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Bronchitis Coping and Support

October 12, 2013

Some healthy ways to cope well with bronchitis can include:

Stopping smoking – If you are a smoker and suffering from bronchitis, you need to immediately cease smoking. Chronic bronchitis often is caused by long-term smoking. When you smoke you not only are doing yourself a favor but also help others near you from developing bronchitis since second hand smoking can also cause this condition.

If you don’t want to trigger any bronchitis flare ups, avoid as much as possible any crying or shouting as these activities can result in problematic coughing spells. Staying quiet and calm can effectively prevent coughing spasms.

When you have bronchitis you should avoid taking cough suppressants as these medicines only exacerbate your bronchitis. Cough expectorants are needed to thin and loosen mucus making it easy to cough them up. If you cannot sleep at bedtime because of your nagging cough, try taking just the right amount of cough suppressant syrup to enable you to sleep. Avoid taking cough suppressants during the day so you may be able to cough up the infected phlegm.

If you work or live in a heavily polluted area or where allergens abound, don a mouth mask to prevent these pollutants from being inhaled by you. Allergens can trigger an allergy that can cause bronchitis-like symptoms and pollutants can irritate your lungs and worsen your bronchitis.

Get a humidifier for your home – A humidifier can moisten the air in your room that can loosen mucus and reduce your coughing. Regularly clean the humidifier so that bacteria do not become an issue.

Consult a respiratory specialist who can recommend a program that can assist in strengthening your lungs as well as help you exercise. You can also avail of a pulmonary rehabilitation program to effectively help you with your bronchitis and other lung problems.


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