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Insomnia Symptoms

December 22, 2013

People with insomnia should be thoroughly examined by the doctor to know the deeper factors of this disorder. Insomnia can manifest itself in the following symptoms and signs that can last for a week or more.

Sleeping Difficulty

This is the most obvious and primary symptom. A person who has a hard time feeling sleepy or finds it very hard to fall asleep even if he does feel sleepy for days or weeks can be considered as suffering from insomnia. He may also find it hard staying asleep because he frequently wakes up and then finds it very hard to resume his sleep. He may also wake up very early in the morning feeling tired and exhausted due to lack of real sleep.

Symptoms of insomnia seen in the daytime (from poor quality of sleep or inadequate sleep)

  • Poor responses to external irritations and lowered ability for alertness
  • Emotional instability and confusion
  • Lack of energy and mood changes
  • Poor memory function
  • Muscle aches and headaches
  • High risk for errors and accidents – High risk of machinery and motor vehicle accidents
  • Poor focusing, paying attention and concentration
  • Offensive and irritable social behavior
  • Depression and anxiety – They can be insomnia symptoms and the causes of insomnia as well.
  • Fatigues and daytime sleepiness

Duration of Symptoms

How long the symptoms last depends on the kind of insomnia of the person. A transient type of insomnia lasts for a few nights; short-term insomnia can endure for less than a month; chronic or long-term insomnia can show symptoms that can last for several months. A detailed illustration of the symptoms and discussion with the physician can help the physician formulate a correct diagnosis leading to a treatment plan that relieves the patient of his insomnia.