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PMS Complications

December 16, 2013

A lot of complications can arise due to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). A woman’s social life can be greatly affected as well as her mood and when she suffers from PMS symptoms she may avoid the company she usually interacts with. This company can include relatives, neighbors, friends and even her children. This article will talk about the complications that may arise from premenstrual syndrome.

Suicide Ideations

Medical experts have stated that about 10% of women who suffer from complications connected to PMS have thoughts of suicide. Suicide for them seems to be the only way of being released from the feelings of anxiety, frustration and depression they have to endure. A lot of these women, in fact, have actually attempted to kill themselves.

Some women have successfully overcome this problem and they as well have been able to avail of much needed help that made them come out of this problem alive, well and happy. Women who either try to commit suicide or have pondered killing themselves are more likely to attempt it when they are in the first week of their period or right before their period.

Substance Abuse

A lot of women who experience severe symptoms or severe depression that is the result of their PMS can take to substance abuse to help relieve their symptoms. Many of them may experiment with painkilling medications and pain pills while some may try using mood enhancing medicines and alcohol.

Unhealthy eating habits are also a complication arising from PMS symptoms. Many women who experience substance abuse and smoking as ways to relieve their PMS symptoms have also suffered from poor eating and sleeping habits. A woman with PMS symptoms may eat too little, eat too much or not eat at all. A woman’s regular sleeping cycle may also get disrupted due to PMS. As a result some of them may have extreme levels of fatigue that usually affect their regular daily lives.

The Rise of Health Complications

Females who suffer from severe complications resulting from their PMS may likewise suffer from other health issues. Those who are already suffering from health issues may experience even more severe PMS symptoms during their menstrual cycle. This situation is referred to by health experts as “menstrual magnification”.

PMS can also cause increased severity and flare ups of chronic health conditions during your menstrual cycle. These conditions can include irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma, arthritis, migraines and diabetes.


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