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For Chronic Diseases, TCM Works Well Than Western Medicine

July 23, 2017

One of the oldest healthcare systems in the world is herbal medicine. In Chinese culture, herbal medicine is very commonly used as they have been proven very effective in alleviating or even curing a person’s specific ailment where Western modes of treatment have failed. Herbal therapy comprises the use of herbs and herbal extracts. Various cultures and generations have tremendously benefited from this type of treatment.

The use of Chinese herbal therapy has become widespread even as far back as 2,500 BC. This type of treatment is a part of a healing system known as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that also includes exercise, lifestyle changes, acupuncture, stress reduction practices, and physiotherapy (massage). TCM treats the entire body for optimal health.

Traditional Chinese medicine, during the last couple years, has become a big business in the USA. Some of its components like acupuncture, massage, and herbs have been validated by modern science to work well for various types of ailments. A lot of the Chinese herbs and Western drugs derived from Chinese herbs used today are designed to boost libido and treat male impotence. Both Western medicine and Eastern medicine have some things that they are good at. For the treatment of acute, conditions Western medicine is an excellent system of treatment while for treatment of chronic conditions traditional Chinese medicine is a much better option.

The reason why TCM works much better than Western medicine in treating chronic disease is because this type of treatment addresses the underlying cause of the disease which more often than not, Western medicine cannot do. Herbal therapy balances the body’s nervous system and assists in relaxing the body. Life and the natural from the point of view of Chinese medicine are ascertained by the energy that interact and are dependent with each other.

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