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Chiropractic Help in Fort Lauderdale for Spinal Injury

September 20, 2012

Motor vehicle accidents are the usual causes of spinal injury.  Each year, around 160,000 individuals are involved in motor accidents and a majority of them report suffering from spinal injuries due to the accident.  Most of these cases can be treated for spinal restoration with the help of a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, restoring their normal spinal function with proper chiropractic care.  However, about half of these cases will only opt for chiropractic therapy while the rest will merely suffer until the pain goes away or if the pain becomes insufferable, end up going to surgery.

Chiropractic care for spinal restoration is one of the best options to spinal problems. Chiropractors have various techniques and approaches for spinal injury and for various spine and spinal cord problems; however, the most popular method that chiropractors opt for is spinal adjustment.  Spinal adjustment involves a proscribed amount of force applied to a joint to align it to its proper place.  This technique is about manipulating the joint to free it and bring it back to its proper place.  The sole aim of spinal adjustment is to aid the spine to function properly and to assist the nervous system to work normally.  This treatment is popular among chiropractors because it effectively alleviates the pain from the neck and back, relaxes stiff joints and relieves the other pains in the body caused by spine injury.

One of the more effective chiropractic technique used also for spinal injury is massage therapy.  This therapy helps to relax stiff and tense muscles and joints thereby alleviating the pain caused by such stiffness.  Massage therapy is the use of a specific amount of pressure to the soft tissues in the body. It stimulates and enhances blood flow and makes the muscles more relaxed and loose.  Massage therapy helps the muscles and fascia gain more elasticity.  There are many forms or techniques used in massage therapy and they are all used to give the neck and back relief from pain and other areas with generalized pain caused by the spinal injury.

Some modalities used by chiropractors that aid recovery are ice and heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation (TENS) and flex ion among others.  Clinical nutrition is an indispensable part of chiropractic treatment and is more of a recommendation rather than a requirement to the patient to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and for a speedier recovery. .

Other services the chiropractor may offer are acute, chronic and maintenance care, rehab, workman’s compensation cases, core stabilization and spinal decompression.  These services all help toward restoring normal spinal function. Chiropractic doctors are usually the persons sought by many Americans for spinal treatment and care because they help patient recover faster after suffering from a motor vehicle accident.

Healing the Body by Chiropractor in Livingston NJ.

July 17, 2011

The most potent technique by a Livingston NJ chiropractor is called a chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractic is a process where the chiropractor’s hands use calibrated pressure on the spine towards directions meant to reposition misaligned spinal joints back into their normal spinal position.  This technique is commonly used for health issues such as neck pain, headaches or lower back pain to mention some.

Chiropractic philosophy relates to the reasons why the body can capably heal itself and the ways chiropractors help toward achieving this end.  If one gets injured in an accident, the body has a healing mechanism to heal the injury.  However, factors occur that impedes this process.  In addition, the body may be injured to the extent that self-healing is not achievable.

Nature can be both destructive and beneficial to the body.  Hot and cold weather, disease and injury can be termed as external destructive forces (EDFs).  They relentlessly attack the body and the body needs to adapt and react in a way that it preserves its own health.  The mechanisms that assist the body to cope with the attacks of the external destructive forces are called the internal resistive forces (IRFs). The adequate resistance and adaptation of the IRFs is enough to protect the body from the constant onslaught of the EDFs preserving the health of the person.  However, too much exposure to severe EDF can imperil the health of the body.  An example of this would be a homeless person with inadequate clothing dying of hypothermia because he slept in the middle of a winter blizzard outside the streets.  Another factor that can cause the body to ill health is a weakened IRF.  Poor neural signals transmitted between the brain and the rest of the body, physical and mental stress, inadequate sleep or poor nutrition can severely weaken the body’s IRF.

Chiropractic adjustments can treat the weak signals between the brain and the other body systems.  Through the spinal cord, the brain sends and receives signals to the whole body system.  The cause of these weak signals can be traced to the health of the spine itself.  There are factors such as old age, sport or vehicular accidents or falls that can displace the spinal joint.  A displaced joint can then bear pressure and pinch a nerve root exiting out of the spine.  The pinched nerve then is unable to send out clear and coherent signals between the brain and the organ or body system the nerve is associated with causing dysfunctions on those organs or body systems.  Moreover, the pinch causes pain in the back of the body.  More often than not, a pinched nerve weakens the immune function thus making the body prone to diseases and infections.  This is where chiropractic adjustments become so beneficial to the health of the person.  The adjustments help to realign the joints and remove the pain.  The body then is allowed to heal itself in a safe and natural way.

