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Losing Weight Effectively with Bellevue Acupuncture

February 13, 2012

Bellevue Acupuncture is truly effective for weight loss.  However, many people think that it is some kind of a miracle treatment where potentially several kilos of weight can be lost with just a few treatment sessions.  This is not how acupuncture works.  Acupuncture helps you lose weight in many ways.  One of the primary reasons for weight gain is eating more food than you can burn.  Oftentimes, when you are offered or see a delicious meal, you crave for it.  Acupuncture helps you control cravings.  In fact, acupuncture is powerful enough to help control chemical and behavioral addiction and food craving can also be called food addiction.  Acupuncture can help control our desire for foods such as ice cream, hamburgers, pizza, cheesecake, French fries, doughnuts and basically all kinds of foods.

Another way in which acupuncture can be your best support for weight loss is it decreases stress.  Stress induces depression and anxiety and when people are stressed out they seek relief and comfort from foods such as chocolate, ice cream, etc.  When one feels relaxed and comfortable, states which acupuncture provides a person, the mind and body would not feel the urge to find comfort from foods and anything else.

The last way acupuncture aids you to lose weight is its power to improve your digestive function.  A better digestive function means better and more efficient absorption of nutrients.  Food is better digested and nutrients are absorbed much better.  This satisfies the body with less food intake and therefore fewer calories to burn. Acupuncture belongs to a collection of modalities called Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and TCM sees excess fat as damp tissue.  This means that the body is not efficient enough to metabolize moisture and food very well.  The damp tissue also metaphorically means that it dampens your desire to exercise.

To address dampness, acupuncture first improves your digestion.  Oftentimes the acupuncturist combines Chinese herbs and dietary advice along with acupuncture to improve the digestive process.  With the improvement of digestion comes also the lessening of the tissue dampness.

Here are some tips to improve your digestion:

-Foods that are cooked are easier to digest than raw ones.  Therefore eat foods that are cooked because they can be easily digested and their nutrients absorbed faster.  It is good to eat lots of stir fried dishes, stews and soups.

-As much as possible try not to eat frozen or cold foods or drink ice cold liquids.  Try to also limit your drinking when you eat your meals.

-Choose lighter foods such as complex carbohydrates, a little protein, fruits and vegetables.

-Do not eat foods or drink fluids that promote dampening.  Examples of these foods and drinks are alcohol, artificial sweeteners, sugar, saturated fats concentrated juices and very greasy foods.