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July 2012
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Acupuncture St Helens Treatment Benefits All

July 30, 2012   

No one who has had acupuncture regularly will say it does not work.  Many people aver to its efficacy for a number of conditions.  This beautiful ancient healing art is much more than prickly needles inserted in various parts of the body.  Scientists now ascertain it as stimulating and influencing cells in a beneficial way although some Western scientists remains skeptical of its benefits.

Modern acupuncture is where the Eastern way of healing meets the scientific method of the West.  Because it is not a clearly understand science, acupuncture has been classified as an alternative health cure.  The chauvinism of Western science does not reflect acupuncture’s accomplishments in treating a wide range of disorders of the Chinese and other East Asian people throughout the millennia.  The rich heritage of medical knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which acupuncture is a part of is only until now being understood by Western science and even today, the latter has not completely comprehend the mechanics of acupuncture.

Americans are typically scared of the thought of needles inserted into the skin.  However, acupuncture is exactly about relieving pain from the body.  With a qualified and experienced acupuncturist, the treatment itself is a very pleasant and invigorating experience though at the onset of the treatment some slight sensation may be felt as the needles are inserted into the skin.  If Americans only get past their fear of needles, they will discover a very potent and beneficial therapy for their pain and ailments.  For those suffering from prolonged illnesses and pain or those suffering from pain of unknown origin or from chronic pain, acupuncture maybe the remedy you have been searching for all along.

For those still apprehensive trying out acupuncture, reading articles and materials about it online can familiarize oneself with this wonderful treatment.  One ought to read its history as well to get to know this ancient healing art better.  Knowing acupuncture and TCM, in general will give you a wider perspective of healing solutions outside Western science.  You will be amazed of how the human body works and how forces of nature foreign to Western science interact with life and engender it.  One will come out amazed at how the world has so much to offer the human being other than Western medical science, which is very much wanting in it offerings to humanity.

Try to look for highly qualified and experienced acupuncturists in your area.  Try to get reliable references from family members and friends and even with your own healthcare provider who may have knowledge or two regarding acupuncture and who may have acupuncturist acquaintances who are skilled in their craft.  The safety, effective and benefits of acupuncture are outstanding and it is not hot air to say that acupuncture is the best treatment for all types of pain and ailments.

Bellevue Acupuncture Remedy for Arthritis

July 22, 2012   

Using needles to treat painful conditions seems rather quaint when one thinks about it but that is exactly how acupuncture works.  With acupuncture, pain removal starts with the insertion of needles into the skin at specific areas of the body.  Acupuncture to treat pain not only works; it works marvelously.  Some surgeries where it is advantageous for the patient to remain conscious during the surgical process use acupuncture as a powerful analgesic to make the patient impervious to pain while remaining conscious.  Even today, Western medical science is baffled as to how acupuncture for pain relief works.

Countless researches have verified the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment in treating, improving and/or controlling immune and endocrine function, stress and pain and swelling.  Disorders such as tennis elbow, arthritis, menstrual discomfort and cramps, low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome among others are ably treated with acupuncture.  Acupuncture restores the energy balance of the body and jumpstarts the self-healing process of the body.  It is a holistic type of treatment benefiting both the body and mind and a safe and natural approach to health without any side effects.

The greatest evidence of this treatment’s potency is its use by countless numbers of Chinese throughout millennia and today.

Some theories were developed to explain the workings of acupuncture for the treatment of pain.  The most popular theory is the one where that the needles are thought to stimulate the release of natural painkillers and “feel good” chemicals such as endorphins to neutralize the pain as well as control the neurotransmitters that send out pain signals to the brain, which effectively block the sensations of the pain; exactly how an analgesic works.

Anyone suffering from arthritis has used painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs at one time or another and one has yet to find an arthritic who feels truly satisfied with the medications he/she uses for his/her arthritis.  Dependence and abuse of these drugs is common adding other unwanted problems for the arthritic.  This is not to even mention the harmful side effects of these drugs, which in the end will weaken the user’s liver and kidneys.  Another aspect going against these drugs is that in the long-term, they cost a lot more than acupuncture treatment.

Since acupuncture improves blood circulation in the body, it boosts the body’s immune system and energy level as well.  A stronger immune system prevents the recurrence of disease, illnesses and injuries.

A treatment session usually lasts 20 to 40 minutes and depending on the magnitude of the problem, the whole treatment course may last for a few days to several months.

For those not satisfied with the effectiveness of painkillers and non-inflammatory drugs and desire a safe and natural approach for their problem, acupuncture is the best alternative for their arthritis problem.

