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How Acupuncture Miami Helps in Weight Loss

July 10, 2011

Some people wonder what effect acupuncture Miami has in enabling people to lose weight.  The same people may also believe that acupuncture is merely an effective way for pain relief, nothing more nothing less.

Acupuncture, for people who do not know what acupuncture is, literally is the puncturing of needles as thin as a human hair to certain parts in the body called acupuncture points or acupoints to assist the body to heal itself.  The needles go a few inches deep and are allowed to stay in the skin for 15 to 40 minutes.  The way acupuncture works from a western medical science point of view, is by activating the nervous system and boosting the function of the circulatory system among other physiological benefits to allow the body to heal itself.  Acupoints in the skin are connected to energy thoroughfares in the body called meridians.  These meridians form a huge vast network system where chi (electromagnetic energy), or vital energy travels all over the body.

How are all of these connected to losing weight?  For one, acupuncture stimulates the release of beneficial chemicals called endorphins and enkephalins among others that allow the body to relax and remain pleasant.  These sensations neutralize the food cravings helping the individual effectively resist the craving.  Another factor where acupuncture helps in weight loss is that acupuncture improves blood circulation in the digestive system, improving its function.  This causes increased body metabolism, allowing the body to lose calories efficiently and better absorption of nutrients, which causes the body to feel sated as more nutrients are absorbed with less food intake.  As the cravings are neutralized and calories are burned efficiently, losing weight is a guaranteed result.  Proper nutrition and exercise are of course vital elements in losing weight and coupled with herbal medicine and acupuncture, weight loss is easily accomplished.

If a person’s injury prevents him/her from any exercise, acupuncture can be used as a treatment for the person’s pain and injury thus making exercise for that person possible.  Acupuncture is also utilized for treatment of extreme emotional stress such as anxiety or depression.  Extreme emotions are usually trigger points that causes a person to overeat and not to exercise.  This is another way in which acupuncture helps one’s overeating problem.

Some tips to for a healthy body and sound mind:

1.    Be conscious of your eating habits – make it a point to consider where your food came from and what type of food you eat.
2.    Exercise for vitality and strength.  Exercises are positive life changers.
3.    Have a qualified acupuncturist guide you in maintaining a healthy mind and body.
4.    Consult with an experienced herbologist for suggestions on herb intake.
5.    Live a spiritual enriching life.  Always search and follow the truth wherever it leads you.

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