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Acupuncture New York Treatment for Respiratory Problems

January 1, 2012

Modern technology has given us comforts in life but has also made us live in a polluted environment. It is not a surprise then that the number of respiratory health problems continues to rise everyday, particularly allergy and asthma cases.

Western medicine offers solutions to these problems in the form of heavy medication. However, there are other natural and safe alternatives methods to treatment that do not rely at all on any type of drugs.  One of these alternatives is acupuncture.  Acupuncture New York for the treatment of respiratory problems has been practiced for thousands of years in China and in other countries in East Asia. Practitioners of this type of treatment believe that energy which gives the body life, health and strength constantly flow unimpeded throughout the body along energy vessels called meridians.  Most meridians are associated with vital organs and energy deficiency in those organs can be the result of blockages in their respective meridians.  This explanation is true of any respiratory condition.  Blockages in the respiratory meridians lead to respiratory problems such as asthma or allergy.  Acupuncture mends this problem by needles placed at specific locations in the body to remove the blockages and restore energy balance to the respiratory system.

The inserted needles are allowed to remain in the body for awhile, usually for 25 to 45 minutes.  No pain should be felt during insertion as the needles used are very thin and not designed to extract or insert substances in the body. A numbing sensation is sometimes felt during insertion but lasts only for a few seconds after which a feeling of relaxation and tranquility in the mind and body sets in removing any type of discomfort the patient feels.

Besides asthma and allergy, acupuncture can treat other respiratory problems such as bronchitis and pulmonary disease and many more respiratory disorders.

*Asthma – Asthma is an allergic reaction to many types of allergens (dust, pollen, food, etc.) Asthma can likewise be chronic or non allergic.  Acupuncture treatment for asthma causes secretion of glands that regulates the function of the nervous system, which helps in minimizing the allergic reaction and thus mends the respiratory system.  Acupuncture also strengthens immune function which gives resiliency to the body against irritation from allergens.

*Pulmonary disease – Acupuncture regulates the function of the respiratory system as well as strengthens the system itself by increasing blood flow through it.  The immune system is also boosted to shield the body of any allergen or disease attack.

*Bronchitis – This disorder is brought about by injury to the lungs. Acupuncture is unable to mend damaged tissues but it can maintain free and smooth air flow to the healthy tissues to keep them healthy.

Acupuncture can also be used to treat shortness or breath, cough, emphysema, colds and sinusitis effectively.