Chiropractic Elyria Cure for Back Pain

July 3, 2011

For low back pain, chiropractors usually opt for spinal manipulation, which is a proven chiropractic technique to provide relief from pain.  There are very little side effects, if any, for spinal manipulation.  Some other popular treatments for back pain may include vitamin therapy, so-called because the treatment encourages vitamin intake for better stimulation of health, and massage, which relieves the back of tension resulting in less pain.  For other options, other than chiropractic therapy, surgery and drug therapy would be the next best thing for back pain therapy.  Drug therapy, temporarily alleviates the pain and oftentimes with years of use, the toxins of the drugs begin to manifest as harmful side effects that can be life threatening.

Chiropractic therapy significantly mitigates low-back pain.  Many mainstream physicians nowadays, refer patients with low-back pain to chiropractors if the cause of the pain is of unknown origin.  In addition to treating back pain, chiropractors educate and train patients with back pain prevention.  They also orient patients with proper health and dietary information to prevent back pain and teach exercises for proper body movement.  Chiropractic is based on the idea that the body can and does heal itself.  This therapy concentrates on the neuromusculoskeletal system health of the body.

A Canadian named Daniel David Palmer invented modern day chiropractic therapy in 1895.  He believed that almost all health issues stem from neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) disorders and chiropractic care is the treatment that uniquely is capable of addressing NMS issues.  There are two schools of thought in chiropractic therapy:  One school believes that subluxations, conditions where the vertebrae are misaligned with the rest of the spinal cord putting pressure and irritating the spine and disrupting the neural signals from the brain to the body causing the body to function poorly is this cause of most physical disorders in the body. The other train of thought suggests that apart from subluxations, outside forces such as bacteria or viruses can also be a cause of disease.

The common complaint and reason for patient consultation of chiropractors is back pain problem.  Back pain can be the result of disc problems, back muscle problems, stenosis of the spine, muscle strain, bad posture, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, kidney or gallbladder stones, endometriosis or traumatic injury among others.  The patient’s medical history usually will aid the chiropractor West Orange enough to formulate an accurate diagnosis and if chiropractic treatment is indeed the best answer to the patient’s problem.  The treatment itself, depending on the severity of the pain, may last a few hours to a few months.

During treatment, no drugs of any kind are given to the patient.  After treatment NSAIDS or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to mitigate any residual pain that may be felt.

Benefits of Chiropractic Elyria Treatment

May 7, 2011

Chiropractic treatment is a popular from of alternative therapy designed to treat and prevent pain and disorders related to the neuromusculoskeletal system including the spine. Chiropractic care is often used as a supplementary form of therapy for conventional medical treatments.  Chiropractors like physical therapists work to regain the patient’s mobility and mitigate pain through various forms of treatments which includes spinal adjustment, massage, ultrasound and specific exercises to mention a few.

Chiropractic care was utilized by the Egyptians and Greeks thousands of years ago and has been shoved in the limelight once again in the 19th century by a person named Daniel David Palmer who proclaimed that, “Ninety-five per cent of all diseases are caused by displaced vertebrae.”  Chiropractic treatment has been badly maligned as quackery in its early years but now has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness in treating many types of neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) injuries and pain.  It now has gained the respect it deserves oftentimes even being recommended and prescribed by many conventional physicians for NMS pain.

Chiropractors believe in the ability of the body to heal itself and that proper care of the NMS system does result in a relatively healthy body.  The proper function of the nervous system with unimpeded neural signals to the organs, muscles and tissues means a body devoid of ailments or disease.  The structure and function of the spine and its effects on the NMS system is what the chiropractor Elyria care for among others.

Chiropractic treatment is so effective that some doctors have integrated it into their cancer patients’ treatment program.  This treatment is used to relieve pain, headaches and stress.  For many individuals who have opted out of pharmaceutical therapy, they can find chiropractic therapy a good form of alternative treatment with very minimal side effects.  It is a proven treatment for limited range of motion problems, headaches and for cancer patients; this really makes it beneficial especially for the ones suffering mesothelioma.

Many sports teams have their own chiropractors on standby to heal their injured players.  Chiropractors usually treat people injured in accidents like those suffering from whiplash or concussion.  Other patients being consulted on are those with nerve and joint problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis or sciatica.

There are numerous treatment modalities the chiropractor can utilize but the most common is the spinal adjustment technique and is used for patients with limited range of motions of one or more of their body parts.  This treatment is associated with the popping and cracking noise caused by the bursting of the bubbles in the synovial fluid when a joint is manipulated into its proper place.  Spinal adjustment is usually applied for pain in the extremities, in the hands, shoulders and neck.