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Acupuncture Orlando in the Treatment of Depression

November 28, 2011

Depression can lead to real worse physical ailments if left unaddressed.  For the Chinese, depression stems from the absence of any emotional flow.  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes life is one continual flow of energy, blood and emotions.  When flow is blocked for one reason or another, illnesses with their corresponding symptoms arise.  Flow blockage or stagnation causes different parts of the body to be deprived with energy, blood and good emotions.  For TCM, depression is caused by extreme emotions left unchecked.  Some of these extreme emotions are anxiety, frustration, despondency, too much worrying, grief or anger.  However, some types of depression can also be caused by drugs, traumatic/tragic experiences and chemical imbalances.  Many people feel life had not turned out the way they wanted and they sink into despair feeling that life has no purpose at all.  Their extreme emotions can result in lost appetite, fatigue, body aches and pains, insomnia, poor digestion and a lump in the throat.

The stagnation or blockage of emotional energy can manifest in symptoms such as chest pain, constipation, a bitter taste in the mouth, thirst, a dry mouth, impatience, irritability, pain under the ribs, constant sighing and despondency.  The feeling of a lump in the throat can be a physical reality of a saying “too difficult to accept or swallow.”

As depression lingers on, it slowly burns out the life energy of the body.  Some who have suffered from depression say that this state can literally take life years away from the person.

Acupuncture Orlando, Chinese herbal medicine and massage therapy are one of the best and most effective TCM approaches to treating depression.  Acupuncture can be so relaxing and calming that it can soothe the spirit and remove blockages of emotional energy in the mind and body.  Emotional stagnation is removed and the energy that gives good positive balanced emotions can then neutralize the extreme negative emotion of depression.  Once this is addressed, symptoms begin to disappear and the body embarks on the path to healing.  Chinese herbs are quite effective for fighting depression and many formulas are available to treat a patient’s particular condition.  Massage relaxes the stiff muscles caused by the tension in the nerves of a depressed person.  This helps the individual to relax and the body to feel a bit reenergized; a good thing because of how depression can truly suck out energy and the liveliness of a person.  Acupuncture gives the mind some peace and calm and helps the body to revitalize.  These benefits do uplift a person’s spirit and give the person an easy way out of his/her depressive state.  The symptoms are easily addressed because of acupuncture’s ability to improve blood and energy circulation supplying vital energy and biochemical nourishment to the affected parts of the body.