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August 2015
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People Can Much Better Cope with Allergy Symptoms by Availing Themselves of TCM

August 20, 2015   

Individuals are often curious whether Chinese medicine can really relieve seasonal allergies. Herbal medicine and acupuncture in Bellingham not only are capable of treating allergy symptoms, they can also address the root problems that cause the rise of those allergies. Allergies, less commonly known as seasonal hay fever can affect millions of individuals every year and factors such as dust, animal dander, pollen, and mold play a huge role in its development.

Allergies may impact individuals either:

All year round (perennial allergies) or
During a certain season (winter, summer, spring, or fall)

Some of the symptoms of allergy include:

-Wheezing or coughing
-Runny nose, nasal congestion
-Itching of the nose or eyes
-Watery eyes

Your life can be adversely affected and your normal activities disrupted if you are stricken with allergy. Because of the symptoms, you may find it hard to sleep, may miss work or school, and may not be able to perform your normal daily activities.

In TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, allergies are usually the result of a number of deficiency patterns in the body. There is an external as well as internal deficiency that affects the body’s capability to repel allergens. External patterns are the actual symptomatic manifestations of allergy. They include itchy eyes and runny nose.

In order to resolve allergies using TCM modalities such as acupuncture, it is vital to use these treatments during an actual allergy attack in order to alleviate the symptoms. They can also be used to strengthen the body making it less sensitive to histamines. Then, after the symptoms are under control, acupuncturists and other TCM practitioners can give the patient a customized herbal remedy to help build the deficiency in the body and make the body strong enough to fight the allergens. Moreover, this remedy can come with herbs that have the ability to cure the symptoms so that patients may be able to resume their normal daily life. In addressing both the external and internal allergy patterns, TCM can help lessen the severity of the allergy symptoms and help prevent future allergy attacks as well.

Besides prescribing a customized formula, dietary changes and nutritional supplements should also be parts of the treatment to ward off future attacks and to beef up the immune system.

Through the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, allergy patients will be able to drastically decrease their symptoms during the allergy season or symptoms stemming from a perennial allergy. This will allow them to return to school, work and get back to other important priorities in their lives.

PCOS Can be Effectively Cured with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture

August 20, 2015   

Millions of women in the United States are fighting a losing battle when it comes to losing weight. They engage in various weight-loss programs without success. All of the long hours in the gym and all the dieting leave them hungry, frustrated, and fatigued. Well, some of these women may probably be a bit surprised that their weight gain might not be a fault of their own. They may by suffering from a hormonal issue known as PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that has a symptom of weight gain that makes it all but impossible to lose weight no matter what type of dieting or exercise they try.

PCOS can bring about a number of possible symptoms. The good news is that there are many available treatments that both Western and Eastern medicine offers for patients with this type of condition can avail of. Western modes of treatment may include drugs and hormone therapy while Eastern treatments may use Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in Portland.

PCOS sufferers tend to develop a lot of cysts on their ovaries, which accounts for the name of the condition. Symptoms and signs of PCOS include increase in weight, especially in the stomach, irregular menstruation, obesity, acne, excess facial hair growth, and hair thinning in the scalp. Women with PCOS who tend to exercise intensively will discover that no matter how hard they exercise, the weight in their stomach just won’t seem to go away leaving them extremely frustrated. They may experience a skipped period or have menstrual cycles that are delayed, and when they their menses come, it is often extremely painful. This cyclical disruption can make it also hard for them to get pregnant. The truth is that one of the tops causes of female infertility is PCOS and women who seem to have a hard time attaining pregnancy do not know that they suffer from this reproductive problem. Thankfully, Chinese medicine is available to help restore their normal ovulation, balance their body, and normalize their menstrual cycle.

Chinese medicine is a holistic type of treatment. This implies that suffering from a certain condition doesn’t necessarily mean that every person requires the same type of treatment. Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners treat the underlying reason of the condition and not just its symptoms. PCOS can be diagnosed from three different causes. A sufferer can suffer from one of these causes, a couple of them, or from all of them with the last combination being the most commonly diagnosed. These three diagnoses are Damp and/or Phlegm Accumulation, Blood and/or Qi Stagnation, and deficiency in Kidney Yang. A woman suffering from all three causes will have one syndrome that will predominate. Acupuncture therapies combined with Chinese herbal medicine are used to Tonify Kidney Yang, move Blood and Qi, and remove damp and phlegm. It’s been demonstrated in a number of studies that one of the most effective forms of acupunctures treatment for PCOS is electro-acupuncture. This technique utilizes low electrical current generated by machines running run on 9-volt batteries, to decrease the levels of testosterone in PCOS patients.

PCOS sufferers need to consider their condition as serious since PCOS can result in much serious complication like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, or obesity, not to mention the physical signs of this disease. To avoid hormone therapy and to keep you r hormones balanced, you need to have a plan of treatment that uses the safe modalities of Chinese herbs and acupuncture and a daily exercise program.

