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Acupuncture for Cervical Dysplasia

May 25, 2014

Cervical Dysplasia or CD is seen as an abnormal change in the cells on the surface of the cervix.  CD is not cancer but it can help develop cancer of the cervix if the condition is not addressed promptly. Cancer of the cervix is a very common cancer causing 16,000 incidents as well as 5,000 deaths each year in the United States.  Women need to undergo a cervical dysplasia diagnosis as soon as possible if they suspect themselves of having one.  For moderate and mild cases of CD, however, traditional Chinese medicine procedures along with a healthy lifestyle can help fight CD effectively.

The primary cause of cervical dysplasia is the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. This is a common virus that is usually transmitted by means of sexual contact. HPV can have different kinds.   Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is not capable of diagnosing HPV or CD. If you suspect yourself of having HPV, It is very important to get a Pap smear exam since this test is the only way to ascertain if the cells in your cervix is normal or to guarantee that you have a healthy cervix.

Western medicine sees the following as factors that can heighten your risk of developing CD:

Using medications or having sicknesses that weaken your immune system
Possessing more than one sexual partner
Not getting regular Pap smear tests
Becoming active sexually before 18 years of age

Physicians are uncertain why the likelihood of being infected with HPV is high in females 18 years or below who are already sexually active. They opine that a female is likely to have more than one sexual partner at these ages.  They may also see that the cells of the cervix change over time through a process known as metaplasia.  This is the reason why the exposed part of the cervix (the columnar cells) is termed as the “transformation zone”.  Over several years, squamous cells, replace the columnar cells. The likelihood of developing pre-cancer is enhanced if the transformation zone is infected with a sexually transmitted carcinogen during the time of maximum cellular activity during adolescence. This jibes with the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective that sexual activity at an early age is harmful to the Penetrating and Directing Vessels (related to the female reproductive organs) since at those ages, the uterus is still quite vulnerable. For TCM, adolescence is quite a delicate phase for a female and any disease she may incur at this time can bring about extreme consequences.  Other diseases may also play a role in the rise of cervical dysplasia among young females. During the time of puberty, emotional problems can deeply affect a young female’s health; it may lead to a slowdown in the flow of her qi in the liver that can easily impact the female’s genital system.

Treating Cervical Dypslasia and HPV using TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the entire body when treating any disharmony and disease.  A specific detailed intake process can aid TCM practitioners in determining the underlying cause of the disharmony. The initial intake process assesses the patient’s condition internally and also his/her habits, environment and lifestyle. Furthermore, the process of diagnosis process depends on the evaluation of the tongue and the palpation of the stomach and pulse. TCM practitioners consider all of this information to help diagnose the pathways and underlying problem of the disharmony, using the diagnostic patterns of procedures of TCM.  After successfully diagnosing the condition, the practitioner will craft a plan of t treatment that considers the unique constitution of the patient.

Treatment often entails the use of dietary and lifestyle modifications, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture.  Eastern diet therapy is very important for the plan of treatment since studies have revealed that women suffering from CD also suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Women with cervical dysplasia were particularly lacking in vitamin B6, vitamin C and beta-carotene. TCM practitioners help patients by enabling them to know what foods are quite beneficial for them; these practitioners accomplish this by using an eastern nutrition profile. Foods that help improve the constitution of the patient can aid in healing and rejuvenating the body.

The duration of the treatment is determined by any preexisting conditions the patient has, the patient’s overall health and the degree of severity of his/her HPV infection. They all are considered during the first meeting of the patient with his/her TCM practitioner.


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