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Four Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure in Louisville

April 1, 2012

People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure seldom shrug this bit of bad news away and go on with their life as if nothing has changed in their life.  Since they know that high blood pressure can be deadly leading to a stroke or heart attack, they seek ways, preferable natural ones to lower their blood pressure instead of taking the pharmaceutical medications their doctor will most likely prescribe for them as a way to manage their high blood pressure problem.  Listed below are few but effective ways of managing and controlling your high blood pressure.

  1.  Include tomatoes to your diet – Researchers have detected that lycopene which is mostly found in tomatoes as quite good at lowering high blood pressure.  This was concluded by one Dr. Esther Paran, a leading medical researcher in hypertension.  Tomatoes added to the diet can help lower diastolic pressure by 4 points and the systolic blood pressure by 10 points studies have shown.  Ingesting at least 4 tomatoes a day can help a lot and adding tomatoes to your food will benefit you in terms of effectively managing your blood pressure. Tomato supplements can also help.
  2. Exercise – This is old knowledge but quite true.  Exercising actually benefits your body in more way than one and lowering blood pressure is one important benefit that exercising gives the person.  Cardio, aerobics, bike, treadmill, walking or jogging exercises can all be helpful in reducing weight and in lowering blood pressure.  Exercising also helps one to stay emotionally healthy as well. Studies have proven that exercise can lower systolic points by 11 and diastolic points by 9.
  3. Eat Low Fat Foods – A good amount but well balanced amount of low fat dairy products, lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and fruits are essential in combating high blood pressure.  Lean meat and foods low in saturated fat as well as products low in cholesterol can lower your blood pressure substantially.
  4. Acupuncture Louisville – According to some studies done recently, mild electrical pulses targeted on certain points on the front legs of rats lowered the blood pressure of those rats considerably.  This study was encouraging to say the least and it helps pave the way for clinical trials of this type on humans in the near future.  Still, acupuncture treatment for weight loss has been quite successful and one of the benefits of this treatment is it lowers stress in the body which is one major cause of high blood pressure.  Acupuncture is quite safe and anyone can avail of it.  Electro acupuncture may be more effective than traditional acupuncture in terms of relieving stress, relaxing the muscles and improving blood flow which are all good factors in lowering high blood pressure.