Acupuncture New York Helps You Lose Weight

July 22, 2012   

Acupuncture needles inserted into specific acupuncture points or acupoints have a beneficial electromagnetic effect on the body that causes the muscles to loosen up helping relieve pain and discomfort.  Aside from helping relieve muscle pain and tension, acupuncture is also a very effective tool in treating obesity.  More often than not, obesity is due to the busy and stressed out lifestyle of modern living.  People often do not get adequate sleep or they may sleep irregular hours, have no time choosing the right food to eat and instead settle on fast foods or foods on the go and they have no time to workout, exercise or indulge in sports.

Ancient Chinese doctors practicing different forms of traditional Chinese medicine have left manuals on how to practice healthy living regardless of race, color or creed.  Just by following these codes, good health will always be enjoyed.  A healthy lifestyle will always result in well-being that will last a lifetime.

Acupuncture makes one lose weight though the stimulation of the body systems that are responsible for the body’s metabolism, excretory and digestive processes.  Activating the digestive system, particularly the liver, kidneys, intestines and stomach among others, speeds up the digestion process and allows the efficient absorption of nutrients by the stomach and intestines.  Acupuncture also controls neural signals that manipulate hunger sensation causing fewer cravings.  It also activates the brain to improve the body’s metabolic rate allowing for better burning of calories.  It improves the blood circulation on the body’s excretory system normalizing and regulating bowel functions efficiently removing waste material from the body. Improved circulation also gives vitality to the body, giving the body extra energy that compels it to indulge in physical activities.

For one to lose weight effectively means to be conscious of the factors that caused one to accumulate unwanted mass.  If one’s lifestyle causes him/her to overeat, then the lifestyle needs to be addressed.   Acupuncture allows a person to combat cravings but it will not force or impose upon the individual the need to eat healthy foods.  That choice is for the person to make.  Be that as it may, acupuncture effectively relieves stress helping the body combat fatigue.  What the person needs to do is to regulate his/her sleeping hours, make modifications in the choices of food diet and undergo New York  acupuncture treatment to help the body combat the cravings as well as cleanse and detoxify the body.  This will lead to not only a leaner body but a body functioning optimally free from any pain, stress, illness or discomfort.  Acupuncture also helps one to sleep better and soundly.

Living a less stressful and healthy lifestyle, eating good and nutritious food in moderation and acupuncture can guarantee weight loss and maintaining it permanently or at least in the long-term.

Acupuncture Louisville Therapy Procedures

July 16, 2012   

As far as anyone knows, acupuncture started in China thousands of years ago. It is a part of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and like the rest of the TCM modalities; acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment.  TCM and acupuncture believes that the body is fueled by chi, or vital life and that chi is composed of two opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang, similar to the positive and negative force in electricity.  The major organs in the body are split between yin and yang organs.  Solid organs are associated with yin and the hollow organs with yang.  The body and particularly the organs are in balance and harmony when yin and yang forces balance each other.  The balance can be disrupted when blockage of chi occurs on the meridians, energy pathways that transport chi energy all over the body, and the affected organs are not nourished with chi energy and become yin or yang energy deficient.  Acupuncture then is applied to the blocked meridians to allow again the smooth flow of chi to those energy deficient organs, which then restores energy balance among the organs of the body.

Acupuncture is needed to ensure that the body’s energy is balanced and if not helps the body to achieve balance.  Body pain, injury, sickness or aches are always a sign of an imbalance and therefore, acupuncture is effective in treating these problems.   Acupuncture is very effective in treating conditions such as arthritis, PMS, flu, tendonitis, whiplash, upper and low back pain, migraines and headaches among others.

An acupuncturist has a different way of coming up with a diagnosis.  He/she uses palpation, olfaction, auscultation and inspection as well as patient querying regarding his/her condition.  Inspection means analyzing the tongue and face.  According to TCM, the tongue’s coating, color, tension, size and shape manifest certain imbalances in the body.  Olfaction and auscultation implies that the smell and sound which the body produce tells a lot about his state of health and querying the patient gives the acupuncturist valuable information of the whys and wherefores of the ailment.  Finally, palpation is done to locate the areas of soreness and the strength or weakness of the body’s pulses.

Based on the findings of these procedures, an accurate diagnosis can be made and will decide what acupuncture points are to be treated.  The needles used are stainless steel, hair thin needles that are disposable to prevent infection.   The upper part of the needle may be covered with plastic or wire as this part is held on by the acupuncturist in Louisville while piercing the needle into the skin.  The needles may be inserted at the sore points at about 3-5mm deep.  A slight tingling sensation may be felt as the needles are inserted but this immediately disappears and replaced with a relaxing sensation that gives instant pain removal.

