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Acupuncture Miami and Urinary Tract Infection

October 22, 2011

The World Health Organization and other health organizations around the world have expressed alarm over the rising number of antibiotic resistant UTI cases around the world.  Many health experts believe this is the reason why UTI cases are becoming more acute or persistent nowadays.

There are around 11 million cases of acute UTI in the United States alone.  This is very discouraging news especially when contrasted with the eight fold increase in sales of OTC antibiotics (not counting the prescription medications) in that country.  The overwhelming consensus of the medical community is that the abuse/overuse of antibiotics is the number one reason why the majority of UTI cases do not get well anymore with antibiotic therapy.

Because of this, physicians have begun recommending their UTI-stricken patients other forms of therapy although the physician would need to be consulted first if a patient opts for an alternative form of treatment.  By far, the most popular and most effective form of UTI treatment is the ancient Chinese medical art of acupuncture.

Numerous studies have already been done to test the effectiveness of acupuncture Miami in treating UTI.  Clinical study results done at the University of Bergen in Norway showed revealed that acupuncture wholly treated ¾ of the women with urinary tract infection who took part in the study.  This study was done in a span of 6 months with acupuncture treatment given randomly on the patients.  The site of the needle application was on the lower extremities or the lower back or abdomen.  The treatments were done two times per week for a month and any manifestations of UTI symptoms were recorded for 6 months.  Encouraging results revealed 73% who were given acupuncture treatment became UTI-free while only 52% of the women using other modalities were cured of their UTI.

Western scientists hypothesized that acupuncture had the ability of reducing the levels of residue in the urine, which prevented the increase of pathogens in the reproductive system.  This means that the excretory system is functioning efficiently ridding itself of urine and infectious materials off the body.  This is due to the benefit of acupuncture in increasing blood flow to the excretory, lower abdomen and reproductive system of the body.  The blood flow nourishes the vital organs making them function efficiently.

Similar studies like the Norway study show the potency of acupuncture as being a substitute for antibiotic therapy since acupuncture has shown that it treats the underlying cause of the problem which in the case of UTI is urine residue.  This gives those suffering from drug resistant UTI some hope of treatment.  Again, before embarking on acupuncture treatment or some other alternative form of treatment, it is always best to consult with one’s healthcare giver first.