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Colitis Prevention

December 2, 2013

Sanitation measures and strict hygiene when you handle, cook and eat food can be important steps in preventing the development of colitis associated with infectious germs. The integration of diet changes as well as a healthy lifestyle in your daily normal activities makes your body resilient to many kinds of diseases including colitis. Again, the inclusion of a healthy diet like limited amounts of animal-origin foods but lots of water, vegetables, fruits, lentils and whole grains combined with moderate exercise is the best way to protect yourself from colitis and almost all kinds of diseases.

Colitis – Diet Recommendations

Your diet is probably the most important factor to consider when you want to properly manage colitis. Considering that in colitis you can lose substantial amounts of fluids, be sure then to drink about two to three liters of water each day and copious amounts of fluids like lemonade, lemon tea or light soups in order to stave off dehydration. Do not eat fatty or greasy foods.

Also high-fiber foods, highly seasoned foods and alcohol can worsen your colitis condition so it’s best to avoid them. When you are in a naturopathic type of treatment, a three to five days juice fast based on juices of vegetables and fruits like sweet gourd, carrot, cabbage and papaya is recommended. After the diet, you can have a post-diet of plain yogurt, soft fruits and steamed vegetables. Properly digest all what you eat by chewing all your foods thoroughly.

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