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August 2012
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The Popularity of Acupuncture Miami

August 27, 2012   

Acupuncture is a very popular form of oriental treatment that has been used in Asia for thousands of years.  Nowadays, it is still very popular in Asia and is used by millions of people all over the world in treating dozens of health problems every day.  It is truly potent in addressing conditions like arthritic pain, neck and back pain, headaches, sinus problems, asthma and allergies.  Acupuncturists are health practitioners that have been trained to treat sickness, relieve pain and help people be able to adapt better to chronic health conditions.

The many benefits of acupuncture have made it one of the most popular forms of treatment in the world today.  It is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine and its popularity has risen by leaps and bounds in the United States ever since it was introduced there in the 1970s.  More and more individuals opt for acupuncture as their first choice in treating their disorders primarily because it is a safe and effective procedure and also because of its versatility.  People who may have a fear of needles will overcome this fear to be able to enjoy the benefits of this treatment. The needles are utilized at specific points in the body to treat a condition.  The needles used are ultra thin and non-hollow that may sometimes elicit a slight sensation when inserted into the body.

Because of constant research by Chinese medical practitioners throughout the ages, acupuncturists have now managed to locate all the acupuncture points or acupoints a long time ago.  Each acupuncture point is related to one or more major organs in the body.  Medical researchers are able to verify the existence of these points.  What makes acupuncture extremely popular is that is does not utilize synthetic materials that can have side effects to the body like what all kinds of Western pharmaceutical products have and do.  The internet has made a lot of people more informed of the great benefits of acupuncture and the dangers Western pharmaceutical products pose to the body.

Acupuncture has even a useful purpose for people with grave and terminal illnesses.  It helps them relieve the distressful and painful symptoms of their sicknesses.  The serious problem of chronic back pain is addressed by acupuncture which can help neutralize even the most persistent, daunting and nagging types of ailments after every type of treatment have all been tried and failed.

Acupuncture is basically less expensive when you compare it to the cost of your medications.  Apart from the serious side effects medications cause the body, some of them can even be habit forming.  Acupuncture gives the individual a natural and non-addictive option for addressing their sicknesses and ailments.  All these are reasons why acupuncture is one of the most popular forms of treatment in the world.

The Very Safe Therapy called Acupuncture Davis

August 27, 2012   

Because of relative ignorance, a lot of people are not comfortable in trying out acupuncture.  Furthermore, the use of needles has made this treatment less attractive to others since they associate the needles with pain and discomfort.   Some more informed people are interested in trying out acupuncture because it is a natural and safe form of treatment that does not have any side effects.  People suffering from longstanding health problems who haven’t tried out acupuncture may want to consult with a qualified and experienced acupuncturist to help them become more enlightened on what this wonderful ancient Chinese mode of treatment can do for them.

Even children as young as 4 years of age can avail of acupuncture to treat their illnesses.  Acupuncture needles can be inserted into the face, scalp, hands and feet and if performed by an experienced and skilled qualified practitioner is a quite painless procedure.  If any sensation is felt it can come as a type of tingling sensation or a nervy and dull ache that lasts for a second. Needles naturally evoke fear of pain.  However the needles used for acupuncture are ultra fine non hollow needles quite different from those used in hospitals and medical establishments.  Needles used by hospitals and clinics are hollow and utilized to draw out blood or to inject fluids into the body.

The effect of the acupuncture needles causes the body to produce and release natural chemical in the body that make the person feel relaxed and revitalized and to help remove body pain.  In classical Chinese acupuncture, the needles used are thicker and longer and the treatment approach is more aggressive compared to the needles and procedures used by medical acupuncturists.  The aim of the classical Chinese approach to acupuncture is to induce a stimulation quickly that will lead to faster results.

A person having longstanding chronic illnesses and/or pain will try many types of treatment to find a way to resolve his long term suffering or at least to relieve them for much longer periods.  Acupuncture is a proven effective treatment especially for painful conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis that even Western doctors are studying this treatment and be able to practice it on their patients to complement the other conventional modalities they have prescribed to their patients.  Since there are no known cures for both types of arthritis and medications used to alleviate these painful disorders are fraught with harmful toxins causing nasty side effects to the body, physicians who are at the same time medical acupuncturists perform medical acupuncture on these particular patients.  The good news is that many of these patients have experienced very good results from acupuncture and are able to enjoy life a little bit more with lesser attacks of their arthritis pain.

Losing Weight Naturally with Acupuncture Miami

August 20, 2012   

Acupuncture can absolutely enable you to trim down your excess pounds.  A lot of individuals can be surprised at knowing this but acupuncture in fact has been utilized for 5,000 years as a treatment for weight loss and many other common health problems of people.  This article will help you know more about this very effective and useful ancient Chinese modality.

Acupuncture is part and parcel of traditional Chinese medicine and is used to treat many kinds of ailments in the body.  This therapy utilizes thin non hollow oftentimes stainless steel needles to pierce the skin at specific points in the body. Its main aim is to regulate the flow of chi or vital force all over the body.  Utilizing this ancient Chinese modality is an ideal way to lessen your weight since it does not have any side effects like ambiguous pills or crash dieting do.  Even if utilizing this procedure may not be the quickest path to weight loss, it surely though is not going to harm you and your body.  You must remember that oftentimes treatments that seem very quick and magical are not really as effective as you might want them to be.  If one thing claims that you can acquire a desired figure overnight, do not be conned by it since that claim is 100% a lie.

One of the great things about acupuncture for losing weight is that it addresses the psychological and physical aspects of obesity as well.  Acupuncture affects the physical processes of the body just as it affects the mental processes of the body.  This makes acupuncture more superior to the conventional modes of weight loss as acupuncture helps you keep the desired weight you have lost.

