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Acupuncture St Helens and Period Pain

February 27, 2012

Period pain is oftentimes a distressing condition that goes with the menstrual cycle. The pain sometimes starts even before menstruation begins but usually, it is felt during the menstrual process itself.  The pain varies in severity per female and it can be as mild as slight cramps or so severe that it forces the sufferer to seek hospital care.

Not all women experience menstrual pain and according to oriental medicine particularly, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is due to imbalances in the body.  Normally, women should not experience pain during their menstrual period.

Women menstruate to remove their old uterine wall.  Each month a new uterine wall is created and the old one naturally is removed from the body through natural physiological processes.  The uterine wall or lining as it is sometimes called is created to house the fertilized egg.  When the egg is fertilized it starts to need nourishing and will avail of nutrients on the uterine wall until it develops into a baby.  If no egg fertilization is achieved, the uterus will shed off the wall, which is a process we all know as menstruation.  No painful sensations or conditions should be felt during this event.

Pain occurs according to TCM when life energy called chi stagnates in the liver meridian.  There is also a preponderance of yin energy or cold in the meridians and as chi stagnates, so too does blood and all these factors contribute to pain.  In short, if chi and blood does not flow normally around the uterus, the woman will experience menstrual pain.

The liver plays a major role in reproduction and a normal functioning liver ensures a healthy uterus and its surrounding soft tissues.  One of the liver’s function is to normally circulate chi and blood all over the body. It also is responsible for preparing a good environment on where the baby will grow.  When liver energy is weak (imbalanced), the chi and blood flow likewise weakens causing menstrual pain.  Liver chi deficiency is usually due to stress.  Stress can cause the liver to heat up and aggravated by extreme negative emotions causing liver chi to stagnate.  When chi stagnates, blood flow also stagnates causing sharp stabbing pains.  Acupuncture St Helens is a good treatment for liver chi stagnation. Herbs are also used to boost the effect of the acupuncture treatment.

According to TCM’s way of thinking, the menstrual pain can be compared to pain caused by coldness.  When cold overtakes your body during winter, it can often feel like severe cramping in the affected area.  This is what the uterus experience when liver chi and blood stagnates.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbals are good remedies for menstrual pain.  Chinese herbal medicine has so many formulas that can effectively treat this condition.