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Acupuncture New York for Chronic Back Pain

November 12, 2011

Chronic back pain affects tens of millions of Americans everyday.  Even relatively healthy Americans are not immune to this condition.  Causes of chronic back pain is unique per individual but most of the time, the culprit can be traced to either the inability of the individual to cope up with stress or to poor posture.  Poor posture causes the back muscles to comply with the unnatural posture habits of the person and as a result causes tension, stiffness, spasm and strain to the back muscles.  Prevention of these causes may oftentimes be impossible since they are the unavoidable daily experiences of the person.  One very effective and natural method of treating chronic back pain is acupuncture.  Back pain should be treated as soon as possible since if left untreated can degenerate into a debilitating condition as time progresses.

Acupuncture New York treatments work quite differently than conventional medical treatments. The Chinese saw that the life energy that gives a person life flows freely in the body enabling the person to stay healthy, grow and reproduce.  This energy flow is maintained and enabled with the proper placement of acupuncture needles at different points in the body.  This belief is alien to the Western way of thinking but no one can deny that acupuncture treatment for back pain works. There is more to the universe than what Western civilization knows about and oftentimes truth is often revealed in ways that defy the scientific method and logic.  Having an open mind is one way to accept this 5000 year old healing art that has treated countless numbers of people of numerous kinds of disorders throughout millennia and is available to you as an answer to your back problems.

Opting for acupuncture treatment for back pain is a very good idea.  The patient, however, might see it strange why acupuncture points where the needles are inserted are not located in the back but in other parts of the body.  Certain nerve centers and muscles that affect the back have stimulation points that are situated in other parts of the body.  Experienced and licensed acupuncturists know exactly what part of the body to treat for specific conditions.

The acupuncturist understands that stress affects the nervous system in a large way.  A tense nervous system can cause the muscles to stiffen and contract and many times this stiffness and contraction is felt in the back, head or neck.  Acupuncture causes an effect the enables the mind to relax and as the mind relaxes so too do the muscles.  The pressures and tensions of the day can manifest in muscle tightness and muscle spasms.  With acupuncture, one can remove all these pressures and tensions enabling the person to thus better cope with the challenges of life that lead to disease and illness.