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Acupuncture Davis Therapy for Pain

May 21, 2012

All people experience pain in one form or another at any point in their lives.  We can potentially experience pain at any part of our body, externally or internally.  It is the sensation of pain that patients commonly complain to their doctors about.  Western society’s answer to pain is analgesics such as mefenamic acid, paracetamol or ibuprofen and prescription pain killers including valium, morphine and others.  We all know that all these pain medications oftentimes cause serious side effects.

For practitioners of acupuncture Davis, pain, is the signal of chi stagnation or blockage in the meridians.  There are several networks of meridians in the body and certain levels of blockage or stagnation occur that also correspond to different degrees and types of pain.  Chi blockage at the dermatological level leads to bruising and scars and many kinds of dermatological conditions.  Chi blockage on the soft tissue level leads to aching and tense muscles while chi obstruction on the joints generates myalgia of the lower back, mylagia of the trapezius muscles or arthralgia among many others.  Chi blockage produces almost all types of pain which can include sciatica, stomach discomfort, cephalgia, chest pain, sore neuralgia and menstrual pain among just a few mentioned.  Oftentimes to complement acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs are included in the treatment to remove the imbalances faster and take away the chi blockages to again promote the healthy and normal flow of chi which lead to pain relief.  Acupuncture is the use of filiform needles inserted into sites in the body called acupuncture points.  These acupuncture points lay along energy vessels called meridians where chi flows and stimulates therapeutic effects that remove the energy blockages along the meridians.  Meridians that associate with specific major organs are not necessarily located along those organs and may be located somewhere else in the body.  So to treat a headache sometimes needles may be inserted on the hands or feet because meridian associated with the head are located there in those areas.

Unfortunately for Western medical science the meridians and chi are invisible concepts and cannot be studied or proven empirically.  What research often focus is the effects of acupuncture in the various systems in the body particularly, the endocrine and the central nervous system.  The researches have led to believe that acupuncture helps stimulate the production and release of endorphins, the boy’s own “feel good” chemicals or natural analgesic.  Other chemicals also stimulated y acupuncture are the adrenocorticotropic chemical as well as norepinephrine serotonin epinephrine and dopamine among others.  These studies also observed that acupuncture has the ability to block pain signals from being received by the brain.  These studies therefore, have shown that acupuncture is mainly responsible in relieving dysmenorrhea,  cephalgia, TMJ low back pain and many other kinds of body pain regardless where they are located.