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Pregnancy and Regular Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale Care

September 23, 2011

It is a proven fact that acupuncture Fort Lauderdale is quite an effective treatment for many kinds of illnesses. From premenstrual cramps to migraine to insomnia, acupuncture is one of the most versatile medical procedures ever made by man.  There are very few aches and pains that this treatment cannot heal and many healthcare professionals such as holistic practitioners, dentists and doctors among others utilize it.  According to a Harvard study, Americans are treated with acupuncture over five million times annually.

One of the greatest benefits of acupuncture is its role in providing pregnant women a safe treatment modality for themselves and for their unborn baby.  This is not surprising since the alternative for them are medications that are harmful for them and their baby’s health. Acupuncture provides a safe, effective and natural treatment for both baby and mother having no side effects at all to worry about.  Pregnant women can attain a healthy and relatively problem-free pregnancy by attending regular acupuncture treatments to balance their energy and health.

Pregnant women undergoing regular acupuncture treatment improve their health, create a better health environment for the baby and prevent pregnancy and birth complications during pre and post delivery.  Treatments can be done once per month for the whole term.  On the final month; however, weekly treatments are given to prepare both mother and child for labor and birth.  Some therapies might lead to a few instances of increased movements of the fetus but treatment should be properly done so as not to engender heightened uterine activity.  Doing so might lead to a miscarriage unless the treatment is meant to stimulate labor.

Another wonderful benefit of acupuncture is its efficacy in treating morning sickness. Morning sickness is a common symptom a significant number of pregnant women suffer from.  It usually occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy and symptoms of this sickness may manifest in nausea and episodes of vomiting.  Studies have verified the potency of acupuncture against morning sickness by reducing or even many times removing instances of nausea for women given acupuncture during the first three months of pregnancy as opposed to the women who did not receive acupuncture during the first trimester.  Besides morning sickness, acupuncture helps the expectant mother against other pregnancy conditions such as stress, hemorrhoids, heartburn, obesity, edema and hypertension.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, acupuncture can treat the body of joint and pubic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica and backache.  The expectant mother should consult with a highly recommended, qualified and experienced acupuncturist.  Sometimes, her obstetrician/gynecologist may even recommend to her a good acupuncturist and it is best to consult with one’s own OB/GYN before embarking on an acupuncture treatment so that both acupuncturist and physician can coordinate with each other regarding the health of both baby and mother.