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Healing the Body by Chiropractor in Livingston NJ.

July 17, 2011

The most potent technique by a Livingston NJ chiropractor is called a chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractic is a process where the chiropractor’s hands use calibrated pressure on the spine towards directions meant to reposition misaligned spinal joints back into their normal spinal position.  This technique is commonly used for health issues such as neck pain, headaches or lower back pain to mention some.

Chiropractic philosophy relates to the reasons why the body can capably heal itself and the ways chiropractors help toward achieving this end.  If one gets injured in an accident, the body has a healing mechanism to heal the injury.  However, factors occur that impedes this process.  In addition, the body may be injured to the extent that self-healing is not achievable.

Nature can be both destructive and beneficial to the body.  Hot and cold weather, disease and injury can be termed as external destructive forces (EDFs).  They relentlessly attack the body and the body needs to adapt and react in a way that it preserves its own health.  The mechanisms that assist the body to cope with the attacks of the external destructive forces are called the internal resistive forces (IRFs). The adequate resistance and adaptation of the IRFs is enough to protect the body from the constant onslaught of the EDFs preserving the health of the person.  However, too much exposure to severe EDF can imperil the health of the body.  An example of this would be a homeless person with inadequate clothing dying of hypothermia because he slept in the middle of a winter blizzard outside the streets.  Another factor that can cause the body to ill health is a weakened IRF.  Poor neural signals transmitted between the brain and the rest of the body, physical and mental stress, inadequate sleep or poor nutrition can severely weaken the body’s IRF.

Chiropractic adjustments can treat the weak signals between the brain and the other body systems.  Through the spinal cord, the brain sends and receives signals to the whole body system.  The cause of these weak signals can be traced to the health of the spine itself.  There are factors such as old age, sport or vehicular accidents or falls that can displace the spinal joint.  A displaced joint can then bear pressure and pinch a nerve root exiting out of the spine.  The pinched nerve then is unable to send out clear and coherent signals between the brain and the organ or body system the nerve is associated with causing dysfunctions on those organs or body systems.  Moreover, the pinch causes pain in the back of the body.  More often than not, a pinched nerve weakens the immune function thus making the body prone to diseases and infections.  This is where chiropractic adjustments become so beneficial to the health of the person.  The adjustments help to realign the joints and remove the pain.  The body then is allowed to heal itself in a safe and natural way.