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Chiropractic Help in Fort Lauderdale for Spinal Injury

September 20, 2012

Motor vehicle accidents are the usual causes of spinal injury.  Each year, around 160,000 individuals are involved in motor accidents and a majority of them report suffering from spinal injuries due to the accident.  Most of these cases can be treated for spinal restoration with the help of a Fort Lauderdale chiropractor, restoring their normal spinal function with proper chiropractic care.  However, about half of these cases will only opt for chiropractic therapy while the rest will merely suffer until the pain goes away or if the pain becomes insufferable, end up going to surgery.

Chiropractic care for spinal restoration is one of the best options to spinal problems. Chiropractors have various techniques and approaches for spinal injury and for various spine and spinal cord problems; however, the most popular method that chiropractors opt for is spinal adjustment.  Spinal adjustment involves a proscribed amount of force applied to a joint to align it to its proper place.  This technique is about manipulating the joint to free it and bring it back to its proper place.  The sole aim of spinal adjustment is to aid the spine to function properly and to assist the nervous system to work normally.  This treatment is popular among chiropractors because it effectively alleviates the pain from the neck and back, relaxes stiff joints and relieves the other pains in the body caused by spine injury.

One of the more effective chiropractic technique used also for spinal injury is massage therapy.  This therapy helps to relax stiff and tense muscles and joints thereby alleviating the pain caused by such stiffness.  Massage therapy is the use of a specific amount of pressure to the soft tissues in the body. It stimulates and enhances blood flow and makes the muscles more relaxed and loose.  Massage therapy helps the muscles and fascia gain more elasticity.  There are many forms or techniques used in massage therapy and they are all used to give the neck and back relief from pain and other areas with generalized pain caused by the spinal injury.

Some modalities used by chiropractors that aid recovery are ice and heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation (TENS) and flex ion among others.  Clinical nutrition is an indispensable part of chiropractic treatment and is more of a recommendation rather than a requirement to the patient to emphasize a healthy lifestyle and for a speedier recovery. .

Other services the chiropractor may offer are acute, chronic and maintenance care, rehab, workman’s compensation cases, core stabilization and spinal decompression.  These services all help toward restoring normal spinal function. Chiropractic doctors are usually the persons sought by many Americans for spinal treatment and care because they help patient recover faster after suffering from a motor vehicle accident.