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Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale Treatment for Various Disorders

April 16, 2011

Traditional Chinese medicine has given the world a lot of alternative health remedies and acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is the most popular of them. Acupuncture lies in the belief that the body has specific energy centers at certain parts of the body and these centers are in turn connected to different parts of the body. For example, for treating low back pain, the acupuncturist would insert needles at points in the ear.  The ear is an energy center that is connected to organs located at the back of the body where the pain is believed to originate.  The needles stimulate the energy center causing a beneficial effect on the problem located on another part of the body.  Among the various health conditions acupuncture has effectively treated, pain relief is the most sought after.  Ironically, pain is mitigated greatly by the insertion of acupuncture needles in the body, which the mind automatically associates with pain.

Acupuncture has also proven in many cases its ability to assist in boosting the immune system by stimulating the brain to increase white blood cell production.  Globulins, which are responsible for pathogen control increase after acupuncture therapy.  Even with substance abuse problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, acupuncture treatment has helped multitudes get over their cravings and mitigate withdrawal symptoms.  Because of the ability of acupuncture to stimulate the brain to release endorphins, the patient, can control his/her cravings and feel relaxed which is useful in neutralizing withdrawal symptoms.

In the realm of sports, acupuncture therapy has benefited athletes by improving their performance, as acupuncture is known to energize and revitalize the body by enhancing blood flow throughout the body.  Good blood flow nourishes the muscle tissues, the vital organs and the entire body systems enabling the body to function optimally.  Furthermore, acupuncture can treat injuries much better than most medications.  It is safe than using drugs and does present a better alternative for athletes since not only do drugs create harmful side effects, they also may complicate matters by compromising the athlete’s chance of passing strict drug testing screenings imposed by many sporting organizations.  Acupuncture acts as a detoxifying element by strengthening the immune system and thereby help reduce or eliminate allergic reactions, which is good for individuals who are hypersensitive to allergies, allergies which may also be life threatening to them.

Acupuncture is sometimes used together with herbal medicine or massage to treat a slew of diseases ranging from bronchitis to ulcers.  For people with chronic conditions, acupuncture may be their last and best resort for solving their problems.  In cases of infertility, acupuncture has been very effective treating disorders like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.  Acupuncture is used as relaxation therapy for women undergoing invasive and stressful reproductive-assisted therapy such as In Vitro Fertilization.