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Joint Pain and Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale

April 15, 2012

Joint pain can have many causes. In non inflammatory causes, the technical term for joint pain is called arthralgia as opposed to arthritis which literally means inflammation of the joints.  Joint pain caused by osteoarthritis is one of the easier conditions that can be addressed.  Some causes of joint pain might be weakness in the immune function of the body.  There are indeed severe cases of joint pain which need to be addressed properly and promptly.  If the joint pain is not severe enough to endanger a life, some forms of alternative treatments can be utilized.  Some of these treatments are truly effective in relieving joint pain and some of them like acupuncture Fort Lauderdale can bring about long term relief and in some truly fortunate cases, permanent relief.

Acupuncture is a very popular form of pain treatment in Asia especially in China where it originated from 5000 years ago.  Acupuncture was actually introduced in the US as primarily a form of pain treatment. Because of its potency when performed by a skilled acupuncturist it is sometimes used as a form of anesthesia/analgesia for major surgeries where the patient needs to stay awake and conscious.  Decades ago, most doctors in the West think of acupuncture as more of pseudo medicine rather than a genuine form of therapy.  Today, there are literally thousands of doctors who are practicing medical acupuncturists. This is proof of its potency and its manifested health benefits to individuals.  Oftentimes, the doctor practices acupuncture in the hospital or sometimes in his office.  Acupuncture helps relieve pain including joint pain by releasing biochemicals in the body stimulated by acupuncture needles which help relieve pain. Certain body points are utilized and inserted with hair thin acupuncture needles that effectively cause the body to block out the joint pain.  Medical acupuncturists refer to endorphins as the biochemicals that acupuncture releases to help relax a patient and neutralize the joint pain.

One other way great way to lessen joint pain is by taking herbal medications.  There are so many herbal formulas to treat joint pain.  Some of them include camphor, menthol, ginger, Indian ginseng and licorice among many others.  An herb called peperomia is widely used by Asians to specifically help with their joint pain. Its leaves and stalks are edible and one can include this herb in salads or eat them raw.  The herbs should be strictly regulated by a licensed herbalist.  Problems may arise in taking herbal medications if the person is presently under prescription drugs whose effects can be neutralized by the herb.  The herbalist should know what the person’s medications currently are so that the herbalist may be able to pick out the right herbal combination to address the person’s joint pain.