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Fighting Infertility with Acupuncture New York

September 10, 2012

The importance of acupuncture is contrasted with the unimpressive results of in vitro fertilization (IVF) seen in studies like the one doe by Dr. Nargund of St. George’s Hospital in Tooting in the UK in February, 2009.  The studies show that IVF did not increase the incidence of conception and can even lead to serious to both the mother and unborn child.  This treatment increased the cases of cerebral palsy and premature birth.  Some babies conceived with this procedure die after only the first week.  Furthermore, the health of the child is not quite good even after the first week and the quality of life and longevity of some of the children who survive the first week may not be so good as well.  This disturbing conclusion makes the treatment of acupuncture for infertility look much more attractive especially when people know it is a natural and safe alternative for the treatment of their fertility problems.  Acupuncture has no side effects or drawbacks and is a proven procedure used with great success for the treatment of maladies for over 5000 years.  It is highly popular as a treatment for pain, illnesses and ailments, now it is being recognized as an effective treatment for fertility disorders.

The efficacy of acupuncture for fertility problems overshadows the potential disastrous outcomes of IVF procedures.  These realities reflect the notion that instant treatments may not be always the best solution for some problems, in this case infertility.  Instant treatments like IVF also do not address the underlying problem of a patient that caused his/her infertility.  One underlying cause can be the lifestyle of the person.  The problem with today’s fast paced life is that it is filled with physical, mental and emotional stress and these stresses can be and often are major factors in the cause of infertility for both young and older couples.

Stress causes the body’s immune system to weaken making the person prone to sickness and disease.  It also weakens the flow of blood in the body caused partly by the tense muscles that constrict blood flow.  Bad hygiene practices as well as an unhealthy environment are also contributors to male and female infertility.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, tension and stress develop blockages to the energy vessels where vital force or chi in Chinese travels.  These blockages stagnate the flow of chi and when these occur some parts of the body become energy deficient leading to sickness and pain.  Acupuncture uses filiform needles to remove these energy blockages and allow chi and blood to nourish those energy and blood depleted body parts once more relieving pain and treating pain and health conditions like infertility as a result.  Acupuncture to treat infertility helps nourishes the reproductive organs with blood and blood resulting in the normalization of the endocrine and reproductive function.  This leads to an increased chance of conception.