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May 2016
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Acupuncture is One of the Best Treatments for Infertility

May 24, 2016   

It’s a wonder why a lot of women suffering from infertility have not considered acupuncture with the very high rates of success this treatment has in curing their condition. Studies regarding acupuncture show that it boosts by 50%, IVF efficacy rates. For infertile sufferers who have tried everything, acupuncture has fulfilled the wishes and desires of many once childless couples. In ancient China, emperors would hire acupuncturists to ensure that any infertility issues in their wives and concubines are resolved in order to produce healthy heirs. Today, in this century, we are witnessing a rise in infertility cases as well as women opting to become pregnant later in life. For couples struggling to produce offspring, in the end, they go for medical help and doctors more often than not would prescribe fertility medications or recommend in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or other types of (ART) assisted reproductive technologies. One of the best and most overlooked standalone or complementary treatments for infertility is acupuncture.

We get a greater appreciation of conception once we have an idea of how complex the female reproductive system is and comprehend the rhythmic flow of hormones in the body. Any disruptions to them can lead to the rise of fertility issues. Infertility may develop when the hormones in the meat you eat disrupt the levels of testosterone and estrogen in your body. They begin to affect the cycles and levels of the other hormones required for normal luteal, ovulatory, and follicular cycles. Infertility can also occur due to stress from relationships or at work which affects the pH levels of your cervical mucus that becomes too acidic for the sperm to live. Infertility can also happen when you suffer from certain food sensitivities that weaken your immune system making it very hard for your body to conceive or support a pregnancy. Infertility can have several various causes. Acupuncturists trained in treating both male and female reproductive issues are able to identify the underlying problems from the viewpoint of both Eastern and Western Medicine.

Acupuncturists are also trained to track even subtle imbalances. They know how to resolve those internal imbalances to bring back homeostasis in the body which is essential for successful conception and pregnancy. By evaluating, for example, a woman with puffiness of the face and a pale complexion who complains of poor digestive health and fatigue, an acupuncturist may see that the woman has deficient spleen that weakens blood production and produces poor blood quality, which in turn, adversely impact the thickness and quality of the endometrial wall, which is required for successful implantation of the embryo. Any imbalances in the yin of the patient can be detected by an acupuncturist. This imbalance disallows for adequate fertile cervical fluid which is required in order to transport the sperm to the egg. A huge positive difference in the results of ART-assisted and natural conception can occur when you have a clear understanding on how to properly address the subtle and not so subtle imbalances causing infertility.

Besides treating their problem, acupuncture treatments for infertile couples can greatly improve their overall health. And since acupuncture is a type of medicine that strives to restore balance to the entire body system, the person’s emotional, mental, physical well-being is greatly improved, as well. Couples suffering from infertility often suffer from severe stress which can take a toll on their health. Their worries and anxieties get addressed with acupuncture’s calming effects on the nervous system. The thickness and health of the endometrial wall can be greatly improved with acupuncture and this is vital in successful IVF treatments. A thick and healthy endometrial wall can boost by 50% the likelihood for successful embryo implantation in an IVF procedure. Blood flow to the ovaries is also increased with acupuncture treatment which leads to better nutrition and functioning of the follicles. Acupuncture also treats uterine spasming which aids in successful implantation. Acupuncture makes the body more conducive for conception and assists the body during pregnancy by resolving excess edema, morning sickness, and preventing possible miscarriage; this treatment also promotes a healthy delivery and is a very helpful postpartum support.

To conclude, the reproductive health of a person can be greatly enhanced with acupuncture. Treating fertility problems with this therapy will also help you know when your most fertile time is. The treatment will also include recommendations to your lifestyle and diet. Acupuncture heals PMS, addresses hormonal imbalances, thickness the endometrial lining, and boost circulation to the ovaries. This gives the body a better foundation in which to have a problem-free and happy pregnancy.

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In Asia, Women are More Inclined to Seek a Holistic Type of Treatment than Asian Men

May 24, 2016   

A study were done a few years ago on who are the biggest users of complementary medicine, alternative medicine, and TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. The study was insightful and is an indication on how acupuncture can be highly promoted among different societies in the world.

Almost all Chinese medicine practitioners understand that the primary objective of treatment is to address the root of the problem, not just merely resolving the unwanted symptoms. The final aim is to preserve the achieved well-being of the body systems by balancing these systems. Patients who have adequate knowledge of Chinese medicine usually demand this of their practitioners.

In Asian countries such as Singapore, where acupuncture is practiced widely, it is common to see that although a lot of Chinese patients often look for practitioners who are also Western trained physicians, for treatment of their health problems. A large number of them (43%) will go to a traditional Chinese herbalist for further consultation for the same problem. There are those who rely on traditional Chinese medicine as an alternative or complementary treatment.

Several research works have suggested that users of TCM are likely to be women and have better education. Because of their biological and more “complicated” biological nature, women avail more of healthcare services than men. Therefore, with more women who are better educated in modern societies, they tend to have a much superior spending power. Hence, we can see the phenomenon (at least in Singapore) where women are more capable and more desirous of willing to spend to achieve better holistic health than men.

This type of research can help a TCM practitioner gain a better insight on how he/she can better promote her profession.

Kine Fischler is a licensed acupuncture physician and the clinical director of Willow Tree Wellness in Portland, OR.