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How Acupuncture New York Helps with Weight Loss

June 25, 2011

Acupuncture New York works for a wide range of physiological and emotional conditions.  It is a very effective therapy for weight loss.  It may not work directly into one losing weight but its effect on the physiological and mental functions engenders the body functions to balance and normalize, which helps for weight loss.  Acupuncture improves blood flow and energy all over the body.  This results in better body functions such as improved digestion, waste excretion, circulation, energy boost and better quality sleep.  A better functioning and more efficient body system will result in better metabolism, better nutrient absorption and as mentioned better waste excretion, which all can lead to a loss of unneeded body fat.

Acupuncture alone does not guarantee one to lose weight.  It helps induce a lifestyle that is conducive to losing weight.  The person alone can make healthy lifestyle choices that will help him/her realize a desired lasting weight loss result.  However, the acupuncturist does help the patient with his/her weight problem and guides the patient into maintaining his/her desired weight.  Upon consultation, the acupuncturist will query the patient on what reasons the patient may have to gain weight.  Has he/she been living a sedentary lifestyle?  Does the patient eat when he/she is sad, angry, bereaving or bored?

How does acupuncture affect metabolism?  We have said that acupuncture improves blood circulation and this factor is important especially to central nervous system and digestive system functioning.  The efficient burning of energy also implies a more efficient oxygenation of the cells and better intake of nutrients.  The blood flow to the digestive system allows the large and small intestines to absorb nutrients efficiently.  Another factor for weight loss is the inordinate craving for food.  Usually, too much eating may be traced to an emotional problem.  To neutralize this emotion, the endorphins that acupuncture help to produce makes the person feel relaxed and stay relatively satisfied.  This positive balanced emotion cancels out the negative emotion that spurred the person to eat more.

Sometimes, the person who has had a successful weight loss through acupuncture only to regain those unwanted weight back realizes that there is not magic bullet for losing weight.  A change of lifestyle and mindset is needed apart from acupuncture treatment, which is true for many acupuncturists who have seen some of their patients coming back for another treatment for their recurring weight problem.  With acupuncture, it does not really take great will power to keep one’s desired weight since acupuncture reduces cravings considerably and allows one to remain calm relaxed and relatively stress-free, it just depends on how seriously a person views one’s  health and how it affects the people close to that person.  It is easy to stay trim, healthy and “stress-free” with acupuncture tempered with a healthy lifestyle and diet.