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Acupuncture Philadelphia for Spinal Stenosis

June 12, 2011

For those dealing with spinal stenosis, acupuncture can aid in minimizing pain medication use.  Spinal stenosis is caused by degeneration of the tissues and structures of the spine.  Many of these patients will suffer other sicknesses and a heavier dependence on pain medicines that eventually will have negative side effects on the patient.  Older people are susceptible to spinal stenosis and they end up using a large cocktail of pain medications as their situation deteriorates due to this disorder.  As a patient gets older the chances for getting back and joint pain gets higher.  Pain medications are always available in drugstores and people living in the US have been raised to believe that for older people pain medications are the only solutions for their pain.  However, with the availability of acupuncture, this is simply not the case anymore.  Acupuncture Philadelphia treatment, if done regularly, can improve pain symptoms caused by spinal stenosis.  The healing process may be gradual but many cases have shown that a patient’s painful symptoms can be treated, if not permanently, long-term.  Therefore, if one’s health-care provider cannot recommend to his/her patient a safer, more alternative and more effective alternative to prescribed pain medications, then this so-called professional is denying his/her patients a way to allow them a chance for a happy and pain-free life.

There are many evidences of acupuncture as beneficial in the treatment of spinal stenosis Since acupuncture treatment has virtually zero side-effects compared to pharmaceutical medications and is non-invasive compared to spinal stenosis surgery, pain management therapy with acupuncture should be part of the options a patient should be allowed to know about.  Acupuncture treatments usually have an immediate pain relieving effect and as treatment progresses, the quality of life and other deeper symptoms improve substantially.  Once a patient is provided information regarding the benefits of acupuncture for spinal stenosis, the patient should consult with his/her healthcare provider about considering acupuncture treatment.  A registered and/or certified acupuncturist should be recommended and/or considered especially those having extensive experience in treating spinal stenosis.  Acupuncture needles should be reed-thin, disposable, stainless steel, single-use needles to allay fears of infection.  Acupuncture takes away pain by working directly on the neural signals for pain.  It also causes the patient to relax, lowers blood pressure and removes emotional and physical symptoms associated with spinal stenosis.   These symptoms such as depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain are all capable of being addressed by acupuncture treatment.

Many older people who have been treated of spinal stenosis with acupuncture are living normal, happy lives and are able to do their daily normal activities with no need for assistance.  Some have weaned themselves out of their pain medications and have opted for regular acupuncture for pain-management therapy.