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Cupping Therapy Enhances Circulation That Leads To The Alleviation Of Dysfunction And Pain

November 19, 2017

Many acupuncture clinics throughout the US offer cupping treatments that is often integrated with herbal medicine treatments in Miami and Chinese acupuncture in order to provide the best healthcare service for the patient.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping therapy is one of the oldest modes of treatment that’s used to animate the flow of chi and blood, which may have become congested in the energy channels (meridians) or muscles. The suction effect from the cups helps draw stagnant toxins and/or stagnant blood to the surface of the skin thereby enhancing circulation leading to the alleviation of dysfunction and pain.

Traditional Chinese Cupping Treatment Procedure

Plastic and glass cups are used in acupuncture clinics that offer cupping therapy. A cotton ball soaked in alcohol and lit is placed skillfully and quickly inside the cups to warm them. The tiny fire exhausts all the oxygen inside the cup creating a vacuum effect in the cup that draws some of the underlying tissue and the skin tightly toward the cup. For plastic cups, a suction pump is used to create the vacuum and the cups are then placed on the skin.

The suction of the cups creates a feeling of tightness in the patient when applied on the skin. This feeling can be modified to the comfort of the patient. Once in place, the cups are left tightly stuck to the skin for about five to 10 minutes. The practitioner can also opt to use a technique called “running cup” in which the cups are slid over the surface of the skin (after the skin has been applied with oil). These two methods produce a purplish or reddish bruise that typically takes a few days to recede.

In some severe and acute conditions, prior to cupping, the practitioner will puncture the skin. When cupping is then performed and the skin is drawn, a few drops of blood may flow out from the site of the puncture. This is a very quick and efficient way to eliminate toxins and other harmful substances from the body.

The practitioner will explain to you the effects of cupping therapy before giving the procedure. Before the treatment, your practitioner will ask your permission to proceed.

The Benefits of Chinese Cupping Therapy

There are several medical conditions that cupping can effectively address. They include skin conditions (psoriasis, acne eczema), gynecological disorders, infertility, rheumatic diseases (muscular and arthritic joint conditions), blood disorders (hemophilia and anemia), and respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, and the common cold). Cupping can be ideal for general psychological and physical and can be used on the shoulders, neck, and back to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.