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Acupuncture Treatment for Bulimia in Miami

March 5, 2011

Miami Acupuncture is a recommended treatment for eating disorders such as bulimia.  Bulimia is an eating abnormality of consuming enormous amount of food followed by willful expulsion of the digested food to prevent weight gain.  Although, western media portrays bulimia as the expurgation of food by vomiting, there are other unhealthy ways to expel food.  Frequent enemas, inordinate laxative and diuretic applications and compulsive exercising are rather harmful to the body in the long run.

Heavy psychological and emotional stresses due to environmental and social factors are often causes of eating disorders.  Some causes can also be attributed to genetic predispositions.  Symptoms of bulimia can be seen in overeating, extreme dieting, expulsion of food not usually through the digestive process, extreme exercising, vomiting of blood, mood swings and depression, dental problems and frequent use of the toilet after meals to purge food.

Acupuncture has been a well-known treatment for eating disorders.  It has a very good track record for curing overeating and obesity and it has cured not only the obesity problem but has removed the root cause of the disorder as well.  Chinese medicine is holistic medicine designed to not only the cure symptom but the root problem as well.

For treatment of eating disorders caused by psychological factors, acupuncture needles are applied in the ears. This is called auricular acupuncture.  The ears have connections to the three organs (liver, spleen, kidneys) often affected by psychological and emotional problems.  The ears also connect to the central nervous system where a specific needle is used for this connection.

The effects of emotional and psychological pressures block the liver chi.  When chi, the Chinese word for life force or vital energy cannot travel freely around the body, the body then experiences sickness and ailments.  These maladies manifest in the form of eating and physiological disorders.

Acupuncture helps remove the blockages in the organs where chi has stagnated.  The chi then flows and balances the harmony of the energy of the body.  Acupuncture also treats the nervous system to help release endorphins to combat the craving for food.  In food addiction, the brain usually is dependent on food to release endorphins so it craves for food in excess amounts.

Acupuncture allows the body to naturally release endorphins to quell that craving enabling the patient to resist the urge to overeat.  When the organs are nourished with enough chi, the body heals itself by correcting body metabolism and regulating body heat to burn calories in an optimal manner.

Herbal medicines are also given to speed up the treatment process and the acupuncturist encourages the patient to have a change of lifestyle to make the body healthier, physiologically and psychologically making it thus more resilient to diseases.