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Low Blood Pressure Complications

December 5, 2013

Low blood pressure even in its moderate form can not only result in weakness and dizziness but also can cause fainting episodes that may result in great risk of injury from falls. A severe type of low blood pressure can cause even more serious complications like the reduction of the amount of oxygen your body takes in so much so that the body is not healthy enough to perform its normal functions resulting in damage to your brain and heart.

Some very serious complications associated with low blood pressure or hypotension arises from shock caused by severe illness or injury. They may include:

Loss of consciousness – Temporary loss of consciousness may occur because of anemia especially if the patient’s blood is severely deficient in hemoglobin or iron. In the case of accident or injury, these can cause one to lose consciousness, either from the shock experienced due to blood loss or injury or due to the pain caused by the injury. When loss of blood is not compensated (by transfusion) or if the injuries are left to linger without proper treatment, it may lead to coma or death.

Coma – This may occur from a very serious injury that leads to shock, substantial loss of blood and damage to the major organs (especially to the brain).

Death – A hypotensive person who has suffered from a very serious injury resulting in shock, severe blood loss and irreversible damage to the organs usually ends up dying. A hypotensive person suffering from multiple organ failure caused by a very serious illness or injury and subsequent shock may also end up dying.

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