Blood Flow and Bellevue Acupuncture

July 16, 2012   

The body is one amazing organism with a myriad of physiological systems working in harmony with each other.  These systems have unique functions and are interconnected and interdependent on one another that any dysfunction on one system affects one or more systems.  Although all physiological systems are important in their own right, the circulatory system plays a vital and unique role in carrying aliments and oxygen in the cellular level.  Furthermore, this system takes away toxins and waste products from the body.  Hence, a problem in this system substantially affects all the body systems.

Acupuncture is a very effective treatment for dysfunctions in the circulatory system. Acupuncture believes that the body is interconnected by a network of energy pathways where runs chi or vital life throughout the body.  These energy pathways or channels are called meridians and they connect to certain sites in the skin called acupuncture points.  The meridians likewise, on the other end; connect to the major organs and body parts.    Any blockage or slowing down in the flow of chi causes illness and diseases.  These impediments or stagnation can be attributed to physical, environmental and emotional factors and to poor nutrition.  Acupuncture is the insertion of needles in the acupuncture points to control the movement of chi towards the parts of the body with little or no energy.  With the help of acupuncture, obstructions to chi flow are removed and blood circulation is likewise enhanced to the undernourished areas of the body.

Poor circulation gives rise to an assortment of ailments such as cold feet and hands to arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Numerous studies were done to figure out how acupuncture works for circulatory problems.  The studies manifest that acupuncture improves the functional capacity and efficiency of the heart.  They show that a significant number of patients with angina had vast improvement of health after acupuncture.  Heart problems such as palpitations, irregular heartbeats and arrhythmia are rectified with acupuncture.  It is also a potent answer for the relief of arterial spasms, helps relieves symptoms of Reynaud’s disease and treatment of ulcers in sluggish venous blood flow.  Herbal medicines can also be used along side acupuncture for detoxification.

At the onset of treatment, a weak tingling feeling maybe felt as the needles are inserted through the skin.  This sensation is replaced by a pleasurable calm sensation when the effects of the treatment kick in.

Western innovations have set aside the use of needles for certain types of acupuncture.  Instead of needles to activate energy, techniques such as laser, heat, electric pulses and magnetic radiation are utilized with more or less the same output.  These techniques and needle acupuncture all are designed to treat disorders and one can benefit from acupuncture regardless of technique used without experiencing harmful side effects.

Acupuncture Miami for a Sound Mind

July 9, 2012   

Be true to yourself is the philosophy many happy people live by.  They know that suppression of feelings and the denial of how one truly feels can cause mental stress and instability.  Neurosis is a disorder wherein one constantly worries if his/her actions are acceptable dependent on his/her religious belief or on the opinion of others.  Accepting one’s feelings leads to a healthy mental and emotional balance.  There are numerous times when a person has difficulty or just does not know what to do regarding how he/she feels; confusion or repression then is what that person opts so as not to suffer any consequences that may involve expressing his/her feelings.  This is harmful to the person’s emotional, mental and physical health.

What is emotion?  Emotions are the reactions of a person towards a specific situation. People react in different ways when dealing with their emotions.  Some people are emotionally stronger than others in a particular situation and may be emotionally weak compared to others in another situation.  Emotional health also depends on the lifestyle of the person.  Adequate sleep can boost emotional stability.  Living in anxiety every night can give one sleepless nights and can leave one an emotional wreck.  An adequate sleep is usually sustaining a good sleep for 8 to 10 hours.  A well-rested person means a highly productive and happy person.  A happy emotionally balanced person then is one who experiences adequate sleep.

The saying a sound mind in a sound body is perfectly accurate.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet is an integral factor for mental and physical wellness. Acupuncture Miami helps the mind feel relaxed and the body comfortable.  It helps the body take food and drink in moderation and it energizes the body to stimulate the body to healthy activities that can be emotionally and physically gratifying.  Acupuncture helps the mind be free of stress, depression and anxiety especially during sleeping time.  In fact, acupuncture induces sleep in a person.  It helps balance the energy in the body and regulates all body function allowing the person to live a healthy life.  Acupuncture is good for the relief of pain.  Pain does cause distress and causes one to feel bad and oftentimes sad.

The world is far from perfect and will not be so for many years to come but it helps our emotional wellness to have a happy optimistic viewpoint of life.  It is sometimes even emotionally healthy to think that thank God, we do not need to live in this world forever although we can and ought to appreciate the beautiful things in the world constantly.  The world, after all, is not a big place for tears, sadness and pain, it is also a place for laughter, happiness and joy.