Natural Face Lift and Breast Enhancement Using Acupuncture

August 1, 2015   

In the United States, a growing number of women are finding out firsthand the advantages of using acupuncture for enhancing their breasts and face. Yes, you’ve heard it right, besides treating health conditions acupuncture can also enhance your breast shape and size.

Mainly because of the internet, cosmetic acupuncture has become a very popular way of enabling women of all ages to look much better in a safe and natural way. This treatment uses a holistic approach that makes it appealing to women who desire to improve their natural features as well as lessen the signs of aging without the use of surgery drugs, or chemicals.

Popularly known as acupuncture face-lift, cosmetic acupuncture has actually very few similarities to its counterpart cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic acupuncture is aimed at improving the pumping of blood and oxygen to the breast and facial tissues via the process of vasodilation, as well as enhancing the flow of nutrients and fluids to the breasts and face. Acupuncture has the ability to boost circulation to these tissues which results in the brightening of the skin’s complexion, the reduction in muscle tension, the lessening of the effects of sun damage, toning of facial lines and providing the body and face with a beautiful youthful fullness.

Most women who have tried cosmetic acupuncture are extremely satisfied by its results. Their face glows with youthful fullness, and their skin looks smoother and radiant. The enhancement of their breast looks more natural, akin to the changes in the hormones during menses. They are perky tight, and plump whose effects last for a long period of time.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Can Also Benefit Men

Highly successful businessmen and actors who want to look their best have turned to cosmetic acupuncture to look more youthful and vital for personal engagements, dating service photographs, and for important public presentations.

Cosmetic acupuncture has the added benefit of activating the neural communication centers on the face. Body acupuncture, which is oftentimes a part of cosmetic acupuncture, stimulates the healing processes of the body.

A lot of successful men are opting for cosmetic acupuncture because for them, the results are vastly superior to the ones offered by conventional face-enhancing treatments.

How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Work in Cleveland?

There are three primary layers that make up the skin: the subcutaneous layer (the deepest layer), the dermis (mid layer), and the epidermis (the outermost layer). The skin is one of the strongest and most versatile organs of the body.

The subcutaneous layer or bottom layer or of the skin is composed of blood vessels, adipose tissue, and collagen fibers. The very important roles this layer plays include providing the shape that defines the features of our face and insulating the body to aid in the regulation of body temperature.

The dermis or middle skin is thick and is composed of nerves, blood vessels, elastic fibers, and collagen. This layer provides fullness and resiliency to the skin. When a person ages, his/her small blood vessels in this layer become constricted as a result of a number of factors including tension from stress, inflammation, injury, and poor nutrition. The skin becomes less resilient, and loses its luster and moisture content as circulation weakens. A dramatic example of this is when a person seems to grow older overnight after experiencing a very taxing or traumatic event. One of the most effective ways to dilate and relax the blood vessels of the body and face that boost overall blood flow is acupuncture.

The epidermis is the protective and most external layer of the skin composed of a waxy substance known as keratin and a combination of dead and living cells. Depending on body location, the epidermis may differ in thickness. It is a bit thin on the face and its waxy coating serves as protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, chemicals, abrasions, and scratches and abrasions, chemicals, cracking, and drying out. The epidermis aids in the regulation of normal body temperature; the proper care of this layer helps give luster to the complexions of the face making it glow in a healthy, more attractive, and natural way.

It is essential to remember that the epidermis is not directly supplied by the body with blood. This means that it doesn’t have any blood vessels and it gets its blood only from the dermis.

Breast enhancement using acupuncture treatment

The number of women getting breast enhancement acupuncture, sometimes also called acupuncture breast enlargement is growing fast in the United States. It is a huge topic of interest in Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea due to the growing number of actresses and models whom have had their breasts enhanced. A lot of these women and women in the US have their breasts boosted a few days before important events like parties, weddings, and public appearances. This is due to the immediate effect of the treatment that has very little, or no side effects, and is very affordable, as well. And instead of leaving ugly surgery scars that breast surgery tends to do, acupuncture provides the woman with full, perky natural breasts without incurring scars.

What is the difference between acupuncture breast enhancement treatment and breast implants?

Unlike breast implants, acupuncture for breast enhancement does not give the breasts an instant improvement in size. What it does is it enhances their appearance by boosting their perkiness, firmness, and fullness. There is a similarity in facial acupuncture to breast enhancement acupuncture as both work to improve the skin and the other tissues of the face and the body. Micro-circulation is boosted by the stimulation of local acupuncture points not in the breast but around the breast to help get an abundant supply of blood to the breast.

What a patient needs in order to get a breast enhancement acupuncture procedure

In order to attain really good results, your acupuncturist needs to interview the patient first and then physically evaluate her to see if she is qualified to undergo the procedure.

A typical acupuncture treatment for this procedure goes like this: The patient lies on a table. Her breasts are draped by a cloth while the practitioner administers needles on the selected acupoints around surrounding. The needles are left in the skin for around 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

It is common to undergo a treatment course of 12 sessions once each week combined with nutritional support. The number of sessions and the kind of treatment the patient gets will depend on what kind of results the patient desires.