acupuncture. Is it as good as acupuncture and does it hurt? Well depending on where you get your information, you may either be interested in it or terrified of it. Acupuncture is a 5,000 year old plus healing technique that can provide a lot of benefits for your health. A few of these benefits include:

1. Treatment of Indigestion: Believe it or not, acupressure has been used by the Chinese since ancient to treat indigestion and other gastrointestinal disorders.

2. Relief of tension: This is one of the greatest benefits of acupressure. This form of therapeutic massage is used to decrease tension and stress in the body much the same way as spa or massage treatment.

3. Alleviation of migraines and headaches: Studies have definitely proven that acupressure helps ameliorate migraine and headache. For people with these problems, this is definitely huge news.

4. Weight loss: Lots of people who have tried acupressure to lose weight have been successful in their endeavor. However, in order to lose weight successfully, acupressure treatment to lose weight goal should be accompanied by exercise and a proper diet. Stimulating the right pressure points on the body associated with the major organs and body functions can help lower your weight.

The benefits of acupressure benefits are well documented in several guides and books on the practice. When you do some research on the subject, you may gain a better understanding of how to administer on yourself and others. If you decide to try acupressure we recommend checking out some videos and books on the subject. This would help you avoid any pain or mistakes when trying it on others or on yourself.

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Why More And More People In The West Are Getting Tui Na Therapy

January 6, 2018

In Western Europe, Canada, and the United States, Tui Na massage is steadily growing in popularity. Although it has been around in Europe for about three decades now, this form of massage has only started to spread rapidly during the last 10 years.

In Ireland and the UK, there have been some key innovators that have advocated for this type of therapy.

The rise of the use of Tui Na therapy in Europe began during the 1990’s when a huge influx of foreigners arrived in China and enrolled at the major Hospitals in Chengdu, Shanghai, and Beijing. These hospital were looking for extra funding from foreign students.

The newness of these experiences spurred some of the best European practitioners to treat ill patients with their newly acquired Tuina therapy skills and in the same day or within a week, their patients leave feeling well and good. If these patients were treated by Western Shiatsu practitioners, it would have taken them months to heal; Tui Na therapy has proven to be a much more effective treatment that produced fast and rapid results.

For these innovators, the biggest teachers were their patients themselves and with every new conditions and every new patient, the practitioners expanded their knowledge and ability to treat which when they returned to Europe applied their skill to their fellow countrymen with utmost efficiency.

Tui Na especially regulates the endocrine system as well as the other organ systems of the body. It moves vital energy (Qi) and blood. It brings the body and mind together as one – illness arises when these two elements separate.

Not that many Westerners have a good understanding of what Tui Na is really all about nor for that matter, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and even Shiatsu massage. Practitioners of these different types of alternative therapies diagnose and treat disease in a manner that is totally different from Western modern medicine protocols.

Like massage therapy, Tui Na uses hands on/manual interaction to relax the person and heal ailments. Tui Na is more satisfying than herbal medicine and more non invasive than inserting needles into people’s skin. If you have a background in martial arts, Tui Na therapy gives you certain advantages/similarities that can increase your combat skills.

Practitioners oftentimes experience a continuity or natural flow from one discipline to the other. For some, Tui Na can be like a second martial art. Among other things, it entails relaxation, internal force, timing, good posture, discipline, concentration, and most of all, patience.

Generally speaking, Tui Na can help bring about the following health benefits:

o Reduction of anxiety
o Reduction of muscle spasm
o Muscle relaxation
o Mental relaxation
o Treating and preventing injury
o Increases the flow of Blood and Qi
o Promotes lymphatic drainage
o Enhances the removal of cellular waste
o Increases body awareness
o Improves flexibility and posture

All these benefits may be attained through a blend of both Eastern and Western diagnostic tools. It involves an understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, human pathology and physiology, anatomy, body mechanics, ending in the execution of manipulations and techniques that are uniquely Tui Na.

In China, Tui Na is perhaps the most difficult of the disciplines to master as a practitioner and hence is much more rewarding.

It’s hard to admit it, but it’s one of the world’s best kept secrets! It is an ancient healing art that offers a wonderful rewarding experience, no matter if you’re the one giving or receiving the therapy.

For practitioners, it can evolve into an ever more satisfying profession. Although you can become highly skillful in the techniques within a short period of time, becoming conscious of your own potential is in the realm of time spent in good effort, passion, and dedication.

You will likely be hooked to the therapy once you have experienced a general Tui Na treatment. Some people find it extremely relaxing and stress relieving that they go for treatment every day. Obviously, they get it due to the “feel good” factor that it provides more than for health reasons.

If you have received treatment for a certain condition, then you’ll probably be surprised at how fast Tui Na facilitates recovery.

In certain instances, some aspects of the therapy may be uncomfortable, but it traumatizes the body in a very methodical manner that the natural healing power of the body is triggered into action.

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