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Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale: Knowing What Depression Is

February 19, 2012

Depression should be treated at its onset as much as possible.  This is to help avoid the seriousness of the situation which may even lead to very serious harm to the mind and body.  Patients who are clinically diagnosed with depression may first resist psychological intervention.  Depression can manifest differently per patient but oftentimes abrupt mood changes, unwillingness and negative thinking are certain indications of a depressive disorder.

Depression can cause lack of concentration on the patient.  Their ability to make decisions is also impaired which can make them angry, often upset and lose confidence in themselves.  The result can be a short tempered nature, guilt complex and low spirit among other.  If the depression is quite extreme, the patient can commit suicide or harm himself/herself in extreme ways.

Sadness is always an emotion a depressed person feels, oftentimes without reason. Depressed people always feel malaise, apathetic, lonely and tired.  They often are lonely but tend to withdraw from crowds.  They become quite introverted and lose their desire for food and even sex. They often are melancholic and always reminisce about sentimental thoughts and nostalgic experiences.  In short, they are overly emotional people and weep whenever they reminisce of the past.

They do not care about their personal appearance and they hardly do anything that entails good hygiene.  They become very lazy adding more to their absence of good grooming and proper hygiene.  Well, obviously because of these, their social status, work performance and household responsibilities are all in disarray.

This type of mental/emotional problem can cause physical problems as well like headaches, restlessness, lack of sleep, tiresome feeling and weakness among others.  These physical manifestations can last for a while, sometimes days or even sometimes years.  Psychologists agree that depression symptoms can be natural for a few days; however, after a week and you still feel these conditions, then you may have a depression conditions.

There are many instances where depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.  Fortunately, there are several medications for this type of depression. Some conditions though can be hereditary.  A review of the patient’s medical history particularly, the family history may determine if the condition is genetically associated.  .

Loss of a beloved relationship troubles emotional trauma too much work and extreme stress are some of the common causes of depression.  One’s work educational and social environment is essential to create a stable and balanced psychological state in a person. Meditation, self reflection, stress management and decision making ability can assist you in preventing the rise of too much stress in your life.

If you want a treatment that is natural and 100% to remove stress from your mind and body, acupuncture Fort Lauderdale may just be the answer you are looking for.