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Acupuncture Miami Treatment for Frequent Miscarriages

September 4, 2011

There are pregnant women who experience frequent miscarriages.  Some of these women suffer from low energy in the spleen.  In traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, the spleen is the organ responsible for converting food into nutrients, blood and energy.  Another function of the spleen is to hold material up.  A deficiency in the function of holding by the spleen can be seen in frequent miscarriages, prolapsed organs, chronic diarrhea, and easy bruising.  People with deficient spleen energy are usually thin, lethargic and suffer from depression and low appetite.

Western medicine sees the internal organs as solid entities that perform specific physiologic functions and are located in a specific area in the body. However, in TCM, the organs are more or less seen symbolic or figurative systems, not elements, of functioning.  They also associate with various energetic, emotional and physical processes in the body.

The acupuncturist can use a number of approaches in treating energy deficient or sinking chi.  A first approach is through acupuncture Miami, which is selecting the right acupuncture points for the movement of energy and the strengthening of Spleen.  A second approach can be through herbal medicine.  The acupuncturist can prescribe a mixture of herbs that can cause the body constitution to retain materials in the body.  Certain mixtures such as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang are often recommended for this purpose.  This formula strengthens the spleen to enhance the ability of the body to hold things up.  Lastly, the acupuncturist can require the patient follow a dietary plan to strengthen to improve digestion where depleted nutrients are easily renewed and eventually to strengthen the spleen.  The acupuncturist can help the patient select the foods best for the spleen and also list down the foods that need to be avoided.

For some women, bad eating habits and eating disorders done for a long time can wreak damage to the spleen and cause inefficient digestion of nutrients.  With these kinds of disorders, acupuncture treatment needs to be combined with herbal therapy and dietary modifications for the purpose of strengthening the spleen, enabling efficient digestion of nutrients and the holding up of essential materials to strengthen not only the spleen but the whole body as well.  Foods that are easily digestible for faster nutrient absorption are preferred and in this way help the female gain weight faster.  The herbal mixtures will ensure better spleen function and better retaining or holding power of the body.  This will help prevent miscarriages and enable the pregnant woman have a successful pregnancy term.

Once miscarriages are prevented with a strong spleen, acupuncture treatment for the spleen can taper off.  There are other herbal remedies that can be used to further strengthen the uterine wall and thus for a healthier pregnancy.