Acupuncture targets certain health conditions that cause weight gain.  For one, acupuncture affects the stomach and the spleen making them more efficient in the digestion and processing of food.  Breaking down food to absorb its nutrients is vital to good health and if the person has poor food digestion the body is deprived of ample and essential nutrients.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees a well functioning digestive system as a way to produce chi and enable it to flow normally throughout the body.  With a health digestion, the individual will easily be satiated and they will more likely be compelled to eat more foods.  In simple terms, if you are sated, you are less likely to overeat. When seen in this light, one can see how safe and natural acupuncture for weight loss really is.  Acupuncture not only improves the function of digestion, it also normalizes the menstrual cycle and bowel movement.  It is also good in relieving and preventing build up of body toxins, mood swings, fatigue and PMS which can occur when you are obese or overweight.


TCM and Acupuncture NYC to Treat Weak Digestive and Respiratory Functions

August 14, 2012   

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sees digestion akin to fire that uses food as fuel.  It leaves “burnt ash” in the form of waste which the large intestine excretes out of the body.  When a person suffers from food allergy, this means that the fire that consumes the food is weak and the poor digestion function makes it hard to break down foods making them travel and pass from the intestines not completely digested.  This causes diarrhea and abdominal pain.  People with this kind of problem show symptoms signifying low fire in TCM.  These symptoms can include tiredness after eating, cold feet and hands and added weight.  The acupuncturist treats this problem with both herbs and acupuncture New York that help elevate body metabolism and make the digestive functions much better and more efficient.  Spices can help provide heat to the digestive organs as well as supplementing the digestive enzymes. Warming and bolstering the digestive organs is essential and can offset multiple food sensitivities that are caused by weak digestion.

Some food allergies generate vomiting and nausea symptoms.  TCM sees every body organ connected to a specific direction when it is normally functioning.  In the case of the stomach its direction configuration is down.  This means the stomach naturally empties its load which goes downwards to the small intestine.  The failure of the stomach to digest foods properly makes the direction associated to the stomach all messed up; this causes vomiting and nausea.  Other interpretations of this problem see the stomach not following its right direction configuration thereby resulting in hiccups, belching, heartburn and acid reflux.  TCM activates the production and release of gastric juices which helps bring back the stomach to its right direction focusing the energy to a downward configuration.  Ginger is one of the most effective herbs that can correct the energy of the stomach.  This herb is very effective in treating morning sickness.

Allergies that affect the respiratory system manifest symptoms like wheezing, cough or nasal congestion. All these symptoms signify too much phlegm inside the body.  The best way to treat these symptoms is utilizing herbs that aid the body to “convert phlegm.”  These specific herbs soften up the mucus making it easier to remove the extra mucus in the body.  Changing dietary habits needs to be done also.  Lessening or avoiding the consumption of dairy foods, refined carbohydrates and all types of foods that help produce excess phlegm should be done.

Herbs and acupuncture also help to open up the sinuses and lungs and beef up the immune system. These two natural modalities can also address the excess mucus dwelling in the digestive organs which is a by-product of inefficient digestion.  This treatment is ideal for patients suffering from congestion that occurs soon after eating specific foods or after eating meals.

Acupuncture Orlando Misconceptions

August 6, 2012   

Many people are still in the dark of the many uses and benefits acupuncture has on people’s health.  Compared to acupuncture, a 5000-year-old healing art, Western medicine, over 200 years in existence, is merely a baby.  Here are some fallacies regarding acupuncture.


  1. Acupuncture will work only if one believes it does – Acupuncture has an unmistakable physiological, mental and emotional effect on the person regardless of what he/she thinks about acupuncture.  The endorphins that acupuncture stimulate and release help balance and normalize the functions of the central, autonomic, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system creating homeostasis, meaning the body is in perfect health and equilibrium.  Acupuncture enables improvement in the blood circulation of the body helping nourish other parts of the body that were under nourished with blood and vital nutrients.


  1. The needles hurt – Needles used for acupuncture are as thin as the hairs in the human head.  They may elicit a sudden sensation upon insertion in the skin but not pain.  These needles are not needles used for injections or drawing of blood, they are non-hollow needles whose only use is for acupuncture treatment.  Once the needles are in the skin, the initial sensation is immediately replaced with a feeling of comfort and relaxation.


  1. Not all herbs are safe for human use – Herbs that are available in Chinese drug stores are all safe provided they are used for their specific purpose.  These herbs carry no side effects making them safer to use than western pharmaceuticals.  The herbalist makes sure you get the herbal medicine for your specific health need.  Western pharmaceuticals corporations thrive on a person’s sickness giving patients mere palliatives that treat symptoms temporarily.  These companies will never make medicines that totally cure sicknesses for the simple fact that there is no business to be gained with a healthy person.  Herbals are designed to treat the symptoms and the disease as well.


  1. Acupuncture costs a lot – Insurance companies now offer coverage for acupuncture therapy.  Acupuncture treatment costs pale in comparison to long-term medication, which when taken for years is far more costly than acupuncture.


  1. Acupuncture treatment needs to be a permanent treatment to be successful – If one recovers after suffering from acute disorders or injuries such as motor or sports injuries, digestive problems, stress, fatigue, flu or cold, then one does not need further acupuncture treatment to remain healthy.  For chronic health problems, the number of sessions depends on the magnitude of the problem and the overall health of the person.  Another factor to consider is that patient’s reactions to acupuncture differ from person to person and some may recover quickly while it may take others a longer while for resolution of their health problems.  If acupuncture is combined with herbal medicine, then the whole treatment may entail a shorter time than with acupuncture treatment alone.