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What To Expect From Cupping Therapy

July 30, 2017

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a very old traditional Chinese therapy in which the skin is attached to a glass cup to draw superficial muscles and skin inside the cup. Cupping is placed over acupuncture points and meridians and to other parts of the body that are affected by pain. The treatment is often used on the back but can be just as effective when used in other parts of the body including over the piriformis muscles (to induce a comfortable deep tissue massage), the hips (specifically, around the hip joint), calves, and thighs (to release trigger points, especially on the IT band). Cupping treatment in Bellmore can be used to cure tennis elbow. It is perhaps, the most effective deep tissue massage ever that does not cause pain and discomfort.

Cupping works on the principle that energy channels called meridians move vital energy known as qi or chi throughout the body. When this movement slows down or stagnates, it leads to illness and pain in the body. Cupping therapy opens the meridians in order for qi to flow freely once more, which heals the illness and pain. This therapy is also used to lift connective tissue, loosen adhesions, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and loosen rigid soft tissue while at the same time aiding deep tissue repair and promoting blood flow.

Cupping can have a soothing effect on the nervous system, and lots of people find it extremely relaxing. It even continues to heal muscle tenderness and muscle tension several hours after the end of the session.

The Cupping Procedure

The cups are allowed to remain in the body for about five to fifteen minutes. During this time, the skin reddens as a result of the blood flow congestion. The person will experience a bit of bruising on the skin temporarily. This is part of the therapeutic effects of the process and can last for several days. The marks can be used to diagnose the underlying problem occurring beneath the skin surface. Red circles can be indicative a sign of inflammation while stagnated areas of blood areas will turn purplish in color. After several rounds of treatment, those are expected to lessen as the underlying problems are resolved.

The positive results and benefits of cupping are long lasting and cumulative and usually can be felt after a number of sessions. This therapy sedates the nervous system and after their treatment, people who get this therapy usually feel very much relaxed. Over the next couple of days, their tension and pain continue to ease over. Also, during this time, patients are urged to up their intake of water to help wash out the toxins that have been released from the deep tissues in the body.

You need to find a local massage therapist or Chinese Medicine Practitioner who has been trained to conduct Chinese cupping if you are interested in trying out this ancient beneficial mode of healing.