Acupuncture Davis and Burnout Syndrome

July 9, 2012   

Acupuncture Davis does help in relaxing and re-energizing the central nervous system.  It also is effective in treating various kinds of disorders and diseases as well as easing the muscular system and reestablishing the physical and emotional balance of the individual.

Burnout syndrome is severe physical and mental stress due to over work.  The placing of too much responsibilities and tasks on one person causes burnout syndrome.  Less time for rest and relaxation and less social enjoyment add to this problem.  This problem is rampant in industrialized countries especially the United States.  Stress is a normal daily experience in any person’s life but when dealing with the office environment where work overload is often a part of the reality of a person’s job, the mental and physical being of the person is affected in a hugely negative way.  Burnouts can lead to symptoms such as chronic weakness and debility, restiveness, anxiety, depression, apathy, disintegration of social and office relationships, neurosis, poor self-esteem and self-hate, decreased professional and personal performance, poor short and long-term memory functions, muscular and articular tightness, headaches and cephalalgia, sleeping disorders, poor appetite digestion and sexual dysfunction.  An untreated and sustained burnout can further deteriorate the physical and mental health of the person often leading to far worse conditions on the person.  Functions in the metabolic, immune and cardiovascular activity are affected and weakened considerably.

Medical acupuncture treats patients of burnout syndrome by helping the heightened activity of the central nervous system to relax and tone down.  It also improves circulation and oxygen supply to the undernourished and under oxygenated part of the brain allowing the brain to revitalize.  Medical acupuncture also takes away the stress and tension in the muscle tissues and supplies blood and energy to the undernourished affected major organs.  It also normalizes body metabolism and boosts immune functions, enhances concentration and memory and helps regain physiological and emotional balance. Acupuncture with help from herbal medicines detoxifies the body of waste products, allows more cell oxygenation and basically improves the overall functions of the body.

For burnout syndrome, auricular acupuncture or electro-acupuncture maybe used to help with release of endorphins and enkephalins to deal with the severe negative emotions this disorder entails.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist may do some physical examinations of the patient as well as interview the patient regarding what he/she feels and the overall state of his/her health.  The symptoms presented and the interview will enable the acupuncturist to know the diagnosis and what best approach to take.  The duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms presented. Oftentimes, the use of herbal medicine is used together with acupuncture.  However, unless the person changes his lifestyle and work environment, burnout recurrences will be almost inevitable.

Canine Acupuncture Miami

July 2, 2012   

Acupuncture Miami is a form of holistic medicine that has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years as treatment for various kinds of disorders.  Acupuncture helps treat ailments by balancing the energies in the body.  Acupuncture is based on the principle of applying fine needles on specific points or acupuncture points on the body, which are connected to energy meridians, to stimulate the flow of energy.  This method and principle is also true for the treatment of sick animals especially dogs.

Acupuncture treatment for dogs is very effective.  Acupuncture is recognized by the American Veterinarian Medical Association and the World Health Organization as a valid form of treatment for both humans and animals.  Upon initial consultation, the acupuncturist assesses the physical condition of the dog by performing a physical examination on the animal.   Furthermore, the acupuncturist may need to study the dog’s medical history (if there is any) and based on the examination and medical history, a diagnosis and a decision can be made on whether or not acupuncture can be performed on the dog.  Compared to conventional treatment modalities, acupuncture can be a less traumatic experience for dogs.

Acupuncture is generally a painless procedure.  Hair thin needles applied to the dog make acupuncture virtually a painless treatment therefore making acupuncture a better alternative to other forms of treatment that might be rather painful and traumatic for the dog.  The acupuncturist first palpates the dog to locate the energy meridians.  Then he/she massages the body to locate the sore areas in the body.  The needles are then applied on specific sites called acupuncture points.  The dog is laid on the table or on the floor and kept calm during the course of the treatment.  The dog can be given food to calm it down.  The treatment session may last for a few seconds to several minutes, contingent on the severity of the problem.  As the treatment progresses, the effects take hold on the animal and as with the human experience of comfort and relaxation during treatment, the animals also experience these very soothing sensations during treatment.

Acupuncture boosts the immune system of the dog enabling the animal to be more resilient from common infections, diseases and dog allergies.  Acupuncture is also effective in treating neurological disorders, reproductive issues, skin problems, skeletal problems and muscle problems among others.  Acupuncture for treating dogs with arthritis is effective in allowing the dog to gain mobility with little pain.  It also helpful for dogs suffering from cancer as a supplemental therapy to ease the dog’s symptoms and sickness due to cancer.  It can also be useful as a form of analgesia for the dog during surgery and considering acupuncture does not have any side effects, it then can be considered a better alternative to anesthesia.