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Traditional Chinese Foods That Can Ward Off Several Diseases

November 26, 2017

For those who really enjoy love Chinese food, a couple of Chinese dietary staples, green tea and mushrooms are deemed to contain beneficial chemicals that can combat breast cancer. In a study featured in the International Journal of Cancer, adding huge amounts of both green tea and mushrooms in one’s diet can avert the rise of breast cancer and reduce the risk of other cancers by up to 90 percent. The study provides sufficient proof that besides inhibiting the growth of tumors, some of the chemicals in these foods also reinforce the immune system of the body against cancer.

For hundreds of years, extracts of a mushroom species known as Phellinus linetus have been used as a way to prolong life. There is now sufficient proof that if taken two times a day for one month this extract can greatly contribute to the slowing down of the development of breast cancer cells. However, fresh mushrooms should be used as dried mushrooms produce a much weaker effect.

With regards to green tea, it contains special chemical compounds called ‘polyphenols’ that have been proven to kill breast cancer cells in animals. It is also widely known that has anti-oxidant qualities that are very helpful for people wanting to lose weight. Black tea, although it is derived from the same plant as green tea, does not provide the same effects as.

Even though researchers believe that more evidence needs to be gathered to erase all doubts about this study, there is no denying the fact that if taken on a regular basis, traditional Chinese foods, particularly green tea and mushrooms, posses healing qualities that can repel several diseases.

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