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Natural Ways to Lose Weight in Miami

March 19, 2012

More than half of the US population is overweight.  Many have developed complications and diseases such as cardiovascular conditions stroke and diabetes leading to more than 300,000 mortalities annually.  Sadly, most of these mortalities can easily be averted with easy and effective weight reducing programs.

In the era of political correctness where truth is often suppressed in favor of being “politically correct” or being sensitive to certain groups of people, people now try to honestly look at themselves in the mirror and resolve to do something about their weight problem.  True, there are quite a number of not-so-good weight loss programs available that even are detrimental to the health of the person.  Drug diets are the most dangerous weight control program of all because they directly affect the health of the heart.   Some programs may help you lose weight although they do not provide solutions to maintaining the desired weight.  Most weight loss gurus do agree that losing weight and keeping the desired weight involves a multi pronged approach of lifestyle and dietary changes, and a little help from some alternative, effective and safe weight loss programs.

Reflexology may help you lose weight safely and in a relatively easy way.  Reiki involves the association of the whole body to certain parts of the foot and when those foot regions are stimulated the body part that associates with that region of the foot likewise gets stimulated.  Reiki has unique kinds of foot massages that set this principle in action and many people aver to its effectiveness in weight loss and other health benefits.  Reiki likewise stimulates the endocrine system helping regulate hormones, which makes one be able to control his appetite better.

As with other forms of alternative modalities, acupuncture Miami also follows a multifaceted approach to treatment of disorders.  A licensed and well trained acupuncturist always observes and studies the existing state of health of his patient first and foremost.  He observes the flow of energy to all body parts and the way the flow helps manage and control digestion.  Ultra thin needles inserted into specific sites in the body serve to remove any blockages that might have arisen in the energy vessels which hinders effective body metabolism.  Blockages are then removed and this helps the person lose weight in many ways such as improved metabolism that enables the body to burn more calories quicker, added energy which compels the person to be active and lose more calories in the process and control appetite and food cravings. Acupuncture also helps to regulate the hormones of the body.

Acupuncture will not be successful in treating obesity or weight excess by itself.  The person needs to exercise or be active and diet in order to keep his desired weight as long as possible or even permanently.


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