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Acupuncture Louisville for the Relief of Pain

December 25, 2011

Sadly even in the modern world a lot of people live in physical pain.  Pain sensations can vary from dull ones to very sharp and from mild to entirely severe.  Pain can throb, be intermittent or be constantly felt.  Whatever type of pain a person has, it is a very unpleasant and distressful feeling and getting rid of it as soon as possible is often a person’s number one priority.

For millennia, people in the Far East have been using acupuncture to help relieve pain and other painful conditions.  Acupuncture Louisville
became popular in the United States because of its great ability to lessen the symptoms or pain that go with many types of disorders or diseases.

Acupuncture for the treatment of pain is quite advantageous for people in a number of ways.  One advantage is its non-invasive procedure.  People who have undergone more than one surgery would greatly appreciate this benefit.  Yes, needles are involved in acupuncture treatment but the needles do not really cause pain at all.  They are extremely thin and do not easily penetrate the skin.  Under the hands of a licensed and skilled acupuncturist, needle insertion is often not felt by the patient; however if it is felt, it generates just a mere slight sensation, not pain.

With a less skilled and unlicensed acupuncturist, besides the needle pain, mild bleeding and bruises in the body may happen.  Therefore, it is highly advised that one always seek help from licensed acupuncturists.  They can always modify their medical procedures to make the patient relax.  Unlike surgery where a long recuperation period is often needed, after an acupuncture session, the patient can still do his/her daily activities and especially after the pain is removed with acupuncture.  As long as the patient has no pain, he/she can enjoy the day doing his/her normal activities.

Acupuncture also works well with other forms of treatment.  One can take pain medications while undergoing acupuncture without any negative effects.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs is also a great medical combination that can get quick results in pain relief.  Acupuncture by itself does not have any side effects.  For back pain sufferers, especially low back pain, even physicians now recommend acupuncture for treatment especially when Western conventional treatments have failed to satisfactorily address their patient’s problem.  Arthritis conditions such as osteoarthritis and knee joint pain can best be conservatively managed with acupuncture, greatly helping the patient get through the day with as little pain as possible.

Acupuncture can enable a person in pain get some quality sleep.  It promotes improved circulation of the blood throughout the body and enables the body to produce and release endorphins to help neutralize pain and make the person feel tranquil, relaxed and stress free.