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Acupuncture Orlando and Weight Loss

April 2, 2011

A healthy lifestyle is essential for an individual to maintain good health.  When a person over eats, it is usually a sign that he/she may be suffering from an emotional problem and finds solace for this through food.  Sometimes obesity also comes from getting old when the body efficiently does not burn as many calories at it used to.  The United States has the largest cases of obesity in the world where around more than 70% of the population are overweight.

In order to be treated with acupuncture Orlando, the acupuncturist has to determine the cause of your problem.  When the cause of the overeating and the amount of food intake is determined, a general check up of the pulses, your energy level and your stomach energy are done.  Physical check up of the tongue is also done to determine if there are heat or cold problems in the stomach.  Once a diagnosis is made the acupuncturist would know what acupuncture points would be inserted with needles and what particular technique would be used.  Although ear acupuncture (needles inserted in the auricle) is usually applied for weight loss, points in the mouth, stomach, lungs, spleen and kidneys among others are also applied with needles.

Modern techniques such as electro acupuncture applied in some needles are very effective in eliciting a proper response from the body.  Ear tacks are also inserted after the acupuncture, to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment.  Whenever the urge to eat is felt, the patient just rubs the them back and forth to stimulate the release of endorphins and quell the craving.  Once irritation or some discomfort is felt, the ear tacks are then removed.  The ear tacks are usually removes after three days of use.

The length of the treatment program depends on the severity of the craving of the individual.  Sometimes for mild cases, once or twice week for one hour per session is usually the case while the severe ones have daily sessions for almost a week then decrease in frequency the next week.  Sometimes herbal medicine is added to the treatment to optimize the treatment.

A change of lifestyle is advised for those who have undergone acupuncture treatment for weight loss.  Once the body gets used to the normal amount of food intake, then the program is considered successful.  Herbal teas can help supplement the body with minerals and vitamins and can help maintain the body’s normal metabolic rate to burn calories as efficiently as possible.  The added benefit that is often overlooked is the positive psychological effect acupuncture gives due to the release of endorphins and other “feel-good” chemicals that remove the negative emotions which were the cause of the craving in the first place.